hormonal influence on pain

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    Anyone notice that their pain is worse (especially from the waist down) during the time from ovulation to menstruation? As soon as I ovulate, I get groin, hip and leg pain. Curious to know who else experiences this and if birth control pills have helped. Thanks!
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    For me, I have severe pain from my waist to my knees (this is in addition to whatever fibro pain I'm having) this starts the day before my period and lasts about 5 days.

    This pain is different from the fibro pain I have....it feels like inflammatory pain rather than the dull ache of my fibro.

    For me, the only thing that works for the hormonal pain is Ibuprofen, and either a hot water bottle or my electric blanket. I discovered the Ibuprofen by trial and error....I was sick of wasting my Vicodin when it wasn't working anyway.

    Hope this helps.