Hormonal Tests for Fibromyalgia

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  1. pasogirl

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    I have many of the same symptoms for a number of years - and diagnosis recently confirmed - am having every test, scan or whatever out there with everything coming back normal except a very deteriorated jaw / tmj that we already suspected -- but recently, I was at work and a wave of lightheadness, increasing blood pressure - 160/120 and slurred speech, and almost out ! The site nurse suspected a stroke -??? Made it to the ER and by then-- it was diagnosed as "unknown vertigo/dizziness" -- and then all the other symptoms have been there -
    I have now heard of hormonal level testing -that womean should have levels checked including testerone -
    A recent treatment plan to adjust has seen some great improvement including decreased fatigue, weight loss when nothing else worked before and weight gain - and just other symptoms improving -
    My endocrinologist hasn't run but I am going to suggest -
    any experiences out there ? Or place to further research?
    any input - greatly appreciated ---
    Signed; "Desperately Seeking ME "

  2. carebelle

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    I do not think there are Hormonal Test for Fibromyalgia.
    I had test but they said it was to see if I was in menopause and I am.
    I have never once been told of any real test they have done for FM, except where they touched me to find trigger points.
  3. pasogirl

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    Thank you for your reply - the test is not a diagnostic for fibromyalgia -- as I reaiize diagnosis is determined by medical history and trigger point 11 of 18--- I am waiting for more information but it evidently is showing some relationship in hormone levels in fibromyalgia patients and that slight adjustments to specific hormone levels have improved some symptoms significantly - but fibromyalgia remains the main diagnosis yet this is a method of improving some symptoms -- I will share more information once I receive - I may have just posted too early before I have more details - I will come back soon
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    I did have the hormone testing. I am using bio identical hormones, progesterone and estrogen. They are also adding some testosterone. Mine are in a cream form.

    I do think the hormones help, especially with my frame of mind and anxiety. Most gynecologists are good about testing and giving you HRT.
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    I've always firmly believed my hormones are very messed up and connected to all these health issues, but dr. just look at me funny when a 30 patient ask about hormone testing.

    Obviously i'm to young yet for menopause, so what's my problem, wait, she's crazy, lets offer her a anti-depressant!


    Misty your horse pal
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    My daughter had her hormones tested at FFC and they are all out of whack. She is taking testerone in a cream and was taking porgesterone but it did not agree with her.