Hormone levels

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  1. marilynb

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    Has anyone had their hormone levels checked?
    Does anyone believe a hormonal imbalance is what we have instead of fm? I was told this by someone & was wondering what others think.
  2. kch64

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    A new doctor I'm seeing wants me to have my blood drawn during the beginning of my cycle and in the middle.

    He thinks part of this could be the perimenopause or a decrease in estrogen.

    I'm 42 but the pain and fatigue started more severly for me at 38.

  3. bettydroop

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    Just went to the FFC and found thyroid is low low low.
    On t3 t4 now we shall see.

  4. marilynb

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    I was also told I needed my T3 levels checked. How is this done? Is it a blood test? I have to do a 24 hour urine test. I think that is to check for my calcium levels because of Osteoporosis. I want them to check my magnesium levels too. That has been low before & I want to see if it still is. I found that out through another 24 hour urine test. Can this also be done through a blood test?

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  5. marilynb

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  6. jbennett2

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    T3 & T4, and magnesium all are tested with blood tests.
  7. spiritsky

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    Yes I believe that in a lot of cases, if not most, that hormone levels are "a" major contributor to the illness. It certainly was in my own case. After starting a regimen of hormone replacement my symptoms have rapidly been dissappearing. I've been on the hormone replacement for about 4 months now and getting better all the time.

    BUT, I think the hormones are just a part of the problem, a big part, but just a part. You still have to look at getting a better sleep, balancing mineral levels, dealing with infections and staying on an alkaline diet.

    I think everybody is a bit different. Some may only need hormones, some maybe just minerals or better sleep, but I think most of us need a broader more comprehensive approach to healing our illness that touches most or all of these areas.

    With all that said, yes, definitely get your hormone levels checked by someone who's competent. Good luck...

  8. marilynb

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    What is an Alkaline diet? Never heard of that one.
  9. krishna3

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    i finally went to he cfs and fm center in denver,co, and they took blood tests for hormone levels, viruses, bacterias,etc.

    i have to say every hormone tested below normal levels.........pregnelone, dhea, thyroid/t-3, estrogen,cortisol, etc

    i have to say ive been on cortisol, naturally compounded progesterone ,t-3, estrogen cream..........and then when i began a few drops per night of homeopathic dhea i started.... after years of lil sleep or non restorative sleep to sleep like a baby.

    they wanted to put me on heavy duty anti biotics for the candida, mycoplasma,epstein barr hhv6 etc but i knew my system could not handle any of that, and so ive been working on taking some natural supplements

    do not think they are near strong enuf to clear those lovely microbes, so im working more on minerals and alkalinizing diet...........argh....food prep gets boring

    i have always been prone to constipation........due to low minerals, food allergies and not eating what i know i should.......when i stay clean with my food and my constipation is clear my energy always comes up big time

    in fact i can take akk the other stuff and if my bowels are a mess form candida, food allergies etc it does not do much until i start moving

    hope this is all helpful, hormones have played a big role with my cfs and no doubt and a little more problematic are the virus and bacterial and candida end of it

    im workig with someone now who is trying to rebuild my adrenal and thyroid glands wiht minerals as well as reminerilizing my whole system....

    i started on a wonderful herb formula that has allowed me to get off a lot of the hormone products......theres hope

    now i need help with fighting the mycoplasma bacteria!