Hormone RELAXIN connection to FMS/CF...Anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MamaDove, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. MamaDove

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    As many of you, I am still searching for the cause and the cure to my mess...Someone also just posted 'what triggered your illness' and I was just about to post this because I found something that could be related to me and many others...

    My nightmare began after endometriosis...a 4 pound mass was removed along with my left ovary...I was never the same!!!
    I suspected a hormone connection for the exhaustive fatigue I was having...My docs were all male at the time and kept telling me "not possible"...Some tests were run and my estrogen has been high in the past...Put on some kinda drug which made me very dizzy, and that was that...

    Eventually, many more years of illness, injury, surgery, stress and grief, came this evil thing recently diagnosed as FMS...you can see my profile for the details if you'd like...

    I was googling today and thought to myself that before my period (sorry guys), I am much worse, just about the worst of the month aside from weather changes...It's MUCH more than PMS, it's PAINFUL!!!! ALLOVER!!!

    So I googled, oophorectomy and fibromyalgia...

    A doc in Minnesota, Sam Yue, made the connection between the hormone relaxin and FMS/CF...

    If you are interested in this, go to the site, Sam Yue dot com and follow the links...I found an article he wrote that goes into great detail...

    I did search this site for posts on relaxin and came up with a few and not much feedback...back in 2004...I am wondering if anyone knows more or feels there is a connection like I do...

    As always, it's not the connection for all of us, but I have to say that many of us have female related issues and this hormone I have never heard of, let alone be tested for...

    On his site, it's a long read, esp, the paper he wrote but I printed it and will read a lil at a time...He really touches on the problems I have and being a pain specialist his patients have forced him to research this possibility, so he did...Funny, it seems he doesn't have a site soliciting a product, just alot of in-depth first hand information...I like that, esp. in a doctor...

    Thanks for reading, much thanks in advance if you have any input...I am pooped so I won't be back til the morning...

    Nite all~Alicia
  2. Hope4Sofia

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    what causes us to have intense ligament pain during our pregnancies. It's what cause our ligaments to relax so we can stretch out, right?

    I definately had severe ligament pain during my preg (couldn't roll over in bed or move my legs - walking was very painful.)

    This would be interesting to look into. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. elsa

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    Hey MamaD.

    I have relaxin in my hormone notebook .... Not much, but some info that might help. I'll get to it tomorrow .... Can barely keep the eyes open tonight ...

    Many of us have escalating symptoms after ovulation. When estrogen plummets, CFS/FMS (not just PMS) symptoms turn up the volume.

    At last blood test, progesterone fine and estrogen not even thinking about menopause .... but I still use biest cream from day 15 to start of period. Just a small amt, but enough to keep the CFS/FMS monster at bay.

    I'll see what I have on relaxin .... Thanks for posting this ........

  4. sleepyinlalaland

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    any articles on the relaxin connectin by Sam Yue, tho I did see it in the "headlines" that google brought up.

    This caught my attention because ligament pain wrought by relaxin during my pregnancies was quite intense. Before I even knew I was pregnant I started to experience the weird ache in my pelvic floor and down my inside thighs. From there, it only got worseas pregnancy progressed. I had a difficult time explaining to my spouse why it hurt so to turn over in bed even very early in pregnancy. I assumed all pregnant ladies experienced that pain but was surprised that no other mommies could relate either.

    I also am hypermobile, which I understand also has a connection to FMS...ligaments which are so "stretchy" they have a hard time keeping body aligned.

    Think I'll try some other searches to see what Sam Yue has to say 'bout relaxin.
  5. patches25

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    Several years ago I read the book put out by Yue and tried the product. I didn't get any results and then one day I noticed that the blue outer coating came off the pills and the white inner came through my digestive system totally intact. So I started to grind up the pills in my spice grinder and still didn't feel any better.

    I spent many hundreds of dollars on the relaxin product---it is very expensive--but I wanted to give it at least 3 months. I also knew a couple others who tried it and didn't get help.

    I am sorry I can't tell you it helped. There are probably some people who it helps. E.
  6. elsa

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    I checked my book .... I didn't have much on it. Once I came across possible side effects I pretty much lost interest. It describe the first trimester of pregnancy ... none for me thanks, lol.

    I also noted that the people who had sudden onset after pregnancy were the ones helped the most ... guess that makes sense ....