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    I read several posts that have referred to having very heavy menstrual cycles. I for one, was having the same problems and I really thought that I was going through pre-menopause, so I sought treatment with my gyno before I was diagnosed with Fibro.

    My gyno gave me a shot of hormones on March 14, and told me that it would either stop the bleeding for a period of 12 weeks, or that I would have discharge for the whole 12 weeks. Well I had a follow up appt on Monday and he told me that I was due for another shot in 2 weeks. Wierd thing is that this hormone shot was supposed to stop the bleeding but now I've run into a menstrual cycle.

    My question. Should I even be receiving hormone shots with this FM condition? Could these shots be adding fuel to the fire?
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    I was put on progesterone pills six months ago, a low dosage birth control pill was out of the question since I am considered high risk for blood clots.

    I know that it does take awhile for the hormone to build up in your system, took awhile for me to notice any difference, but I honestly couldn't tell too much difference in my case (dose may have been too low), but I started having horrible headaches all the time (could hardly hold my head up). Stopped taking the pill, and the headaches eased up. So I just decided to try the natural cream for awhile instead. Giving it a go this month...the natural hormones just sound a bit less scary (side affect wise) to me. I'm going maybe 14 days between cycles (twice a month sometimes), and then they last forever and are very heavy...I was told peri-menopause probably brought on early by excess stress/and possible hereditary factors. Oh happy joy!

    The mood swings are the real killer I think though : )