hormones and fibro

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    Has anyone had a relapse of fibro during menopause? I was doing pretty good for 13 years, back to work as a nurse in the ER. Now with the change have been out 6 months. Rheumy is treating me foe lyme {tests neg} because I have pulled off mult ticks. He feels the fibro and fatigue are from relapse of lyme?? I think stress and the change made me relapse.I don't know if the palpitaion, insomnia, anxiety are hormonal?Also have headaches, eye pain facial arm tingling, backaches, fatigue.Have noticed improvement with antibiotics?
  2. msmac

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    after severe stressors, but as I am 53 now, and have been on HRT since hysterectomy at 38, am unsure if I see a worsening because of hormones or not.

    At the time the stresses happened that brought on the flare, I also had low estrogen confirmed by GYN.

    Hope you get relief. I am taking lyrica for the nerve pain since Oct and am doing quite well on it, though it is not an easy medication.
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    I am 53 and 6 years ago is when I was dx with FM/CFS at the same time as medapause.Everything has been down hill ever sence.

    This last six months I have had unbeleveable Fatigue .I just cant seem to pull up out of this.

    Remember when we were kinds and they would say that a woman going thu the "change" would loose her mind?

    Well I did ,its been a long road back.I'm still not sure what it was from the "changs" or from CFS/FM
    It all sucks!
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    I was doing fair and then the menopause started and it was down hill from there!
    Now everything seems to be ten times worse.
    Take care,