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    After 18 years of being on HRT I've stopped taking it...was told I needed to take it until I was 50....but a recent change to a new HRT (Tibolone) seemed to bring extra intense all-over pain so I stopped taking it to see if I was right and there was a correlation between the two as one side effect listed is joint pain.

    The upshot of stopping is that most of my pain is gone. I've not felt this good in many years.
    And who would have thought that HRT was contributing to pain...the Drs never picked up on it....yet the OGEN which I was on for 6 years is indicated for causing arthritis type pain! So I've had 6 years of extra pain for darn nothing.

    I just hope this is of use to someone else out there.
  2. TeaBisqit

    TeaBisqit Member

    There's a definite link to Fibro pain and hormones. When they put me on Ortho Tri Cyclen for the irregular periods, ALL of my fibro pain went away. It was like a miracle. But it only lasted for the time I was on the pills. When I went off of them, it all came back.

    I'm also finding that I'm in less pain on Armour Thyroid hormone.

    They need to do more studies on the hormone link to fibro pain. All the stupid blood tests don't work, they always say you're "within normal range" even if you have bad irregular bleeding or thyroid problems. And that's why they never catch what's really going on.

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