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    I don't know much about hormones, but I'm leery of taking them. Does anyone know more about this? When you take hormones, do you need to take them permanently? I was wondering especially about the thyroid hormone. I read that when you take thyriod hormone, your body stops producing it on its own, so you become dependant on it in pill form for life.

    Also the cancer risk scares me, though I don't know which ones will do that.

    Can anyone tell me more about this? And, does taking hormones make you feel better? ty ((( ))) Shannon
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    For me, treating the hormones that become unbalanced as a result of CFS/FM is the last major step in my treatment plan.

    It has it's own heading right up there with anti-viral treatment and sleep studies to identify and treat my sleep disorder.

    I am only comfortable using bio-identical hormones during my treatment. They don't have the famous "riskes" involved as the synthetic hormones do.

    I will not be on the majority of the hormones I am now taking as part of my forever-after. ... Just long enough to bring things back into balance.

    I have a well versed integrated doctor helping me. He only treats with bio-identical compounded hormones, and keeps a very close watch on me through blood work, etc.

    I take several hormones at the moment ... T3, GH, Testosterone, DHEA/Pregnenolone, and Cortisol. The last being for a very short period while my adrenal gland catches a breather.

    My estrogens, progesterone and insulin were in excellent range. What surprised me was how horribly low I was in testosterone ... GH was a close second. No wonder my muscles hurt all the time ... I had next to no "ingredients" (testosterone) to make new muscle and very little GH to repair the muscle I had. When these come back up, I won't need to be on them any longer.

    DHEA/Pregnen. and Cortisol are all related to the adrenal gland. That too will come back in line eventually. As for the thyroid T3 hormone ... this came as no surprise as I was certain I had hypothyroidism.

    This area is very important to address when trying to reach remission. Unfortunately, like alot of things concerning our illness, this protocol is not known by all the general docs. I wouldn't even go to a traditional endocrinologist as I was definate in wanting to treat with bio-identical hormones and was afraid it would take for ever to find one who didn't use synthetics.

    I had to research this and study and ask a gozillion questions before I made my move on this last step. It is without doubt the right decision for me. It might be worth looking into in your case. Good luck with your research.

    Take care,

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    All I know about thyroid pills is that my mother has had to take them for years.

    She has a thyroid problem and it is very important that she takes her med.

    She has blood tests frequently to make sure her thyroid is functioning properly. She ocassionally has her meds adjusted.

    She has never had any problems with cancer.

    Are the cancer risks that scare you more with taking estrogen and breast cancer more than thyroid?

    I have taken Premarin (estrogen) for at least 10 years and have never had any problems. I am now on the very lowest dose of Premarin that is made -- I think it's 0.325 mg.

    The Premarin helps me feel better and I don't worry about it at all.

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    Just thought I'd move it up in case you haven't had a chance to read this yet.

    Tell us how you are feeling ... on any hormone treatments? .... Thinking of HRT for your CFS/FM? ... Hope you are well,