Horrible constant pain in legs. Anyone have same?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bobbycat, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. bobbycat

    bobbycat New Member

    My legs hurt all the time. When I get up I can barely walk at first. I don't know if it is from my lack of activity and they are just freezing up on me or what. Anyone experiencing the same thing and have you been told why?
  2. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Leg pain has been my worst symptom for as long as I can remember. I would say they hurt all the time. Somedays are definitely worse than others.
    Told why? Well no, it's part of my Fibro.

    Do you have any back problems? I was told by my pain doc that there are places in your lower back that can cause pain in your legs if you have problems there

    My leg pain has always been the big mystery. Then I got my diagnosis.
  3. dannybex

    dannybex Member

    It could be due to so many different things.

    The one thing that has helped me the most with this is l-carnitine. It comes in a liquid or capsule form. You might consider trying it for a week or so. I saw improvement sooner than that, but definitely would suggest giving it at least a week before you try something else.

    It was shown in clinical studies that l-carnitine helped increase walking distance by almost double.

    Might be worth a try?

  4. campbeck97

    campbeck97 New Member

    I have had fibromyalgia for about 11 years well long before that but thats when they finally DX, but the leg pain just started in the last year really bad. I dont know what causes it and some days are worse than others.Dr. said "just fibro" sometimes I wonder if the Drs. are just to lazy to check for something else and just say "just fibro" because its easier.Well it could be something else. I know how miserable it is and i'm sorry you are having to suffer from this. Blessings to you
  5. glenda2

    glenda2 New Member

    leg pain is my worst pain then the arms and then so on & so on. there are days i cant walk and then days i can but the pain is ALWAYS there. even when i am having a good day i still have some pain esp. in my legs.

  6. TKE

    TKE New Member

    I had terrible leg pain when I was first Dx'd back in 1999/200. It was all I could do to get out of a chair & walk across the room. Since then it has lessened. I find if I keep moving & exercise 3 times a week my pain is less. If I get lazy the pain increases & my legs ache terrible & feel like lead weights. Try doing some stretching, short walks, etc & see if it helps. Also B vitamins may help. There's no real answer as this DD affects us all different.

  7. puffy1

    puffy1 New Member

    I have been having that for a few weeks now I have had it in the past it coems and goes with me.

    But don't think it is from lack of movement. I have been doing aquasize every night for over a month now abd I have been attempting to do some yard work.

    And I still have leg pain and foot pain so I don't think it has to do with lack of movement or exersize just part of this stupid illness.

    Hope you feel better soon I don't have any advice for you other than if you are like me it well pass but only to be replaced by pain in another part of your body.

  8. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    My legs ache all the time, the deep to the bone aches. Especially from hip to knee.

    Not sure if this is the same as the pain you speak of but this is my main pain or aches.

    If I am active in any way they are much worse, not at the time but later. Ex. If I can make it to the grocery, my legs are ok at the moment but later they are achey so bad.

    My doc doesn't have a clue or just ignores it as a cfs/fm symptom.

    Also along with the leg aches I seem to have sinusitus/allergies or something that just puts me to bed.

    I am so sick of living this way with no answers. If I just knew what I was dealing with then I could deal with it., I think I could.

    Hope you get some answers,
  9. bobbycat

    bobbycat New Member

    Janalynn and everyone. I do have lower back problems in my tailbone however I have had that along time and when something makes it worse at that point I am walking with a cane however, it prior never caused me this leg pain. This pain has come on in the last year and it really is bad pain. Sometimes it even attacks me worse around the knee's area. It just seems every year that goes by more issues are appearing and I don't know if they are from the FMS or lack of exerise or what. It affects my lower legs the worst. I agree with the answer it seems Dr's seem to blame it on FMS if they can't figure it out and it seems they don't really look for other answers once you have been diagnoised with FMS. I too am sick of not getting answers from the Dr's. Again thanks for the response. I am sorry other people too have this problem but it makes me wonder if it is FMS.
  10. Angelsmama

    Angelsmama New Member

    I use to have leg pain constantly. My doctor said the lack of activity contributed largely to it. I didn't quite believe that @ first, however I began a mild exercise program, primarily I walk at a moderate pace for 30 min.
    3-4 days a week. This has helped tremendously.

    I also put Epsom Salt in body lotion and rub myself down each day. Especially my legs and arms. I take Epsom Salt baths at least once a week. My pain has decreased about 75 percent.

    I hope this info helps you. AM
  11. butterfly616

    butterfly616 New Member

    Almost constantly, I have a dull ache in my legs. If I sit too long (which I do at work) I am stiff and sore when I stand up. My knees hurt and are stiff alot.

    I used to take Celibrex, but didn't like the fact that it's not good for your heart. I stopped taking that and now take Alieve or Tylenol when the pain gets to be too intense.
  12. bobbycat

    bobbycat New Member

    You all have giving me some very valuable information. Even though I don't feel up to doing much exercise I will try to do some of what has been recommended here to see if it will help. I am afraid if I don't do something that something terrible is going to happen as far as my legs are concerned this is not a small problem I am dealing with it really scares me. Thanks so much everyone. Bobby
  13. kellyann

    kellyann New Member

    My legs ache and hurt all the way to the bone. My knees kill me and hips ache badly too. Just a wonderful way to live, not!

  14. Leaknits

    Leaknits New Member


    I don't know if you are having the same kind of leg pain I do but I've found that drinking the diet sort of tonic water helps with cramped-feeling leg calves. It helps me because of the quinine in the t w.

    If you don't want to drink tonic water lots of health stores have quinine-in-them sublingual tablets which help, too.

    Also, stretch those legs.

    What I do even before I get out of bed is to be on my back and stretch my legs out loooong and point my toes at the ceiling.
    Amazingly enough it works and I had thought I'd be stuck forever with sore legs and having to hobble as if 90 instead of the 60 years I've been on earth.

    I think I recall someone "talking" on this board about Malic acid which comes from apples and saying the Malic acid tablets helped them with their leg OW.

  15. justlooking

    justlooking New Member

    I recently found out I have hypercalcemia, which is a high blood calcium. I have tested high for over a year and still don't have any answers as to the cause but I do know that severe leg pain is one of the symptoms.

    My leg pain is more severe at night while I am sleeping and during the 2 weeks around my period (before, during and after).

    Anyway just a thought to have your calcium checked. Hypercalcemia is also a symptom of hyperparathyroidism, which has many symptoms similar to both FM and CFS.

    Hope you find some answers and relief soon.
  16. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    how do you put the epsons salt in lotion? would like to try it . thanks sixtyslady
  17. Crispangel66

    Crispangel66 New Member

    Do any of you have neuropathy? Also do any of take Lyrica?

    I have horrible leg pain without my Lyrica, it will feel

    like someone is driving spikes into my feet. My hubby says

    even in my sleep I jerk my legs when I don't take my Lyrica.

    It sometimes gets so bad that I wish I didn't have feet,

    stupid I know. But also my legs ache and cramp bad without

    my Lyrica. Good luck to all of you with leg pain.

  18. nightngale

    nightngale New Member

    Leg pain has always been my worst pain and it can be so random! Like now I have none, then one day I will wake up and be in pain and have to start pumping tramadol and aspirin or tylenol, or percocet if really bad. Mine get so bad I just cringe in pain I feel like crying till the worst wears away. My rhuemy says its flares. It doesn't seem to matter what I have or haven't done. My arms have also started hurting but not to the point of making me cry. Yuk.I have had so much blood work, all neg., and a small fiber biopsy and am due for another of those as last year it said there were some slight changes, so my new neuro is going to do it. I had it at Hopkins last time. His office is affiliated with Anne Arundel Med. Center which now has some affiliation with John's Hopkins. If you go to Neuro Talk Communities, (a website) there are a gazillion problems neuropathies can cause that do include PAIN but try finding a doc to run all those tests! There is alot to learn there. Look for Eliza Janes Charts...helpful.

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