Horrible Depression - from meds??????

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by foggyfroggy, Apr 28, 2009.

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    So, I have been sliding down and down the slippery slope of depression. It's just been happening since I've been on the Lyme meds so I'm asking whether anyone else has had this reaction? I'm on Ceftin, Levaquin, Nystatin and Diflucan right now.

    Thanks for any input!
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    I am sorry that you are suffering from such depression. I haven't had that problem but I wanted to suggest you try posting your question on the medical questions board at lymenet.org.

    It's a very active board and I bet people there could help you.

    Have you called your LLMD to discuss your increasing depression? If not, I think you should.
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    It was like I was ready to jump off a bridge. Flagyl is a cyst buster which is very important in Lyme treatment. I'm going to pulse it once a month for as many days as I can tolerate it. I think the spirochetes run for cover when we take abx and convert into the cystic form.

    I've been on Diflucan and Nystatin for close to 3 years. I doubt if it's either of those as my depression problem happened just with Flagyl and then again with Tindimax.

    Maybe you can try to test the abx individually to narrow down which one it could be. Or look at the side effects on some of those drug websites to see if one has a higher than average chance of causing depression over the other. Maybe cut that one out if your doc says it is OK.

    Do you know if you have any coinfections? When those pathogens die off sometimes you get a bit depressed. Some people do get depressed when they start killing off yeast too.
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    Levaquin is one nasty drug. The most searched drug for adverse effects on medications.com.

    Lawsuits against the manufacturer are multiplying.

    Be very, very careful about taking the drug. It can cause all kinds of nasty problems including the ones you mention above.