Horrible Experience Of Panic Attiack in E.R. Room!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jennifer, Mar 6, 2003.

  1. Jennifer

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    I was rearended Wed night by a speeding car while I was waiting at a red light pushing my into two other cars. We were taken by ambl. to Er. room. I had ncek brace on and was strapped to the body board like a mummy. I am trying to make this short. I am very clostroph. I was left inthe room by myself. I get real wqarm. the brace got tighter and tighter. I called for someone to come. Noone came. I panicked. I couldn*t breaath. Finally a male attendant came and said I can*t take this off you. I said you don*t understand, I can*t breath, He get in my face and said you can breath. I said I will sign anything, Please, please, take this off of me and I grabbedd and repped velcro anywhere I chould and then my daughters walked in and I begged them just taked off my socks and I got y arm out of the sleeve of my coat. the attendant threw a sheet on the bed and left and then they later took an exay of my neckk. When I left and had to sign out witih that man I sa id yes I am the Crazy one. He said nothing. He need a class on compassion and panic attaicks and yes give me some Klonopin!!!!!Thanks for listening Sherry from Ca. I use to be a goo speller before FM
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    to our local hospital. The "average"
    wait is 5 to 7 hours! They have people lined up in wheelchairs and
    on gurney's with IV's waiting and waiting. We took a friend in one night with severe abdominal pain, she
    was in her 60's. After nearly an hour
    of her laying doubled over in pain on the couch? I went up and raised hell.
    They took her in to shut me up and it
    turned out she was rushed into surgery. The doctor said had she been
    another five to ten minutes and her
    colon would have burst!! These hospitals get by with it because of
    that form "leaving against medical
    advice" because they know the insurance won't pay if you leave that
    way, so most people will stay and take the abuse. They don't put enough staff on and cry poverty, when they
    charge the outrageous prices they do
    just for walking in the door. I have
    NEVER seen more incompitence than in
    this so called ER. They even made the
    newspapers for giving patients the
    wrong scripts "repeatedly". They USED
    to be our trauma center, I HOPE they
    aren't claiming that title now!! Everyone should fill out those complaint forms because they put them
    in your records and they DO make a
    difference. Hugs, Bambi
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    and support on bad hospital visits. I am so clostrophobic and I panic so easily I am so afraid to go back. Yes I will try to get one of those questionairs and fill it out. Thanks again. jennifer Central Ca.