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    Does anyone else have INTENSE, NEVER ENDING itchy scalp??? I've been to dermatologist 3x's now. Steroids, antibiotics, shampoos, salicylic acid, Carmol, lamisil, etc. etc. etc. NOTHING HELPS!! I need to know what works for you if you suffer from this problem. I have had this for almost 3 months now and I swear I'm close to suicidal. I know it doesn't seem like a major problem but hold your judgement until you have experienced it please! I NEED HELP! ANY suggestions welcome!

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    This is just an old fashioned remedy, but it worked for me. It sure can't hurt you.

    Try using Apple Cider Vinegar as a rinse in your hair. Do not rinse it out, just warm it and pour it over your hair after you wash it. Yes, you will smell like a toss salad for a few hours, but it should stop the itching.

    I used this on my dog too (no offence here, I love my dogs like children). He scratched so much almost his whole body was raw (he is a Pit Bull and they are prone to skin problems). I tried everything from the Vet from pills, to shampoos etc. Nothing worked. He was scratching and chewing himself to death.

    He hated the smell, but he is all healed up now, even his hair grew back, nice and shinny.

    Hope you get some relief soon, I know how miserable this is. Mine was worst at the nape of my neck. It started after I used one of those 'fancy' shampoos. I never use them anymore.

    I still rinse my hair with vinegar when I wash it till this day, have never got that itching back again. My hair is long almost to my waist, and thick (Check my profile), it was getting thin from the itch, but its fine now.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    when I have a chemical sensitivity to a shampoo/cond. My scalp is always somewhat itchy, but the slightest change in anything, it goes crazy. Im sorry I dont know what you can do, mine usually subsides when I change what im using on my hair. maybe give that a try if you haven't. Im sure someone will be able to help you!! Blessings, Iggy
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    Hi Donna,
    I have the same problem. Benadryl helps me a lot. Maybe you could try it. I hope you get some relief.
    Take Care!
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    After 6 years I finally found a shampoo that doesn't make my scalp itch. (I don't think Benadryl helped me, but didn't pay attention to when my scalp itched and when I took benadryl.) Basically, I just (finally) asked at the health food store. The shampoo is Aubrey Organics, Camomile. (Actually, after 4 weeks I'm starting to have some itch, but it's not severe and am unsure if it's the shampoo. I'll probably go back to shampooing every other day though.)

    Some guy has a page on how to use apple cider vinegar for this. I think he had to use it for 5 days or something. I don't remember what I did a search on, "itchy scalp" or something. Of course, most of the pages that came up are for shampoos and other things like that.

    (Then on a makeover show I sometimes watch, the hair guy said he only washes his hair every 3 months, but uses other products in the interim. So I did a search on "alternative hair care" and found some enzyme products that I haven't bought or tried yet. I may eventually check them out.)
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    In my case, the itchy scalp had nothing to do with what I put on my hair. It was from inside. It would happen whenever I had an overgrowth of yeast, like after taking antibiotics for awhile or eating too many sweets. I would also itch under my arms and inside my ears and nose. When I started taking a Diflucan once a month or so to keep the yeast under control, the itching stopped. Cutting back on sweets helps too.
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    I too suffer from this condition and it is enough to make you insane. It seems to be stress related for me. Please try adding daily calcium supplument to you diet at least 6oo mg and also apply burn cream to infected area. Do not pull hair back in pony tail or pull it up in bun leave it down at least for two weeks. Wash hair only two times a week if you cant stand the not washing hair get some nice cotton or gauze scarves and wrap hair and head so that scalp can breathe. also make sure you are sleeping only on cotton pillow cases at night and donot blow dry hair. follow this regime for 2 weeks and let me know how it goes.
    good luck
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    I had the same problem a year ago or so. I've never been so aggravated by something. I swore I was just going to shave my hair off so i could scratch better. I finally found relief with a tea tree oil shampoo by Jason cosmetics. You shampoo it in and leave it on for a while. It took a few days to work but it did help. I still use the shampoo about 3 days a week to keep it from coming back. I hope this helps! :)
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    Thanks for all of your replies. First let me respond to some of your suggestions (ALL OF WHICH ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! PLEASE KEEP EM COMING!!) I have tried antihistimines: benedryl, atarax and allegra. I have also tried doxepin orally. As well as those things that I mentioned in my first post. I have NOT tried the apple cider vinegar but I will TOMORROW!! Like I said, I am willing to try ANYTHING no matter what it smells like!!! I kinda do think that it has something to do with yeast overgrowth!! Maybe I should ask for some Diflucan?? And just to mention, I AM A SUGAR JUNKIE!!! I'm pretty sure that it is not "product" related since I have had it for over 2 months now and have changed to VERY PURE shampoo. I do have a prescription for neurontin that I got when I was having some urinary trouble but the dosage was VERY LOW! Can anyone suggest what dosage that I might try for this type of problem?? Thanks again for all of your replies!!

    :) Donna
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    I would go with the vinegar. Shirl has given me great advice and so far she is batting a thousand. Next I would try the tea tree oil shampoo. Tea tree oil is good for fungus. Good luck...KCD
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    I've had this problem most of my life. I know exactly what you mean. Some days I think I'm going to loose my mind from the itching. Someone suggested shampooing only 2x a week. That should help. After several years of injuries and back surgeries, etc I was forced to not wash my hair every day, simply because I couldn't. The itching really has subsided considerably. I'm going to try Shirl's idea about the apple cider vinegar, sounds like it should work. Have you tried it yet? Any help?
    Love and blessings
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    Just got the apple cider vinegar. Smells TERRIBLE!!! But, I'm willing to smell like ANYTHING to help this itch!! I'll let you know if it helps.. I've been putting so much "GOOP" in my hair that I've not only been washing it at least once a day but most days, TWICE. The stuff that the derm. gave me is greasy and I had to wash it out every morning before I left for work. I really do think that washing alone is drying the heck out of my scalp. I've even tried sleeping with olive oil on my scalp. Gee, I'm sounding a bit like a salad here (olive oil and now vinegar). I know my husband hopes this works!! I'll let ya know!
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    Went to a new derm today.. The vinegar trick didn't work for me. This doc gave me steroid injections in my scalp and took a biopsy. Like all the others, he said that he doesn't SEE ANYTHING.. Just beautiful, nice white scalp. WHAT could this be??? I'm still itching even after all of those shots!! I am really losing my patience!!! HELP!!!
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    You mentioned that you're taking neurotin...I think.
    Are there any other meds that you've been taking for the last 3 months while your head has been itchy? Perhaps you're having a reaction to some of the meds you're on?

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    I have had itchy scalp forever. It is sometimes by itself, and sometimes accompanied by dandriff. I only wash my hair every 3rd day. That helped right off the bat. (you can only get away with this if you don't use hair spray, mousse, etc. You shouldn't use those products anyhow if you are having scalp problems.) Now, you get to try mayonaise salad head lol!!! Take regular mayo, microwave it till it is warm. Be careful though. It doesn't take long for this to happen. Then , wet hair, apply mayo,wrapp with saran rap and towl, then leave on for 30-60 min. depending on how bad the itch is. Wash hair as normal and use conditioner. Will not make you smell like mayo after shower and works wonderful. Also makes hair super soft. do this up to 3 times a week and make sure you let us know how it works for you ok? Hang in there!!!! Melody (pegasis)
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    If you want to give the vinegar another shot, do a web search on "scalp itch". Use the quotes. This time when I searched, it was the first site to display. It's some guy's personal page. He describes exactly how to use it (you have to massage it in, etc.).

    Whenever I try a new product, my scalp still itches for at least a day or two after switching. And this last shampoo I tried, the woman only wanted to sell me one of the small travel bottles. I bought a large one, since I figure I have to give it a month to really know whether something's going to work.

    One thing I did that helped was to brush my hair at night. Use a real brush (not plastic bristles) and brush until it hurts. Well, not really to that point, but I *think* the point is to massage the scalp and remove dead skin and stuff. I was annoyed at *having* to do this though, and am glad I don't have to anymore.

    Tea tree shampoo didn't work for me. Find one without scents added, since that seems to cause a lot of our problems. And ask at the health food store for recommendations. (I don't know if you're using styling gels and stuff or not. Stop if you can.)
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    Hey Donna---I have been using prescription NIZORAL for the last 6 years. WHen I run out, I use head and shoulders or the generic. THe selenium shampoos help too. I have been itchy and _itchy and twitchy since being put on wellbutrin, weaning off Prozac. I am going to tell my shrink I want back on Prozac full 60 mg again. I also have a bad taste which is from wELLBUTRIN ALSO. sOMETIMES i JUST RINSE MY HEAD with lukewarm water. I hate the caps lock key. Anyway, Scalpicin is the final treatment I use, it is actually an alcohol based corticosteroid (like OTC cortaid). But all of this is expensive. I will try the vinegar/mayonnaise treatment. Our local newspaper had an article about using mayonnaise for head lice; all my grandkids have had these at one time or another. (3 of them have a MD father and a RN mother who volunteered in schools to help on head lice check days!!!) THere is vinegar in mayonnaise, oils, and eggs. All of which are "good for your hair". Just remember if you use eggs to rinse with cool water. Hot water makes scrambled eggs in your hair!!!! Huggles, Ellie in FLorida esp@gbso.net
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    That sounds rough...you have my total sympathy. When I was on accutane, I got itchy in the head because my skin dried out really bad. I started to use a leave in condition...Paul Mitchel conditioner. I use more than you're supposed to and it really did help. The only problem is that if you overuse it, it can make your hair look greasy.

    The best of luck to you. Itching really is a miserable sensation. I hope you are able to find a solution to this problem.