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  1. KathiM

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    Hi..I not only had the horrible itchy scalp but also my arms so bad that i would dig them until they bleed. I have had 3 punch biopsys only to reveal....nothing conclusive.
    10 days ago a new Dr I am seeing started giving me B injections.b1,b6,b12, all in one in the hip 3 x week.......
    My itching has stopped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also I am taking metagenics probiotics so dont know if that would have anything to do with it ???
    Good luck
  2. elaine_p

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    if your itching was caused by an overgrowth of candida, the probiotics could definitely be helping.
  3. Stillkicking

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    If none of the other suggestions help, try some rubbing alcohol. Sometimes I have a itching problem too and found that washing my hair, damp drying, and putting alcohol on the scalp stopped the itch. Evidently this is caused by a common skin bacteria sometimes.
  4. isee

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    Read on Mary Shoman's site, I think, that itching is symptom of hypothyroidism. Lately, I notice my scalp itches more when I don't follow my schedule for Armour's thyroid
    medication that I take in 2 doses. Sometimes when I'm especially tired, my scalp itches. It's always on top of my head, the front or sides.

  5. babyzee

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    I've got chronic candida and sometimes it makes me itch. Antiobiotics and steroids are what made the candida much WORSE. I hesitate to use Diflucan; I try to use natural products to combat candida. Acidophilus and other probiotics and extremely helpful in getting rid of candida (yeast) in a gentle way, although not quickly. Research candida on the internet and read books like "The Yeast Syndrome" to understand it - lots of stuff out there being written about it. Something's wrong on the inside of your body, not just your skin.
  6. retrogirl

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    I use the apple cider vinegar also and it helps.I don't leave it in though.I massage it in really well before I put in the shampoo and conditioner.I used to use lemon juice,but I ran out and vinegar is cheaper.If the smell bothers you-try the lemon juice.Mine is not so bad since I started homeopathic remedy for hypothyroid (coincidence?who knows)
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    You mentioned you were taking Neurontin so I looked up the side effects and one of the side effects is itching. Try to remember when the itching started in relation to when you started the medication. Sometimes side effects don't show up for awhile. So if the itching started sometime after you started the Neurontin look at it as the likely culprit. Neurontin effects the nervous system.

    I hope this helps you.
  8. donnadb

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    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for all of your replies! I've been out of town for the last 4 days and have not had internet access until now. And yes, my head DID itch alot while I was gone!! Anyway, I wanted to respond to the neurontin question. I do have a prescription for neurontin but I haven't taken it in about 6 months... Actually, I was thinking of trying it to see if it helps!! maybe I should rethink that if it causes itching! I really DO think that it is candida related. I should get my biopsy results tomorrow and I am VERY anxious to see what the results are. The hypothyroidism is interesting! Actually, none of the Derms that I have been to have done any bloodwork at all!! Seems to me that that would have been the place to start (I'm Not A Doctor, I just Play One on the Internet--ha,ha).. Well, hopefully I'll get the results tomorrow and I'll post again! Hugs!

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    I'm late to this party - considering that you posting was made back in 2003. If your email still works and you get a note of my posting, maybe you can tell me whether your itching scalp was finally resolved. Mine is driving me absolutely nuts. I've been trying so many things, like yourself. I, too, am hypothyroid, but I'm not sure if that is connected to my severe itching. I can feel bumps in the back of my head and was told that they are scalp colored. They don't itch, I just mentioned them for what it's worth. Can you tell me the end of your story? 10 years later... did it finally get resolved?

  10. Xtal Ivy

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    Thank you whoever sent the email note with all the suggestions, I'll be trying them. I don't have dandruff or an itchy, flaky scalp. I have noticed some bumps that seem to be flesh colored. I can't tell you that's what is doing the itchy scalp, but I'm wondering if it is, then they might be increasing as time goes by. Going to the health food store today to get some tea tree oil. I certainly appreciate this website.
  11. Aussiemama53

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    Have you tried Scalpicin? It has helped me. But what really helped me was finding out a medication I was taking was causing it. You might begin there.
  12. joewehr

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    I know this is way late but I am hoping to help someone. 36 year old male here.

    I suffered for two long years with the worst scalp itch you can imagine, went to tons of doc's, even went to the University of Michigan Derm department. I was prescribed everything from Doxepin to Neurotin. Nothing worked at all. All gave me bad sides. Some nights I would literally be crying in my bed. I did a strict food diet and cut out all gluten, which sucked! On top of that my left eye was so red I couldn't hardly see and had to wear my glasses instead of contacts.

    A few days ago, in despair and after much praying, I took all of the chemicals that I put on my body and did a patch test kit on myself. Took my shampoo, hand soap, laundry soap, hair spray, everything. Put them all on bandaids and taped them to my forearm for 48 hours. I finally figured out it was the HAIR SPRAY! Praise GOD! My arm was all red and itching on the hair spray bandaid.

    This all makes sense because about two years ago my wife got me to use her hair spray, I switched from hair gel to hair spray ever sense them. This is also the reason why my left eye was always red, I sprayed with my right hand towards my left eye on the top of my end. The crazy thing is that I switched hair sprays to a "free and clear" brand a few months ago and had the same reaction, so I never thought it was the hair spray! Well I was allergic to that kind also!

    Back to hair gel! No itching at all, never felt better!

    These are the first two days in two years that I have not itched and I feel like flying!