Horrible Itchiness

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibrodoll, Apr 21, 2003.

  1. fibrodoll

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    I am having unrelenting itchiness in my larger muscles. Thighs, calfs, upper arms and inside of knees.

    It is making me crazy. If I scratch to much or to hard I come up bruised. Cortate cream helped some.

    I have been taking Zanaflex for a year now, could my body be rejecting? I haven't started anything new. I am calling my doc tomorrow. Have also had increased muscle pain for the last week.

    I have really been feeling terrible. Very lonely in my pain. Bye for now, Valley.
  2. kredca4

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    I take Vistiril for my Histimine problems that some can have with FMS. At first it made me sleepy, so I just took it at night, which helped during the day also, then as I got use to it, I took 2 a day, you work, so this might not be a good one for during the day. But it does seem to help cut back on the intenstiy of the itching douring the day, when I would use the Cream. You can get a Stronger strength from you Dr.

    Glad you are going to talk to your Dr. because you can get a bad reaction to a med that you have been on for awhile, happens to me all the time.

    I know some get relief with Childrens Benedryl, but I'm allergic to it.

    Hope you find some relief, itching is terrible, oh yeah use a washcloth, a dry one, to lightly rub over the area that itches, that way you don't scratch yourself and cause an infection. Which is easy to do with our Immune System being out of Wack.

  3. jlbeck13

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    Have Mercy!!! I have been itching for years!! lol never tied it in with the FMS!! thought I either had a alergy to sun or nerve's......it all makes scense now..... as usual!!
    what works for me.....benadryl and hydrocodone cream.

    what about bladder problems anybody have that?
  4. kadywill

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    I have a thirty year history of this, but I also have chronic hives and swelling of my mouth, eyes and throat. The itching is horrible and I have taken many drugs over the years for this, but the longest taken med I've used is Hydroxyzine. (Atarax or Vistaril) I have taken this as needed and every night for many, many years with good results. I titrate the dosage according to the severity of my symptoms.
    Good luck and I'm sorry you have this, too.