Horrid back pain can't stand it anymore

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I walked over to my mothers about a 2 city blocks and then worked on decoratation 12 tiki poles for this wedding and they are great looking and lovely. but as I was sittening ther I got a pain in may back that has never hurt like it does now. I am in so much pain tha Moving is near impmosiable for me to do, I have never had pain that has lasted for this amount of thim and I have taken my pain pills and still it is buring, stabbining and shocking , me. My back feelislike someone has runover it with a roller fiiled with cement and rolled back and forth time and agian. I don't know what I did to do this and have this pain that wil not go away.

    I am so scared taht something is really wrong and I am in tears because we can't afford the copay to find out if I had ruputered a disk. I hurt so bad I feel like I am nasous and don't want to move or supper will be back up.

    I am frightened and I don't know what I did to cause this pain, I don't thing that walking for 2 bloocks wuold cause me this pain. To discribe this pain it is like someone has burned my back and then rubbed salllt in to it and rolled over it with a 500 lllbs roller over it and it is in one big knot that can't be broken up and i don't know how to hanle thing pain? I am crying and neend some help . What do I do?I hae allllasys lived to do the crafty thing but todayh it caused me so much pain tht I was sick when came home from my mom's. What did I do to it? I feell like is has ripped and tore something and caused me to have the pain and it is only getting wrose now.

    I sat in a straight back chair for 3 hours edecorating the tikipole and I am now hurting badly and want to scream, did I do some ting to it and wil be Irrreversable and I will be hurting like in the deepest pain I have ever had in my back.

    What did I do ? to cause this aobunt of pain I didn't lift anything or do all the other things I have been told NOT to do,YET This pain is getting more and mmmoore and moerre worse and i am I.
    I want to be normal and not be in pain anymore. I don't have a clue as to what I have done with me and I am so so scared thta it will never ge getter and evr get better. I just want to be nromal and not live in fear of this type of pain. I need some help NOW I have faoled ,yself as i can't find the resaon I should beee this way. Please tell me iif you have evey flet like this and like your back is so out of place I don't know how to fis this injury and pian Iam happy to be home andhave my girls all hime but I would ove nothing more than to be pain free and to bealbe to rest. PLease try to heop me with some answers.

    OI can't k eep being in this much pain all the time it is not good for me. I am terrified that the pain will get worse and worse please I begof you to find a way . please h lep me to find a way to deal with wthi this all ways. please help me find out what it=s wrong with me. I want to be normal.HELP ME TO Better I am scared and so afarid that I will be in pain for eever. PLease help me asap Rosemarie
  2. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    hi rosemarie,

    i'm 40 yrs. and been dealing with crap like that for almost ten years. put ice on it, epson salt baths warm h20, anti-imflamtory if you can tolerate them take w/food or milk. and do you have any pain meds at home already? i had it so bad last year i couldn't walk on it but i hobbled to the er they said to take these crutches, called pcp for pain med stuff and off i went. still dealing with it i can't walk for long then i have to take a break. i have a tens unit that i can attach to painful areas, use it if you have one. and do some stretches for your lower back, you can do them in bed i have many times.

    best of luck
  3. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    Dear Rosemarie,
    I'm so sorry you are in so much pain. I just came back from the chiropractor, and I know what you mean about cost.

    I use Arnica gel. It is a clear gel that has no odor and absorbs quickly, without staining. My Dr. told me to get it, and I get it at the health food store. It really helps me, much more than Ben Gay, as it is absorbed really well. Mine cost $10.00 (in California).

    It is possible for one to injure one's back even though they don't do anything at all. I watched my back slip out of place one day, and all I was doing was sitting. I think it will be necessary to give your back total rest, along with the ice. Using your arms can be detrimental, because once one has even a little inflamation, the muscles begin to seize up.

    Everything is connected to the spine - sometimes it even feels like the eyelashes are.. so, gentle, slow movements and stretches are the order of the day. Try to do relaxing exercises (mental) as often as you can, to release the spasms.

    Good luck. I hope you feel better
  4. Rose_Red

    Rose_Red New Member

    Try putting a tennis ball (or an orange even) in a long sock (tube sock. Lay on that to help break up the muscle spasm. you can even move it around with the sock to get it in just the right place.

    If you have muscle relaxers I would take one. Anti-inflammatories (ibuprofen, aleve -naproxen) will work way better than Tylenol if you don't. Please be careful which OC meds you mix. They're not Rx's but they don't play well with others. You can kill your stomach and/or your liver. I am not advocating taking more than the reccomended dosage but prescription Motrin is just 800mg of Ibuprofen.

    When I hurt like this my chiropractor won't even touch me. I have to go home and alternate: ice 10 minutes, heat 10 minutes, ice 10 minutes - wait 1/2 an hour and do it again. all day long sometimes. It helps reduce the swelling better than just heat or ice.

    Epson salt baths are awesome! Try starting with 20 minutes and get out! Make sure it's not super hot.

    Chug some Gatorade. For real. The nutrients in it should help at least a little.

    You can always call your Dr. and explain that you don't have the copay but you do NEED to be seen. if it is a muscle spasm a Lidocaine shot (directly into it) or a Torodal shot (burns like hell but worth it) may be in order.

    Worst case scenerio - you go to the ER and fill out the 'I'm broke but need to be seen papers'.

    I hope this helps.

  5. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    That amount of activity can trigger it.

    I'm on Lortab ,but when that doesnt work.I take a hot bath,Epsom salts are good.

    Your muscle is pulled hard,so I first try to relax the muscle with heat and a gentle back rub if you can stand it,then I apply coldpaks to reduce the inflamation-these things will relieve pain.Like Mikie,my back is the worst.Nice to meet you

  6. mtnfla

    mtnfla New Member

    Beside what everyone else has already suggested I can't think of anything else to do...

    Hopefully you have a good Dr that will see you and bill you for the copay,I consider myself one of the lucky ones that have a Dr that does just that.He rather you pay him later than sit there in agony with no relief...

    When I have had to go to the ER during the night,they have always given me the option to pay or be billed my copay.Believe me there is nothing worse than sitting around in pain,cause it just makes you feel worse than you already do..

    So call your Dr and get in to see him,maybe you moved the wrong way and pinched a nerve or maybe strained your muscles in your back...

    Hope you are feeling better soon,take care..
  7. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I go see my pain doctor every month and he is a great guy too. He has been treating me for a year or more. I am on Narcotic pain meds and they do help but when I sit for more than about 15 minutes My back will hurt so bad that I am struggling to move. And last night I was helping my oldest daughter decroate for her wedding teki tourches and we put flowers on them around them and ribbons and any thing you can think of . achone is so different but they all look really great.

    But sitting there trying to put flowers on a tiki tourche that is 5 feet talk and i am sitting there putting the flowers on it causes me so much pain that by the time we were done I wanted to scream

    My doctor was not on call last night but I did talk with him today and Got told thta I souldnot be walking more than just around my house for this week.Because I vae really bad knees, and I have spinal stenosis, 2 disks that are bulging and my back really hurts badly.. Both knees have arthritis in them so they make the walking really hard by them selves.I am to be resting today and tomorrow so that the spasm wil stop and I will be able to go to the bridal shower this weekend.

    My doctor said tht I should just use some heat because I am one of those strange people that can't use ice on them selves. Ice just makes me HURT WORSE it does nothing to help ease stop the swelling it just sends lighting bolts of pain in to the spasam I alreaddy have.

    So I will be taking my Mscontin and MSIR and soma up to 4 x a day I don't want to take the soma because it makes me so sleepy but I will behave so that I will feel better sooner.

    Thank for you comments I thak you for caring about me and how i am feeling I just wish that it would go away NOW instead of later on. so I am going to go and lay down and rest. I will chat with you all later on.

    Thanks for the help. HUgs Rosemarie

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