Horrific Pinched Nerves...Help?!

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    I had to have a breast biopsy a couple of weeks ago, & had to hold my left arm above my head for about an hour. A couple of days later I woke up in excruciating pain in my left arm.
    I went to my internist & he had xrays made & felt that I do have badly pinched nerves.He has me going to Physical Therapy twice a week, doing exercises at home, & taking Ativan, Soma & Lortab.
    I haven't slept through the night once since this happened. Medications offer VERY temporary help. I have pain & tingling from the shoulder blade, neck & all the way to the fingertips which feel partially numb. This is scary & I"m wondering how long will it take to get my arm back to "normal"?
    Anyone out there who can help me or answer questions, etc.?
    Any help or suggestion will be appreciated.
    Thank you,
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    ...due to a neck problem.

    I think what happened might be that I lifted something too much for me and that combined with the disk degeneration [and bulging?] and stenosis and spurs where the nerves come out, probably resulted on a nerve getting caught a bit on a spur or something. I didn't know about the DDD, and stenosis and spurs til the results of cervical xrays came in.

    I didn't feel the pain instantly while lifting, i woke up in the middle of the night in intense pain and muscle spasming.

    When it still wasn't better by week 2 or 3 I started to go to physio, but the pain got worse before it got better! In fact the pain skyrocketed and I needed heavy duty meds for the pain. I have stopped physio for a while since the exercise/mobilization, even the ultra sound seemed to be further irritating the area and my meds were'nt enough for the pain. so, I tried immobilizing the area for a few days and it helped. I immobilized my neck with a soft cervical collar and my arm with a sling. i tried to avoid lifting things and opening heavy doors.

    I am on mobicox antiinflammatory, I already take Restoril for sleep, I also take a muscle relaxant now and regular Tylenol, but when pain was bad I tried Tylenol3 and even demerol pill but I didn't like the demerol experience.

    The good news is the pain is much more tolerable now. I still have numbness down my arm in certain positions, but it is getting better [it's week 6, or therabouts].

    I found massage and trigger point therapy to be helpful, esp for those points around the scapula.

    And alternative supplementation can help: vit C, sublingual b12 for nerve pain.

    You may also want to try vitamin shots [Bcomplex and Calmag] I got some good results from those.

    A strong antiinflammatory might be helpful. Vioxx [combined with Tyl3] gave me 7 hours of pain relief finally. but then the next day I was really sick so had to stop it. And Celebrex may have given me an allergic reaction, so I had to stop that too. Mobicox has no side effects on me, but it is mild.

    I was recommended Wobenzyme by my Naturopath - a natural antiinflammatory. And my research showed that bromelain is also helpful, so I either took pills or ate pineappple [and papaya]. But, i found I could only eat about 1/4 of a pineapple today without getting mouth sores.

    My numbness goes mostly into my thumb and first finger which shows mostly c5 involvement, and according to internet c5-6 is most common area for neck problem.

    Good luck. Hope you find improvement soon.

    Oh, and I used all sorts of muscle rubs on my arm and back that helped a bit: tiger balm, myoflex, now trying zostrix.

    Oh and how could I forget??? Icing 3 times or more per day for 10 - 20 minutes. That would help the pain. And you have to practise good posture. I bought a back rest.

    Sorry you had to have a biopsy.

    Jen F
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    I appreciate hearing from you. Your info was very helpful, & all of us have a need to know that others also care as well as empathize.
    God Bless!