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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Lorette, Oct 31, 2005.

  1. Lorette

    Lorette New Member

    My twin sister, Lynn, and I have had horses for over thirty years now. Our first mount was on King, one of the actual Budweiser horses who was preparing for a parade in New Orleans. Our cousin who was a police officer put us on top of King's massive back. Our legs spread wide, as Mother tried to hold our legs down and Dad took a picture, we were in Heaven and we were only five years old! We learned to ride at summer camp and they bought us a gaited Standard Bred named Blazer to share when we were eleven. Lynn always wanted to ride in front, of course and he didn't like a rider on his behind too much so we received Shasta Thunder Mountain we were tweleve. I rode Shasta bare back for years. He was a "Medicine Hat Mustang." At first, he would barely be touched, especially around the face, and he would only back up when ridden. He was the fastest horse around and he knew it. We developed such a special bond. he knew he could trust me and I could trust him. We rode almost every day. He got me through some difficult teenage years. He lived well into his thirties and died the same year that my parents did. Now, I have a beautiful palomino Quarter Horse, Trapper, who has a real smooth trot and sometimes he'll throw his tail up to really show off. He will "take a bow" for a peppermint and loves his buddy Raffles, who is our Appaloosa Arabian. He is a gentle soul who is wonderful for my husband who had been converted to horses fifteen years ago when he met me. Pete puts on the saddles because I simple can't do it anymore. It is good therapy for me to walk out to the barn and raise my arms to brush and hug my boys and take care of them. We don't ride often and it is usually just around the property and I'm pretty sore afterward, but it is so worth it. My sister goes on trail rides very often and it brings back great memories of the good old days of when I did, too. I have read all of the entries and I can relate to so many of you. Enjoy!
  2. 1horse

    1horse New Member

    Oh boy, another horse person.. Isnt it wonderful!
  3. twister425

    twister425 New Member

    I LOVE MY HORSES!!!!!!!

  4. foggyfroggy

    foggyfroggy Guest

    All I can say is enjoy it because I am finally giving up and selling mine after being bedridden for over 2 years. It's just not fair to my husband to put up with all the extra work and expense. I've never been without horses since I was 5.
  5. dancingstar

    dancingstar New Member

    Would you please check out the website pmu rescue dot org. I know that someone here can help.

    I looked at the animals, and some of them are extremely beautiful. If I lived closer to some place to keep a horse...or maybe even next year, if this Splenda thing I'm trying really works as well as I'm thinking it's working so that I can drive there every day, I'll try to adopt cause I really want a horse and always have, but I live smack in the middle of the city.

    Please just check it out. These horses are used and then abandoned. It's so very sad. A lot of them are just beautiful foals.
  6. Starcat

    Starcat New Member

    My ex brother-in-law had a pmu farm. I tried to work there for awhile and help out. Made me so sad to see what these poor mares and foals go through. I would walk down the isles in tears petting and hugging the mares. Couldn't work there anymore and he finally shut the business down. Thank goodness!! I hope all of them get shut down!

    PLEASE...if anyone is on premarin...change your med!! It's made from pregnant mare's urine and that's what keeps these guys in business!!

    Sorry for the ramble...but it is such a sore subject with me. If I can bet I will!

    Thanks for posting that Dancingstar!
  7. caroleye

    caroleye New Member

    Having had my lst "love" at 13, I kept one or two horses for my daughter & I for many years. Then when this hit me in the 80's, my riding was just not the same.

    But 7 years ago, my hubby bought a beautiful ranch on a creek, and I kept my two horses there and developed healing programs for them. Usually they had been abused, and my health improved so much. Just kissing them good morning made my heart pound!!

    Then I had an unfortunate accident, and we had to sell our ranch and give our horses to good homes. I'm still "grieving", and my health has been much worse.

    I'm hoping to find someone else's horse to visit & ride when I'm able. Biggest loss of my life, and still don't know how to fill that "void".

    So "ride on" sisters, or just "hang out", and take in their healing energy.

    LIGHT***********spirit horse (carole)
  8. jbennett2

    jbennett2 New Member

    My niece's daughter who was born with hydroencephalitis, was never able to hold herself upright until she was almost 4 years old. What helped her? You guessed it - horse therapy. It strengthened the muscles in her legs and torso enough so that she can now hold herself up. I witnessed one of her sessions and the people there were so wonderful and gentle with her. This poor little girl has so many medical problems, that it was nice to see her enjoying herself so much.
  9. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    I just signed a lease for a beautiful TB MAre named Sophie today. I will post more about her when I have the chance! so glad we have this ubject it is my favorite topic! Lynn
  10. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    as a new groom. It bit her and that was that. They gave it to my cousin. I always rented and rode horses here but was discouraged. My cousin was a
    real rider and rode Kentucky high steppers of some kind (I don't know much about it). She was in all the Phoenix parades and always had a horse.

    When she turned 16 she ended up running off and marrying an abusive cowboy type who hung around the stables. Her mother found her in the back woods in a shack in Kentucky and brought her home. She finished college and ended up married for many years (still) to a good fellow. So it wasn't horses that goofed her up and she made a good life after horses. LOL!

    I was about six at the time. So that was the absolute "never" for me to have a horse. I had a good old cowboy at the stables where I rented horses teach me to ride on his trick horse though.

    I'd love to ride now but I know my back and hips just could NOT take it. I have Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis too in my pelvis, hips and back with spurs. Such is life.
  11. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    So sorry to hear this! Hang tight you may get another chance down the road. There will always be another horse that needs a good home in the future.

  12. spmary

    spmary New Member

    I think most all little girls about 10 to13 yearn for a horse. we had a neighbor with two girls that begged for one, so the wise farther rented one for the summer. Had them clean out a stable near their home and explained how to care and treat a horse. They loved riding the horse all summer but didn't like the clean up in the stable and curring the horse, and by end of summer they were glad to return the horse to the owner.
  13. LittleBluestem

    LittleBluestem New Member

    foggyfroggy - have you considered leasing the horses to someone until you are well?

    caroleye - You might want to check out Hoofbeats in Heaven equine memorial web site. It has a link to an associated on-line horse loss support group. Even when I am physically able to ride, my finances will probably not allow for the ownership of a horse for a while. Like you, I am hoping to find a horse in need of a rider.
  14. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    I haven't been this excited about anything in a long time! I can't wait to go to the barn. The way it smells, the comraderie. I even enjoy watching all those little girls take care of their horses. My Mom used to drop me at the barn every day after school and pick me up at dark. I loved it!

    Yesterday we were there from 1:30 until 5. Grant and Sarah had a blast. He took his lesson and then they gave Cindy a bath and played together in one of the rings with other kids while I rode. I tried out several horse and settled on Sophie. She is terrific and I am confident she will help me get all my skills back plus...

    I was so sore the first time I rode 2 months ago but my body id getting used to it and my muscles are getting stronger. I am borrowing a friends saddle hoping it fits so I don't have to use a school saddle. This should cut down on fanny fatigue.

    I love hearing about all of your experiences and memories. There is just something majestic, graceful and beautiful about a horse. They need you and you need them. You are working together and the result is so much fun!

    keep this thread going! Lynn
  15. dancingstar

    dancingstar New Member

    Hi Starcat,

    I was out all yesterday and just saw your post. Wow, I can't believe that you have worked on a pmu farm; that's amazing. Thank you for explaining what they are.

    The foals available for adoption are so beautiful. In many cases even tell you who their fathers are. The whole thing is so very sad.

    It seems like this is as good a place as any to get a lovely baby horse.

    By the way, my name, dancingstar, is for my cat...whose name is starr. :)
  16. renae1979

    renae1979 New Member

    I actually just read an article yesterday in Marie Clare that discussed how they are using horse therapy for young/teen AIDS and HIV patients. It is AMAZING!!! It is actually very theraputic.

    I haven't ever really riden a horse, except for a couple attempts when I was rather young. But I have always thought they were beautiful animals.

    There is actually valid medical reasons to get out there and ride so enjoy!!!
  17. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    Okay I amnot trying to be dense but can you explain what a PMU farm is?? I have no idea! Thanks Lynn
  18. dancingstar

    dancingstar New Member

    I don't know that much about them, but I do know that they make the women's estrogen hormone Premarin from the urine of pregnant horses. I don't know how a horse becomes a Premarin foal. A lot of them have really good fathers. They are used simply for their urine, then sold and killed for various reasons.

    There are some good places that actually take in as many horses as they can to try to save them from being slaughtered, and they put the horses up for adoption. There are babies and moms.

    You can check it out on the site that I posted or also through the ASPCA's web site. I'm personally missing a lot of the facts, but I do know for sure that it is a terribly sad situation and a wonderful way for someone to get a great horse.

  19. LittleBluestem

    LittleBluestem New Member

    PMU farms produce Pregnant Mare Urine (PMU) and sell it to the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture Premarin (PREgnatMAreuRINe). In order to produce Pregnant Mare Urine, you need pregnant mares. These pregnant mares will eventually produce foals. These foals that are ’by products’ of PMU farms are called Premerin foals. When they are taken to auction, a lot of them get sold for slaughter.

    When all of the negative effects of Premarin became know, the demand for PMU went down and the pharmaceutical companies cut their contract with the PMU farms. This meant some of the PMU mares were no longer needed and also subject to auction. Many of the mares are not even tame, let alone trained, so their fate is often the slaughter plant, as well.

    Various equine welfare groups have been working with the PMU farms to get them to produce more desirable foals and to find homes for the foals, often referred to as ’adoption’. They are now also trying to find homes for the unwanted mares. Since many of the PMU farms are in Canada, the current effort to abolish horse slaughter in the U.S. will have no effect on them.
  20. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    I looked up the site, alot of nice quarter horse and paint babies there. But, thanks to you i fell for a little arab girl. Would love to have her, but don't think i could handle another young horse by myself. I purchased a yearling last march. Also found a really nice paint pony already broke. My little boys been asking for a spotted pony for a year now. It's too bad i don't have more energy and money, because i have plenty of space. Both of these horses are even located fairly close to me. Sigh

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