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    Hi. I had trigger release surgery on my thumb, 3rd, and 4th finger. A few days after surgery, I was in very little pain, just stiff and slightly swollen. I went to see the doctor about 10 days after the surgery and he restitched my thumb as the stitches had come out, probably because of sweat, or getting wet. Anyway, the thumb was okay, but then my little finger became extremely infected and I was in the emergency room for a whole afternoon 16 days after surgery. They gave me an IV with antibiotics. I am now on them orally. My little finger has come down alot, but it is still swollen. Has anyone had this happen? What do you do besides taking motrin, taking the antibiotics, and elevating the hand? I don't want it to get to the point where they have to open it up and drain it. The fingers that were operated on are actually doing quite well, it is just my little finger, which was one of my "good" ones! Please help if you can!

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    Actually ProHealth doesn't provide any doctors for these boards. So my suggestion would be to re-contact your surgeon, explain you were in the emergency room, and what does the surgeon want you to do now. The surgeon may want to see you to re-evaluate your hand after an emergency room visit and that would be normal--emergency rooms tell you to see your doctor within usually 48 hours of seeing them. Good luck and take care.