Hospital Santa Monica ANYONE?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by LinnFam, Mar 26, 2003.

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    We have heard through some of my husband's patients that their family members have had great results from the clinic in Mexico, Hospital Santa Monica (Dr. Donsbach) I requested and received their video and info. It's quite interesting and is VERY much what my son has been wanting to pursue for several years. I have an appointment for them to call me tomorrow afternoon.

    Anyone with any experience at this place?

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    Im a new member and happened to see your post.. I happened to have been to hospital Santa Monica.. I live in Southern Califonia and it was fairly close for me.

    Although, I only stayed for about a week for treatments as it is costly.. I wouldnt recommend the place.

    I received the video too, before going with all the happy patients feeling relief after so many years of struggling with other solutions.

    But when you get there.. It is nothing like that. You go through a whole routine of therapy scheduled one half hour to the next till lunch time..

    For the most part.. It is things you can do here... Like colonics.. Spa treatments.. Or sauna's... etc.

    The only two things there that you cant find here. Is the oxygenating your blood treatment.. Which is only offered for about 15 every other day... And this red lamp therapy.. For me. I have no idea what that was supposed to do.

    I feel like it was a total waste of money, in my case... And I hear that Dr. Donsbach actually is under investagation in the US.. for making claims he cant prove..

    So, just letting you know of my experience with it..

    As far as oxygenating the blood.. If there is any way the person with the chronic fatigue can push themselves to exercise.. That oxygenates the blood as well..

    Hope that helps.
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    who went to Hospital Santa Monica last fall. He has been better since he returned. He was there for 3 weeks and continues to superoxygenate his home (he's homebound), his drinking and bath water. He applies oxygen to the insides of his ears and rectum in order to oxygenate his blood. He takes colloidal silver and many supplements. He also continues to use the hyperbaric chamber with additional oxygen (he bought a home unit). Direct applications of oxygen healed a persistent bed sore, and pretty quickly.

    This is a man who has been going downhill pretty rapidly and, although he still does not have good muscle function, he truly is stronger and more engaged with his surroundings.

    Some of us on this board use supplemental oxygen -- I think it's Mikie who does, but it may be Jelly...can't recall which. Anyway, they swear by it. I use it much more lightly, and I believe it helps me function better.

    I believe that oxygen and the ultraviolet light are central to Donsbach's treatment -- the idea is that they will kill the little buggers deep inside us that are making us hurt.
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    do you apply oxygen to the inner ear. Is that gas or liquid? Thanks in advance for your reply.
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    use ultraviolet light?
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    LinFam, can't help with you are are speaking of. I did use an Ultra Violet light many years ago for the Fibro pain, it did help, I had completely forgotten about it untill it was mentioned here.

    I have not seen one in years though.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    The method my friend uses (and I do too, when I can) depends on a ozone generator (which Donsbach sells). You can attach a stethescope to it and then let the ozone blow gently into your ears. My friend has several ozone generators functioning in his house all the time. You can attach tubing to an ozone generator to oxygenate drinking water and bath water. You can attach a catheter via some tubing to oxygenate the blood-vessel rich rectum, allowing oxygen to migrate into your bloodstream (supposedly).

    Oxygen gives me a real lift. While I can't speak to its healing properties (all these treatments are still discounted by most docs), just remember that casinos pipe oxygen into gaming areas to make customers feel energetic and "happy." Hey - that's what I'm looking for too!!

    Donsbach has an ultraviolet light box, I think, that you can buy through his Let's Talk Health website. His website discusses his treatments.