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    I walked around the house naked today because i was so hot. i had the air con on but i feel hot all the time. my skin burns from the fibro then i sweat. it makes me feel dirty even tho i bath daily. im 62 so i cant believe its hots flashes because its consistent. i think my hormones are out of wack.

    any thoughts or suggestions appreciated. love gail

  2. Debra49659

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    Sorry but I couldn't help but to smile over you tale of I know exactly what you are talking about though. I am either very hot and feel sweaty...I even leave my bedroom window open a few inches at night. We have temps. in the lower 30's at night.

    From what I understand with FM yyour internal temp. regulator is poorly functioning, if it functions at all.

    Even so you may want to call you doctor and check out your thyroid.

    Take Care,

    LEFTYGG Member

    yes it wasnt a pretty sight. I told my DH and he said you dont do that when im home. nooooooooooo not even after 43 years. all shades were pulled doors bolted too.
  4. BonBons

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    Hi Gail - I have the same problem, and blamed it on living in FL but that's not it. I have to wash my pillows at least twice a week, and often wake up in a WET bed!! I have hypothyroidism w/fibro, and some, but I took some ENJUVIA, a new estrogen. It helped, but because of my strong family history of breast cancer, am now sweating it out again. Good luck to all of us! BonBons
  5. RENA0909

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    I have had this for years!

    I used to stand outside in the back garden at 2 in the morning on the cold pavement in just my pants to try and cool down.Hope the neighbours were fast asleep lol.

    It is still a constant battle for me to stay cool and I live in the UK were everyone is cold lol.

    My hubby has a pacemaker fitted and is always cold so we have a struggle to compromise.He wears fluffy jumpers and I wear shorts and t-shirt lol.

    Any exertion/cooking/anxiety makes me HOT!

    Sorry I cant help but I know we have no control over our body temperature because in winter time I have to wear so much clothing I look twice my size!!!!!

    I even have to plug up the KEYHOLE in the front door because the wind/cold that comes through causes me pain!!!!!!!

    NO-ONE understands!!

  6. AllWXRider

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    My sweat smells bad. My fatigue docs that this is a good thing, detox. I do feel better after a 20 min soak in the warm TX sun or a hot bath. Epsom salts really help here: magnesium sulfate. Very relaxing.

    Forgetting to use my testosterone cream gives flashes at get male andropause.

    Too much thyroid hormone. BT > 98.6°F, sweating, nervousness, fast heart rate.

    Dr sandra cabot MD, also discusses a recent case for a toxic, plugged up liver and keep hormones from breaking down, excess hormones and toxins. Sweat glands are the "3rd kidney" of the body. So you are going #3 !

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