hot and cold flashes

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    For the past 5yrs i have been experiencing hot and cold flashes. I am 38 now and the doc keeps checking for early menopose, but im not. I actually had one doctor say my thermomitor is broke..... Any one else experiencing this?
  2. Yes I think its our internal thermometer is off and its normal part of this dd. I get cold and turn the heat up and then get hot , so up and down goes the furnace alot. I really try to refrain from doing that because it costs $$$$ on the heat bill. But hey!
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    Dr. Cheney suggests that the first organ to experience problems, as a result of CFS, is our skin. He states that it is our skin that regulates our body temperature. After the skin has been malfunctioning for awhile, then our thyroid becomes effected which makes the hot/cold problem more pronounced.