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    I've been having some terrible bouts of feeling chilled, then a minute later hot and sweaty...all day and night. I have been in a flare and it's been pretty bad, but I am so sick of these temp fluctuations. In 5 minutes my body can feel several of these temp cycles.

    I never have a fever, but sometimes a lower than normal temp like alot of us do. I take black cohosh for premeno hot flashes, but this feels different. Just another symptom of these dds I guess.

    I recently had a hormone saliva test for numerous hormones and precursors. My melatonin levels are flipped:low at night, high from 7am to 4pm. I do not take any supplemental melatonin. Also my progesterone was HIGH from using natural prog cream, so I quit using it a couple of wks ago. Those are the only 2 tests that were way out of the normal range. DHEA and cortisol were fine along w all of the other female hormones. Of course I was hoping to find some stuff they could fix, but nooo.

    Any input would be appreciated. I am sooo sleepy during the day, and now I know it's from my melatonin levels. Need to get them evened out somehow. I've been taking sublingual methyl b12 in the morning and trying to get outside more early in the day. Those are the only things I've been told to do. Feeling lousy and tired of the tiredness! As usual...Herm
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