Hot, Cold, Cold, Hot!!!!*****&&&&&

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Spoonerpaws, May 25, 2003.

  1. Spoonerpaws

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    Does anyone else experience this???

    Usually at night, I start to get very cold. So I throw the covers on. 10 minutes later, I am hot as heck, so I uncover. 10 minutes later, I am freezing again.

    I don't think this is menopausal symptoms.

    Is it this DD?????
  2. jolly

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    Been doing this for 10 years. One thing that works well is to put a fan on the floor next to the bed. You'll train yourself in your sleep to uncover and roll toward it with the heat, then roll away and cover back up when it's passed. And instead of wearing sweatshirts or sweaters, wear a t-shirt and an easy-off light jacket. I'm past menopause and they just keep on coming - about 2 or 3 an hour. Jo Ellen
  3. sofy

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    I tried liquid and pills and the liquid helps the most. To keep my costs down I try to use it only when I am going out or am desperate for a good night.
    I also suspect that if you use if for a long time continually it will cease to have effect. I recently got upset about something and noticed the hot flashes came on with a vengence for 2 or 3 days till I calmed myself down. I seldom get upset so it was very easy to connect the two.
    Hot flashes are definately a sign of menopause but the shivering cold 96 body temp is something else. I cant get in the tub everytine that happens so I wrap myself in a down comforter, sit on a large heating pad, drink tea, concentrate on breathing deep and slow till the shivering stops. Sometimes it takes an hour.[This Message was Edited on 05/26/2003]
  4. klutzo

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    My holistic doc says it's hormone imbalance. Have you tried the thyroid and cortisol protocol yet? (Look at some of Madwolf's previous posts to find out about this).Have you had your thyroid tested by someone who knows that the "normal" range has been lowered? My doc says if you are menopausal or past that, you may need progesterone supplementation. Estrogen makes this problem worse according to her.
    I just started the protocol, so have nothing to report yet, but some nights I have the electric mattress pad on, and a wool blanket and a quilted comforter pulled up over my head, only to end up 30 mins. later with the covers thrown off and my nightshirt pulled up so the ceiling fan can blow on me. Back and forth like that, all night. I do empathize with your problem.
  5. Hidn

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    Me too! It is not meopause for me either (had a hysterectomy at age 32) have been on hormones for quite awhile.
    When I get hot I sweat soooo much! When I am cold I freeze. If anyone knows how to stop this please tell me lol
    Hugs to you
  6. horsegal

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    I thought, and so does doc, that it is early menopause. I'm 46. I take FEM hrt, which is a combination pill with both estrogen and progesterone in it. It has helped, at least I'm not soaking the bed sheets anymore. I do still get raging hot flashes at any time. In the car I have to have air moving on me or I'm ready to jump out of the car. My family hates me as they are usually freezing. I've just learned here on the board that this goes along with DD. Yet, when I started taking the FEM hrt, my FMS symptoms started improving. Someone posted an article about hormones and FMS symptoms improving.
  7. JQP

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    It's not just the heat, and the cold, but when they are combined. I call it the cold slabs of meat effect, when the tops of my thighs, backside, stomach area, back are freezing cold, yet I feel like passing out from the heat!

    It's my partner who I feel sorry for at night. I either freeze him to death, or he can't get far enough away from the heat source.

    Had ovaries out in 1995, this didn't start until 1998, so I can't blame it on hormones!!!
  8. klutzo

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    You are correct that we are not talking about SEX hormones here, but we probably are talking about THYROID hormone or ADRENAL hormone or both. Go to drrind and a dot com, click on the Thyroid/Adrenal box, then click on Metabolic Scorecard and look at the symptoms to see if it's adrenal or thyroid or both kinds of hormones you need. Low thyroid is notorious for producing intolerance to both heat and cold.