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  1. Spacey

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    Everyday and especially every night I have all these weird shock sensations along with restless legs ( resless arms, head you name it.) Then the put clothes on, then take them off, and at night
    put a blanket on and then off, Im actually sleeping and living in low tempuratures. Cant handle heat. Does anyone else have this problem. It is driving me crazy. Along with it is a lot of nasuea and just feeling ill. Thanks Spacey
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    The symptoms you mentioned are commonly associated with chronic borrelia burgdorferi infections (lyme) and associated coinfections like babesia, bartonella and ehrlichia.

    symptom list p 9-11....coinfection info p 22-27 of the following paper.....
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  4. Spacey

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    Thanks so much for answearing this, I'll check this site out, Im not sure how to do all this lyme testing? I'm in Canada. Youd think someone would of thought of this. Spacey
  5. Nanie46

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    The tricky part is that the Lyme tests are not that good and miss most cases of lyme.

    Lyme should never be ruled out by just a negative test, although 99% of Dr's mistakenly do that, missing most cases of lyme.

    With that being said, people want to get tested because we are always looking for clues.

    The very best place for lyme testing is Igenex lab in California.

    You can send for a free test kit with prepaid fedex mailer.

    You will need a Dr to order the need test #188 and #189...western blot IgG and IgM.

    You must prepay for it and they will send you a receipt to send into insurance.

    Igenex is the only lab that tests for all bands on a western blot, which is essential. they also include 2 species of borrelia instead of just one like other labs.

    Even if a western blot comes back "CDC negative" or "Igenex negative", you can still have lyme.....and that is very crucial to is not ruled out by a negative test.

    You are looking for lyme specific bands, as outlined here.......western blot info page 7 of this paper.....

    Lyme is a clinical diagnosis....means it is based on history and symptoms....NOT a lab test.

    I strongly urge you to go to on flash discussion......sign up for free.....go to the Medical Questions board and post any questions you may have.

    There are many intelligent people there who had FMS, CFS, MS, etc diagnoses for a long time before discovering they had lyme.

    More resources......

    Not sure what part of Canada you are in, but maps1 is also in Canada and has lyme and coinfections.

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    Im in British Columbia
  7. Nanie46

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    I think Canada has maybe 1 lyme literate MD.

    The US has more than that, but the numbers are few.

    Most Dr's are just not lyme literate.

    Sounds like you could use an evaluation by a lyme literate MD (LLMD).

    Perhaps if you read the info in the links I posted, and your symptoms sound alot like lyme and coinfections, you could try to see a LLMD in maybe Washington state?

    You can find a LLMD by posting on the "Seeking a Doctor" board on

    You can ask for a LLMD in Canada or the state of Washington (if that is closest to you).

    I think maps1 is in Toronto if I remember correctly.
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    what you describe with the hot and cold thing is common with CFS since the hypothalamus is having trouble keeping things stable. I was ill and nauseated for years because I couldn't digest hardly anything properly. I found papaya enzymes to be helpful for that. The chewables.

    I don't have Lyme. I hope you find out which is causing your symptoms. There are treatments but I don't use them. Over time, I adapt to symptoms and kind of ignore them, mostly because medicines make me sicker.

    The legs, oh my legs! They do not belong to me at night. They have a mind of their own! And I hate blankets or sheets touching my feet and lower legs. Good luck

    I should have mentioned... the weird shock sensations? I thought I had epilepsy or something for awhile. They went away after my most acute phase.[This Message was Edited on 10/21/2009]
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    last nt I woke up freezing bc I had been sweating like crazy and the dampness made me cold....I put another blanket on just over half of my body and within about two minutes (I am not exaggerating at all either) I was burning up.....this type of thing happens to me most nights
  10. Nanie46

    Nanie46 Moderator


    Also....sweats can be associated with babesia infection.

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