Hot flashes...and low dosage thyroid meds

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kenzie45230, Sep 13, 2006.

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    I'm 54 and already went through menopause. Suddenly, I'm having hot flashes like I never experienced before. Also shaky and dizzy. And have gained 12 pounds in 3 weeks. My doc did all kinds of tests, then I thought to check message boards and discovered that hot flashes aren't that unusual.

    Even though all the tests for thyroid came back okay, I'm wondering about something I heard about low dosage thyroid meds. I've read that they can really help with this. Plus my psychologist told me that if I can get some MD to prescribe, they also help boost the other meds. Like depression meds that don't seem to be working anymore.

    Help, anyone?

    I forgot to add that when I'm having one of these hot flashes, when my hubby comes near he can actually feel the heat radiating from my body.
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    I can't answer the question, but you might make an appointment with a gynocologist and/or hormone specialist to talk about it.

    You would definitely need a perscription to start thyroid. You could also request to have blood work done to check out your thyroid. Good luck getting answers.

    Yours, Lil
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    There are so many potential causes of hot flashes that trying to find out what is causing yours can be a real challange.

    In my case the shakiness and the dizziness goes with the lot flashes.

    It does not hurt to have your thyroid checked out, but it a very sensitive area for a doctor to fiddle with so make sure you get someone who really does know what they are doing. Ask questions. It might be a good idea to have a full range of tests done on your whole endrocrine system, including adrenals thyroid etc. The more tests, the more you know about what is happening.

    When I get a hot flash during the night my cat leaves the bed and goes outside for a while, so I believe that others can feel the heat.
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    I too have gone through menopause....well perimenopause. I had a hysterectomy at 34 and am now 50. According to my results, my estrogen levels are zero!

    I am actually sweating more now. I find that medications make some of the difference, but I do think it's also just part of our condition.

    As for the weight gain, did your Dr do T3 and T4 testing?
    I know that when my thyroid went south, so to speak, I had symptoms long before the tests turned positive. Also, the range for acceptable levels is pretty broad.

    Some people feel much better when their TSH levels are 1 or less. I'd certainly investigate the taking of a low dose pill, especially if your levels are on the higher end of the normal range.

    All the best,


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