Hot Flashes anyone? Need Help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gmom605, May 5, 2006.

  1. gmom605

    gmom605 New Member

    what can you do when you feel this way ,,have this feelings at least 4 times or more a day gone to see the
    doctor test comes back normal for hormones,,,

    but one thing i `ve notice that my bp has been going like
    a yoyo,,,155/88,,,,160/78,,,110/70,,, my normal for me
    is 118/70 ,,but i was just wondering if that had something
    to do with it. the dr. said it had to be a little higher
    then that to take meds.

    she wants for me to walk and do some exercise,but i`m in alot of pain especially in my legs,,,


  2. nanna4550

    nanna4550 New Member

    Most doctors don't test progesterone levels. Mine did, and she prescribed prometrium which has worked wonders for the hot flashes. I just posted how good I feel now, and how the 3-4 hot flashes a day are reduced to 1-2 per week.
    Hope you get some relief.
    LOL, Nanna
  3. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I was on HRT for almost 9 years and when I had to go off cold turkey......zowie.....almost 30-40 a day. I tried Evening primrose, and some other recommended things but what helped me the most was dong quai. You can buy this at any large supermarket or drug store.
  4. gmom605

    gmom605 New Member

  5. ChristineInPA

    ChristineInPA New Member

    I went through this last year and thought it was the beginning of menopause.

    Turns out I have type 2 diabetes.

    As soon as I got on the medication, they stopped.

    Now I wish I would have seen my doctor when they first started.
  6. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    ...and ruining my sleep. I'm undergoing chemo now for leukemia, and a side effect of chemo for women from 40-50 or so is INSTANT menopause. I swear, I'm handling chemo and it's after effects better than I am the hot flashes!

    I am going to work with my doctor (after chemo) on what to take to eliminate or at least reduce them, but until then, I'm suffering.

    I can totally relate....

  7. butterfly8

    butterfly8 New Member

    When you get the hot flashes do you feel really unwell and weak at the same time? I get the hot flashes and the feelings that go with them are often worse than the heat.

    Have been getting them since December 1989 when I had a total hysterectomy and so I thought they were due to acute menopause. But I still get them. Somewhere along the line I think the hot flashes from the acute menopause turned into the hot flashes from cfs!!!!!!! Apparently, there are lots of possible causes.

    No one has been able to find out the cause of mine and over the years I have been tested for EVERYTHING. Still - cause unknown.

    I do not tell people that I have them now, because some people do not know how bad they can make you feel. The official name is AUTONOMIC THERMOSTATIC INSTABILITY. When I say I have that, people seem to take them, and how adversely they affect me, more seriously, I guess there is a lot in a name. Make it sound impressive and people will think it is.

    I hope you find a cause and cure for you because they are no fun.

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