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    My Dr put me on Wellbutrin for hot flashes a month ago. I had a stent and they took me off of my estrogen..........cold turkey. I have been on the Wellbutrin a month now, and I still have hot flashes. Anyone have anything positive to say with regard to this subject???? I have heard Effexor is also a good one, I have also heard that any of those drugs that you take you definitely SHOULD NOT drink ANY alcohol......which we occasionally used to have a glass of wine........occasionally, like a few times a year. lol
    Anyway, need some feedback with anyone who has experienced maybe not a stent, but a Dr recommending Wellbutrin for hot flashes and has seen that work!!!
    God Bless
  2. sept

    sept New Member

    I have never heard of hot flashes being treated this way. Are you going through the change? I never had hot flashes so badly that I needed medicated for it.
  3. pebbles

    pebbles New Member

    yes, i am going through the 57 yrs old. i had surgical menopause at 29. So, I had been on estrogen until a couple months ago. Last year my estrogen level was 30, and my GYN., said at my age it should be 100. Anyway, so my body is off, but I can't take anything. I think this is experimental. I just called a pharmacy, and the pharmacist said they use this, paxil and effexor for hot flashes. Told me they use effexor for women who have had breast cancer, and thus can't take estrogen. Interesting what we learn.
    Thanks for your reply. Appreciate it!!!

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