Hot tub or Myofacial Rehab?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Megster, Mar 28, 2003.

  1. Megster

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    Hi all. Will be getting back pay check from SSDI soon, and am trying to decide if getting a hot tub or pursuing Myofacial Rehab is the best investment. Help?

    Started with Myo Rehab, but had to stop as I ran out of money and the insurance increased my deductible to $400. Had gotten about 8 to 12 tx (can't remember exactly) without noticable improvement (actually, pain got worse, but don't know if it was because of that or other factors). Intelectually, the idea of releasing all the knots in my muscles and then keeping them stretched out seems like it would significantly decrease my pain, but I know it will be a LONG process as every trigger point that COULD be possitive WAS (have had a rather rough and tumble life)! With a $400/calander year deductible and 30% co-pay, the cost would be quite significant, so would take up a fair amount of the disability back pay.

    The hot tub I'm looking at is about $6000, so would also take up a significant chunk, and all at once. However, it has a reclining seat, quite a number of jets in statigic spots, and has two special filters that would significantly reduce the amount of chemicals we'd have to use. The idea of soaking in a hot tub whenever I felt like it is very bennificial in my imagination, but don't know if the reality would be the same. Unfortunately, the bath tub doesn't really work for me because I can't find any way to make it so that my neck isn't cranked forward, and that of course makes the back spasms worse. The other thing swaying me toward the hot tub is that it is a way of using the money in a way that my husband and daughter would enjoy, and with all the support they've given me, they certainly deserve a reward.

    Anyway, would appreciate you all letting me know your opinions.

  2. NightAngel

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    is for the hottub. If you make a list of pro's and con's, you'll see that you have more pro's for the hottub.

    You might keep checking around to compare prices just in case you might find it cheaper somewhere else.

  3. Dara

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    therapy, and I thought it made the pain worse. Now, I don't have a hot tub but I know a lot of people that do. What I have noticed is that when they first get them they use them all the time. Then after the newness wares off they really don't use them that much. Could you possibly try going to an athletic club for awhile, just to see if you really feel that much relief from one? That way you aren't putting out the $6000 just to find that it doesn't give as much relief as you thought it would? Just a suggestion.

  4. KayL

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    physical therapy for myofascial pain and please, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but can't you learn certain techniques to do on your own? The PT helped me, but I now try to do things at home to keep my medical costs down.

    Hot tub gets my vote. I would LOVE to have something warm and comforting to immerse my entire body in. My paraffin spa just won't cut it - only good for hands and elbows. LOL

  5. kredca4

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    I Vote for the Hot Tub, I want one so Bad. When I was going to PT for some Orthopedic problems, they had a hot tub, and I loved the days that I was to do the water excerise's, they had to haul me out of there, because I refused to leave, it felt so good.
    They had it set at a lower Temp. than the normal Temp. that others use who are just into the Relaxing part and can take a higher heat.
    The Arthritis Foundition recommends a certain Temp, you can find it on their site,

    I think you will also find that you can use the Tub anytime you have a special need to relax the muscles, with PT you have to make appointments.

    Oh if you do decide on the H.T, don't forget to Invite your Friends, lol

    That's a nice way also of saying Thanks to your Family, you are so right on that, ;o)

  6. Solstice

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    I am going to a workshop this weekend called Myo Yoga. It is to teach us probably what you would have done in PT for this. Probably nicer to have someone else to it to you, but at those rates, better to learn to do it on yourself. And you can do it while you sit in your hot tub!

    We used to have a hot tub, and I really liked it. It helped. But it was a crappy one and not worth fixing when it broke down, and very expensive to run in northern Michigan outdoors in the winter time. But I would get one again, a nicer one, and one that would not break down. The other one was used.

    I have heard that you can use Ozone to clean it and not chemicals. I did not like using the chemicals. I think they are very detrimental to us. But if I were to get another one, I would use Ozone to clean it. You'll have to look this up. I can't tell you many details about it, other than it is supposed to work well.

    Enjoy your first soak with your family! My kids loved it. They are both athletes, and they sure could use it with all their aches from sports too.