Hot tub,Swim spa,Infrared sauna...what's best???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MamaDove, May 12, 2007.

  1. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    I have FMS,CF,Crohn's/UC,OA,Inflammation,DVT's,damage to my legs due to quinolones too...

    I have wanted a swimming pool and hot tub forever but now I think I truly NEED it...

    Could anyone help me with this decision?

    What do you have? How does it help you? Where do you have it? and if you wouldn't mind sharing the cost and upkeep, esp. electric bill difference after adding one or more of these things...

    I have my old grooming shop I may decide to utilize for a swim spa or hot tub and infrared sauna...

    Hoping to make a decision soon but it seems the more I look into it, the more questions I have and the costs incurred seem to keep adding up...More recently, it appears that more people that sell their homes with hot tubs, the new owners want to sell them, at least that's what it's like in the frozen tundra of Maine...

    Okay, I will wait to hear from all of you...HELP PLEASE!!!

    Thanks, MamaDove
  2. debhun

    debhun New Member

    A reg tub with 6 jets and It is deeper than a reg tub. We put it in after the floyd flooded us in 99. Back in 2001 we were looking for tubs. Well we found this one and it wasn't a bad price. We paid less than $300 for it. I have loved. I wouldn't give my tub to no one. Every one come here (Daughters that is to use my tub)

    good luck
  3. mymichelina

    mymichelina New Member

    Got on 110 volt, easy to move, vinyl seating comfortable....low cost!!!
  4. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Hi mamadove,

    Just my 2 cents worth here, probably not worth much more than that.

    Don't exactly know what a swim spa is. But regardiing the hot tub and far infrared (FIR) sauna, seems like it would depend on what your priority is.

    I would guess the FIR sauna would be great for detoxifying. This would be great because I think most of us are dealing with compromised detoxification. A lot of other benfits include getting cardiovascular workouts without having to do regular exercise. Could potentially help with weight loss as a 30-min session can burn anywhere from 500-1000 calories. Is also very good for various kinds of skin conditions, and I've heard can be very helpful for sleep. I'm quite sure there are even more benefits. One that you would probably be interested would be finding how much it may help relieve pain.

    The hot tub, I would think, would be very helpful for pain relief. I would think it would also be very helpful for sleep. I guess I have done less reading on the therapeutic benfits of hot tubs than I have of FIR saunas.

    Perhaps make a list of the benefits of each, and then prioritize how important each one is to you. I know, sometimes a lot easier said than done.

    Best, Wayne[This Message was Edited on 05/12/2007]
  5. jennbug

    jennbug New Member

    I have a hot tub. It helps alot. I had the use of an infrared sauna it was heaven. It helps with detox. and pain. I want one of my own, they cost about $2000.
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  6. 2psnapod

    2psnapod New Member

    Before we moved we had a hot tub and I loved it. I hope we will be able to get one again. For now I just use my bath tub and it does help. I think it is really just the heat that helps but you do have more room in a hot tub.
  7. annaleeb

    annaleeb New Member

    I did buy a spa for this reason, it is a one person tub with 24 jets hitting you at all angles, you see we paid 5,000 for this tub, and we love it, hubby and me both. I will use it in the morning to help with the awful sore stiff feeling I have. Bob will tend to use it after his day of work to relax before going to bed. This tub firs nicly in our bedroom, so its very easy to just use it, and not ignore it as if it were to be outside like a big 7 person one would be. People would ask us, why didnt you get a big one, they cost the same amount, answer was.......I am not having a party in the dang thing, its like medicine for both of us, again people don't get it!
    If you want a pic of the tub, and the web site I will get the info for you. HTH...... I say get it if you can afford it. so worth it.
    One thing i forgot to say is that if its to hot I have a hard time staying in it for more than a few minutes, Bob likes it at 104 degrees, too hot for me, as I get hot any way,100 101 is what I need it at. just a tad of info that might help you. As Bob doesnt have fibro, just the normal aches and pains of aging I guess, and working hard all day.
  8. I personally would love a jacuzzi. I only use them a few times a yr at a Inn we go to. It is wonderful. Other than that a heated pool is really good for fibro.
    My husband always wants me to get the tub with the jets but they don't seem deep enough for me and I have a hard time getting up and down in a tub.
    Let us know what you decide on. Good thread, love your name.
  9. sweetpea48

    sweetpea48 New Member

    If I could have anything I wanted, it would be a built-in hottub with steps down into it with a handrail. There was one like this at the YMCA in The Woodlands, TX, and I loved it so much. It was like a small swimming pool in that it was made of tile, and had straight sides. There was a built-in bench all the way around, and when you sat on the bench, the bubbles from the jets would roll up your back, and were as good as a massage. It was fabulous!

    I've never seen another quite like it, but then, i don't get out much! lol
  10. lyndawright

    lyndawright Member

    According to me one of those denver swim spas or hot tubs would be a perfect choice for relaxation. We have recently purchased a swim spa as well as a hot tub to install in both of our homes.

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