Hot tubs and Jacuzzis..better or worse?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ForeverFlaring, Apr 21, 2003.

  1. ForeverFlaring

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    This may sound odd but has anyone had experiences where a hot tub has actually made you feel worse than you felt going in?

    There have been many times I have gone over to a friend of mines house. She can see I am in obvious pain, and throws a towel to me and tells me to go take a long bath in her jacuzzi.

    When I get in, it feels really nice and I can feel some muscles relaxing and unwinding, but after about 10 minutes I absolutely HAVE to get out. It gets hard to breathe, and everything that felt good in the beginning gets worse. I have experimented with and without jets on and that does not seem to make a difference. I get out of the tub all shaky and even though I dry off I am in a cold sweat and am exhausted after.

    This has ruined romantic nights in a motel with a jacuzzi as well. I think it might be the heat but when I am in my own tub in hot water I am fine. The only thing I can figure out is in my own tub the water only goes waist high on me whereas in a jacuzzi it is uo to my neck.

    I know I cant be the only one, so I thought I would ask for feedback. It is disappointing though as you feel like sitting in one and relaxing will help, but it only makes it worse for me.
  2. ForeverFlaring

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    Thanks!! I just did a search on this, and found it interesting to see it can affect you after sitting in a bathtub. It is definately something I want to look into if I ever find a doc that will listen. Too bad you aren't in PA Madwolf, I would go to see you in a heartbeat!
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    Hot tubs for me are PURE BLISS. It is about an hour before you can drag me outta there. The jets really relax my muscles. One note, though, the ones I have been in are a little cooler than usual, private bathtub jaccuzis and such set at 100 degrees or so, not too hot.
  4. Solstice

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    What does one do if you have NMH?

    I have the same reactions to hot tubs, but I always thought maybe it was due to the which I seem very sensitive.

    Is cortisol checked with a blood test?

    Thanks!!! Wish you were a doctor in my area too!

  5. ForeverFlaring

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    I read that post a few days ago. I constantly run a temp of 99.7 to 101 almost on a daily basis. I remember skimming over it an thinking it didn't apply to me, but I will look again. Thanks for the heads up!

    Sandy (FF)
  6. kmelodyg

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    That's strange. I have been taking only baths, rarely showers, for years. In the past few months, I cannot have it as hot as I used to. I thought that it would help my muscles if it's really hot. After all, heating pads seem to help sometimes. So, I will check about the Sceroderma and NMH. Mabye that's why. I thought that mabye it was just another problem caused by the fibro. But, you're not alone!!

  7. mastersinger

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    Interested in Sorbitol? Last time i visited the dentist, he noticed I had little saliva. i bought this stuff he told me to-that would increase saliva-mouthwash, gum-after looking at the ingred. I saw it had lots of sorbitol. Do we need it-can it hurt us? Also, i am taking singular, within the last month and also quai. I am dreaming lots-not always good dreams. I feel I am in a dream state all night-good or bad? Quai is like 200. also, what cah cause flashing green lights periphelly at night,esp if I look at a clock with a red light. Could I have too much tylenol, or meds too close together. I will see my Ophtomoligist next week. I am on lithium,tegrotol,xanax,verapimil,main drugs. Thanks for any input!!! Becky
  8. Lau

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    My neighbors, who are also very close friends had a hot tub put in last year. I was sooo looking foward to getting in and imagined it would be soothing and relaxing but the opposite turned out to be true. Now I dread getting that phone call - "Come on over for a beer, we'll sit in the tub". It feel OK initially, but after a few minutes, I feel like I'm being beat up, also all my joints start to hurt terribly and feel swollen and I have to get out. It's such a bummer-one other thing I can't do. I feel like the biggest party pooper sometimes.

    Also, that night and next day I'm left feeling bruised all over and weaker than usual.