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  1. ethel

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    I was wondering if Medicare will pay for a hot tub if you have a precription from the doctor? Also I read that you can claim it on your taxes. How does that work lets say you pay 4000 for a hot tub how much credit would you get about 400 dollars. They are so expensive and am trying to find a way to get it cheaper. I called my insurance company and they won't pay for it. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. ourplanet

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    Hi Ethel! My husband and I have been trying to get info on this topic as well. Any ideas from anyone greatly appreciated.
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    I've been researching htem lately. When I get some of my money from my accident, I'm buying one. Since I have an older house, it would cost a few hundred to get the 250 wiring out to the tub so I found one that can be plugged in to my regular outlets outside. My cousin owns a pool store. They explained that there aren't as many jets but enough to get the warm water moving and that was where the therapy came in.

    Maybe anyone who has good ideas on hot tubs should post here.

    Do you have one? Does it help? etc. etc. etc.
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    We bought one three years ago and my doctor wrote a prescription for it. Unfortunately our insurance would not cover it. My dr. said that he has heard of some insurance companies covering it though.

    We did use it as an income tax deduction.

    I find that the hot tub really helps with the pain. It gets very cold here in the winter time but we use it all winter long. It is very refreshing to get out of the hot tub and walk across the snow to the door. BRRRR!

    We have been having a terrible heat wave these past few weeks so we changed it to a "cool tub". We lowered the water temp. because getting into hot water was not at all appealing. It is relaxing and still relieves the pain. Personally I love it.

    We use bromine instead of chlorine because it does not smell as bad. I have heard that there are now attachments for both hot tubs and swimming pools that automatically send a saline solution into the water and you never have to bother with chemicals.

    If you buy one put it as close as you can to a door and build a deck on the side so that it is easier to get in and out.

  5. sheried

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    At a home show both hot tub places told me that medicare pays for it. Since they do, if you have secondary insurance it will pick up the difference.

    Soon as I get on Medicare I'm gettin one. (They will probably change the rules by then.)

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    We perchised our hot tub and we wrote it off on our taxes as durable medical equiptment it helped some on our dectable on our insurance its wonderful cant go in for a while but once the stiches are out and I'm all heald were all healedto the tub goodluck Teene
  7. texasmaia

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    My doc just wrote me a precription for a hot tub. I am going to try the insurance company.

    Not only is it a medical deduction but in Texas you don't have to pay sales tax on it with the precription either.

    Will let you know if I get insurance to pay....