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  1. Fireball

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    I want to buy a hot tub as every day I take several baths to relieve stress and pain. I would like to hear from others who regularly use a hot tub. I am wondering if it will be worth the expense and time and trouble to maintain it. One problem is that right now, I would have to put the tub outside as I have no porch or other place to put it inside. I am thinking about moving but even if I am able to place one inside, I am worried about the moisture and chemical smell.
  2. tinaboo2

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    It was the best investment I ever spent. I was running back and forth to the local Y, as I could not get my bathtub hot enough, or keep it hot enough longer. but by the time i raced there and back - the good was done!

    mine sits on a screen porch, right outside my kitchen and I am in and out of it all year long -- sometimes all day long. my hydro bill [ontario canada] went up $30/month when i got it, on their advice, but is now back down to what it used to be. not sure how to explain that! but i would still pay the extra $$ for hydro, and find the chemicals last a long time!

    if you can afford one, i'd get one. up here, with a dr note, i could write mine off as a medical expense too!
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    Hi! I have been seriously thinking about a hot tub too. I didn't think I wanted it outside because of the cold and allergies. However, like you , was not sure of the moisture,mold,etc. inside. I know a family in our small town, that has had one for a long time-put in a special fan above to take out the moisture. Your system sounds ideal, it would be upstairs, close enough to use, and be able to view the beautiful outdoors. We have thought of having one downstairs-but was not super keen on that idea. One of the dealers, said your chemicals are a lot less toxic than they used to be and in a home, you really don't need to use them as much as in a public place. How hot do you keep it and if I may ask, what kind is it? I do not know if, in the US, we can claim it as a health deduction. Happy for you! Mastersinger
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    We just got a hot tub in the fall. I used it a lot untill the 0 degree weather came. We were lucky to find a used one, it is about 10 years old, but that's what we could afford. We keep our temp at about 99. It feels wonderful!!
    Ours is setting on our back porch, which is covered but not enclosed. One day we were sitting in and it was snowing. You don't mind the cold. Although I couldn't bring myself to get in it at 0 degrees.
    The electric runs us about $30 more than usual. In summer, it will be less I'm sure.
    My brother and his wife have one also, just setting out in the open.
  5. pepper

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    and we love it! My husband has always wanted one and I didn't. Guess who uses it more. It feels so good - not just the hot water but the massaging jets are great. I would recommend doing what we did and get one with strong jets, especially for the feet. We like those the best. They are so relaxing!

    I just finished having a 30 min. hot tub. It is on the patio next to the house, protected by the house and garage on one side and open to the rest of the patio and the garden on the other. It is wonderful to sit there and watch the flowers in the summer and the snow in the winter. Right now it is minus 8 degrees Celsius and I had a wonderful time in there. (I had to wear ear muffs though because the moisture goes in my ears and gets really cold!)

    We keep it set at 103 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter and 99 in the warmer weather. There are pool chemicals for chemically sensitive people. We use bromine. It has not caused me any problems and I've probably had 200 sessions in the hot tub!

    Do you have a space on the ground outside where you can put it? I hope you decide to get one. You will love it.

    If you live in a place that gets cold weather, make sure you get one that is well insulated. We got a Beachcomber. It really keeps the heat in.

    Good luck! Pepper