Hot weather blues

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Tizz, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. Tizz

    Tizz New Member

    Hi, everyone! I'm new here. I'm called Tizz and I live in Texas.

    For those who don't know, Texas is a humid state, and it's very hot in the summer - a really bad combination, especially for me.

    I have problems with sweating - in fact, my skin is so dry and disfunctional that my arm/legs and feet/hands don't sweat at all, so I'm automatically in trouble if I'm out in hot weather. And we live in Texas... My head and neck sweat like crazy (trying to compensate, I guess) but it doesn't take long for me to feel like I have a fever, and then get really woozy, when I'm out in the heat. What it boils down to is, I just can't be outside in this weather.

    I think this is probably fibro but I'm not sure. It's something that I want to ask my rheumatologist - but he's so busy there is no way to make an appointment with him sooner than 6 months away! (I have one in 5 months, anyway...)

    Most of you probably already know this but several studies have proved, people get more irritable and upset when they're in hot weather. Since stress can trigger fibro flares and make symptoms worse - and our bodies are more sensitive to just about everything that "regular" people are - I'm thinking that fibro must be at least part of the reason for it.

    Has anyone else experienced the problem with their limbs not sweating? Do you have "issues" with being out in hot weather, even for a little while?

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  2. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    Hi Tizz and welcome to board.

    Weather is a huge issuse with us. Everything you said about being out in hot weather is valid. I made the mistake of taking my gkids to pool in 100 degree weather,needless to say Im still in bed 3days later and giving myself a good lecture!

    It isnt just hot weather,any change at all whammies us big time. stay cool.
  3. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    so i know what your going thru! i also sweat like mad but only from the waist up and not my arms and legs. Wierd huh.

    I love my outdoors, but can't handle the heat anymore. friday i walked around austin to see the capitol, well im still suffering from that little trip :( by the time i got home friday Nite, my feet were swollen, and i was down for the count.

    Havent even unpacked from the trip,i can't even load my dishwasher.that heat just sapped what little energy i had.

    before i got sick, i could stay in the sun & heat all day. i was raised on the beach,so i was always out in it.

    I think alot of us are heat intolerant now :(

  4. Tizz

    Tizz New Member


    You got that right! I'm doing physical therapy in a heated pool and just stepping out of that pool is a real challenge. I feel like the PT is helping me with stiffness, etc -- but even taking it easy, it exhausts me enough that I have to kind of "write off" the rest of the day because I know there's no way I can get anything else done.

    I guess it's not so surprising that other people just can't seem to understand...

  5. Tizz

    Tizz New Member


    What is ME? I assume that CFS is Chronic Fatigue, but I don't recognize the other one.


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  6. Tizz

    Tizz New Member

    Yeah, "benign" certainly doesn't mean "safe" or "painless"!

    I will look into the ME/CFS thing. I'm pretty certain I really do have fibro, but I could have both.

  7. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    just to let you (& anyone else who has a hard time in the heat) know, there are several companies that make cooling vests, hats, ties, and wrist bands

    unfortunately I have not had much luck with getting a vest (very long story, but the short version is that they are fairly expensive & I needed some questions answered before considering pulling the money out of thin air, and I have not had any luck with actually getting a reply from the company that I had decided made some that might work......some of the others are made with wool & I cannot wear wool, so those are automatically out for me)

    I did just finally get some of the cool ties & have them in the fridge right now, so I don't know yet how well they work (bit they were only $10 each - much more reasonable than the vests)

    I don't have websites offhand, but if you search cool vests, or cooling products for MS, or something along those lines, you should be able to find some (I said MS because that was the original purpose and that's what many are still marketed under)

    also the Phoenix Rising site has a thread on these.....I think it is under the lifestyle section[This Message was Edited on 07/26/2010]
  8. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Hi and welcome.. I have issues with everything so many times I feel like just giving up..

    I can't take the heat nor the cold. I don't sweat except during the early morning hours, I will wake up sweating and it isn't hot flashes, more like my body is trying to fight off something. My body seems sensitive to everything even meds..

    I went Sat. to watch the great-grans ,they wanted me to see them dive and swim. It was around 98 and I wasn't out by the pool more than 15 minutes and wanted to stay and get in the water sooooooo bad, but had to leave and been in bed ever since.. Sunday I was so sick. It's like I have been poisoned. All I could do was lie in bed and cry. Today I still feel miserable not as bad as yesterday.. Oh, I hate this..My rheumy is no help at all he says this had nothing to do with FM but he thinks FM is arthritis..

    Feel so horrible its hard to describe. Oh, I have CFS/FM so they say, after 8 years you would think I could accept this darn disease and dx..

    I am still looking for answers to all the strange things that happened to our bodies .. but haven't found a doctor yet that knows or helps..

    Hope the cold doesn't bother you..
  9. Tizz

    Tizz New Member


    Thanks! I will try to look into that; maybe cooling vests, hats, ties, and/or wrist bands
    would be something that could help me. Are these things that you have to put into the freezer before using them?

    Hats sound particularly interesting, since it is my head that sweats profusely any time I'm in the heat. I have certainly noticed that if I put water on my head just before going out into the heat, that seems to help a lot -- until it all evaporates, that is.

  10. Tizz

    Tizz New Member


    A lot of the things that happen to us are hard to put to words, but I absolutely get it. It's hard to describe that horrible feeling it causes when you get overheated. It zaps away all your energy, sometimes for DAYS...

    By the way -- yes, I do have trouble with cold, as well. But what it does to me is very different. Cold BURNS, and it's very painful...

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  11. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    there are different types.....with some, the entire vests go into the freezer, some just have little packs that go in the freezer, and some are activated by soaking them in cool water....I found a few of the websites, but I know there are more available, too:

    The last one I listed is the one that seemed best to me initially, but they did not answer any of my emails (I sent 3) to try to get questions answered (re return policy, materials, fit, etc.....apparently fit is really important with these & some women have found that some of the vests are really made more for a man's body)....anyway, since they could not be bothered with replying and since they cost so much (& I know I really don't have the money to begin with.....only looked into it bc I desperately need something to help with the heat.......but I definitely don't have money to throw out if something were wrong and their return policy were bad.....anyway, I figured that if they are that difficult to get a response out of when I told them I really was interested in buying, then I don't even want to know how tough it would be to get ahold of them if somethign didn't work personally I would not buy from them, but I listed them to give you an idea of what is out there

    there are also some blankets and other products by a different company that are also supposed to be cooling, but they work via evaporation.....I can't find their website rt now, though....and in addition to that I know that there are at least a couple more
  12. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    btw, I cannot handle heat or cold either......I joke that I have about a 10 degree window where I don't feel too terribly affected by the weather.....I joke, but it's actually pretty true (65- 75 is my "window")
  13. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    not sure if people were able to see the websites I posted before this disappeared off the first page, so I am bumping it
  14. u&iraok

    u&iraok New Member

    If I get overheated I find that by applying some ice to both my wrists is enough to cool me down. I have a harder time getting warm when I get chilled--then I have to bundle up including hat and sit in a room heated by a space heater until it's really hot or go into a car and turn the heat up.
  15. DayByDazey

    DayByDazey New Member

    I'm a Type II diabetic. The ONLY place I sweat is out of my face. It runs down my face. I wear a headband when I'm outside. A great headband is one that you can soak in water with the beads that swell up & keep the band cold. It ties around the back of my head. I can water my flowers. I've read that diabetics car sweat only out of their faces. Later gator. Connie
  16. u&iraok

    u&iraok New Member

    I try to encourage myself to sweat, too, since with CFS a lot of us don't sweat like we should, and it's a way that your body detoxes.

    Sometimes I wonder if using air conditioning ALL the time in the summer is not a good idea because then people never sweat.
  17. Tizz

    Tizz New Member

    I'm in central TX. I do have a daughter and son in law in Clear Lake, though...

  18. GrandmaHugs

    GrandmaHugs Member

    I too have the same 10 degree window. I can't handle the heat. I can't handle the cold. I do much better at the 65-75 temperatures. High humidity really zaps me.
  19. kat211

    kat211 New Member

    I have begun putting my clothes in the freezer. My son thought I had finally lost my mind when he saw the top shelf of the freezer full of my folded clothes when he went looking for ice cream. I don't have a whole lot of frozen food, so it's not like I don't have the space.

    I was just putting items in there b/f I took a shower or went to bed, but b/c my laundry room is so close to my fridge and I hate doing laundry, I have been putting my laundry in there straight from the dryer. Now I dress out of the freezer instead of the dryer. (OMG, i am laughing at my own ridiculous right now.)

    Anyhow, y'all should try it (yep, I spent a few years in Texas myself).

    I also recommend putting your face and body lotion in the fridge, feels great when you put it on!

    I also keep an ice pack on my back when I am sitting or laying down to keep me cool.
  20. Tizz

    Tizz New Member

    I really do. I feel trapped inside the house!

    When the daily highs here in TX are 3 digits and it only gets down to aobut 80 in the middle of the night... I just turn into a blob at the TV or the computer. I cannot go out in that kind of heat - if I do I start feeling woozy and yawning like crazy within about 1 minute! - and it just makes me feel like a shut-in.

    This heat wave needs to STOP!!

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