hot weather makes me feel worse!

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  1. monckton

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    hello there folk, i have been more or less housebound this
    last 6/7yr.although been med.ret.from work since 1988.
    thro,multi-oesteo arthritis, and more recently diagnosed
    with f.m.i,m sure you all agree that lot is very painful.
    it,s alway,s been a known fact that cold/damp weather makes
    one,s misery even worse, but am i right in saying i,m not
    the only one who suffer,s very badly especially in very
    hot condition,s also,--btw.for painkiller,s i consume dailly
    8 co-drydromal,--2 100grm.celecoxib,also i have 2 25grm,
    lamotrigine.oh aye and i,ve got to take a few bisacodyl
    [laxative regular]because of constipation, so is it just the
    medication side effect,s or is it the illness do you think.
    i only joined onto the board last week, and found all your
    post,s very interesting.i live in a wee toon in the west o,
    scotland on the river clyde, folk have been saying for years
    it,s the salt air rising fro the river that causes the
    arthritis but that,s only one of the many theorie,s.
    i wish you all a very nice day[oh aye i,m a 59yr,old guy]
  2. LBV

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    I too am new to this board, but I can tell you my sister cannot stand the heat! We live in Oklahoma in the United States and lately it has been 100+ for days. My sister has dramatically low blood volume confirmed by a chromium 51 test. One of the bodies responses to heat is that the blood vessels dialate, this makes what little blood she has follow gravity and go down. She gets lightheaded, dizzy, and sick to her stomach. Once she gets this way it exausts her. She takes midodrine which, a vasoconstictor which does help a little, but not when it is 100 degrees outside! There are vests made that have the cool gel in them. They are expensive but might help.
    Hope this helps,
    ps. On the constipation thing, is seems when my sister is doing worse, she is very constipated and her BMs are very dry. My thoughts are that if you are low on blood, kindof like being dehydrated, than it makes sense that without enough fluid in your body this could happen.[This Message was Edited on 08/08/2003]
  3. monckton

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    thank you very much for your very informative and most welcome reply.--is it not amazing--there was i aprox.half
    an hour ago pressed a button.and in a very short time
    somone[youself]a few 1,000 miles away read,s it and reply,s
    ah the wonder of modern technology.--as bad as we may all
    feel with our illness,s,surely this is wonderful that
    people from all over the world can share with each other
    in such a way to help each other.normally i go out on a
    friday on a wee mini bus which takes me to a day centre
    and me living alone,look forward to that more than anything
    for the company. but was not able to attend today,as i
    could,nt gather the strenght to get dressed go outdoor,s--but logging onto a board such as this has fairly
    cheered me up a case your interested where i live
    high up on the banks of the river i look over toward,s
    loch lomond[which is only about 6/7miles as the crow flies
    so at least i,m very thankful for the beautiful scenery
    i can veiw without even leaving my we know there is
    alway,s someone worse than ourselve,s--god help them.
  4. LBV

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    I just found a post on this board from the Aug 5. The title is "Cheap cooling scarves found....they DO work great". I don't know if they have Wal-marts in Scotland, but maybe you could order in online. If not they are only a couple of dollars and I would be happy to send one to you.
  5. monckton

    monckton New Member

    my thank,s to ibv and darkearth, i,m sure we all have had
    the statement from so called friend,s[i call them fairweather friend,s]oh we are all sick so do,nt give me
    your prob,s--just take a couple of asprin and you will be
    your old self again[ha ha if they only knew]it would seem
    they expect us to be the happy go lucky person they once
    knew.---regarding the weather were i live it,s been about
    27 degrees this last week or so,--which is most unusual
    for us,normally we go to about 20degrees for our summer period and we get more than our fair share of rain all year
    round.--the joke here is we do,nt buy sun-tan lotion--
    it,s usually wd.40[loose oil]for the rust.ha ha.ach well
    we must remember to have a wee laugh sometime to keep up
    our morale eh? but seriously it,s my belief that this
    global warming thing is going to get worse,as you all know
    the weather has been going haywire all over the world this
    last few year,s.
  6. Iggy_RN

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    Sorry to hear you are having a bad spell... I do agree w/the heat issue. I live in desert in Arizona, and it is literally he** out here right now, w/monsoon season adding humidity to 110 degree weather. FUN>>>>>> I feel my worst in the summer months. Take care, God bless, Iggy
    PS. I have ancestry from Scotland, and I look forward to my trip there as soon as Nursing school is finished, I'll be visiting that beautiful land...
    (BTW,I was Dx'd w/FM, DDD, and mycoplasma P, the more the merrier!!! {not!})
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  7. tobyj

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    I am probably the only person here who feels better in the hot weather than in the cold weather.Some of it may be due to the fact that when it is cold I get so cold (like i think i must be a snake) I am never warm. I live in PA just so you know where I am from and I can't wait for summer and the 90 degree weather. I can and usually do where long sleeves when it is 80, because then I am confortable. I find the cold makes the FM worse maybe because I shiver so bad and tense up my neck, and everything else.Even in a restaurant any time of the year I cannot wear a dress and I always have to wear long sleeves, with a long sleeve shirt under it. For me personally I will take the heat any day.
  8. mrcpvls

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    I lived on the west coast of Canada in Victoria, BC and also on the prairies in Saskatchewan. In Victoria the temperature ranged from about 0 celcius to 20 celsius in the summer. In Saskatchewan the temp ranges from about -37 to +37. It is also dry in Sask. I can't wait to get back to the coast as the temperature fluctuations are making my FM symptoms worse. The arthritis is better though. I think the FM pain and symptoms are worse than the osteo. Welcome!
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  9. monckton

    monckton New Member

    thank,s to all of you who have responded to my first post,
    it.s really great tae be involved with people like yerself,s
    who really know whit yer talkin,about,as tha,auld sayin,
    go,es---you hiv walked tha,walk, so ye hiv tha, richt tae
    talk tha, talk.i read there from our friend stidman that
    he likes scotland and the accent,ie.hozzit goin ,er mate,
    dae ye fancy ah wee daunner doon tae ra,bevvy shop innat,
    an wae kin gettae cupla pint,s o,beer ra gither.
    p.s. i,m only kidding just thot i would put that wee bit o,
    fun in.i have been tee-total 20 odd year,s so i do,nt drink
    alcohol,--mind you there was a time i used to drink it so
    often it made my life a disaster, ah but that is another
    story.but very glad to say one day at a time thing,s have
    got that bit better,i,ve never been to the u.s.a,
    but honestly i love the place and it,s people,thro,
    what i,ve read and seen about it in the great film,s[movie,s]i.e. the westerns,they are my fav,s. big john wayne,clint eastwood,ach there is that minny to mention
    as i like them all,so i wish all you folk out there the very best frae scotland.yer ah great bunch o,folk.
  10. bratqb

    bratqb New Member

    Hi there,

    I can relate to the heat thing. Im in birmingham, England, and as im sure you know, we are having a bit of a heatwave right now in the uk. (and all over it seems)...

    Its hard work to just drag yourself out of the chair when the humidity is so high.... bring back the rain and cold i say!!!!

  11. monckton

    monckton New Member

    hello there,yes i would like yourselve rather have the
    rain/cold,although it wont stop the pain&discomfort
    completely,--but i agree with another recent post which
    stated--when it,s cold or raining,at least we can dress
    suitably for that,whereas extreme heat and humidity
    just add,s extra pain and lack of energy,at least thank god
    there is a 5/10 m.p.h.wind blowing up here on the bank,s
    o,the river clyde and the forecast is some drizzly rain
    by evening,--oh god i,ve just realized that will mean
    the lawn grass will jump again,so i,ll be doing what the
    doc.suggest,s---do some exercise,well it is at least 20yds.
    to my neighbour,s house---so i,ll go and as him to do it
    [ha,ha,]all the best to you sir,thank,s for answering to
    my post.
  12. nellie1953

    nellie1953 New Member

    Hiya Monkton, I replied to you under heading hiya monckton. I am from Airdrie North Lanarkshire I am 50 and had this DD for 12 years now. At time of writing my worst pain is in my ribs nothing i take seems to help you'll probably understand how that feels like you i also hiv osteoarthritis must be something in the scots air hope to hear from you Min
  13. anthonyDM

    anthonyDM New Member

    sha6058 mentions heat in humidity in New Orleans. I can attest as I am just down the road in Lafayette. Not only does that combination make you feel bad most of the time, but it is exaccerbated by the frequent change in barometric pressure with thunderstorms and fronts. It is just like you took an unseen beating with a baseball bat. THank God for the invention of the air conditioning and somewhat reliable electricity. I don't leave the house much during the summer months. I feel for those who have to work outside. Heat index (temperature plus humidity) in sunlight here has been around 125 degrees.


    P.S. sha6058 -- you mention a handicapt tag. Being from La. as well, can you tell me what it took for you to get this tag?