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  1. bakeman

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    do you know of a good lyme doc in pa?

  2. victoria

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    I just bumped a post with all sorts of resources to find one... but imho, the best way is to go to

    the 2nd heading down is about finding a doctor - if you post there, people will respond privately to you with names...

    Because lyme has become so controversial/political regarding whether or not it's chronic and how to treat, most pts & doctors like to keep the doctors names as private as possible since med boards have gone after most (even if there's no complaints by pts!)

    Hope you find one!

    all the best,

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    Hi, The ladies at this site helped me find mine in California -- they are in Minnesota but are very active and know doctors all over the country. ILADS got me together with them and I e-mailed Tracie and she called me and talked to me for hours -- I can't tell you how alone I'd felt -- I now have a wonderful lyme doctor and am so very grateful to them. is their site, and they have their e-mail and phone numbers listed.

    Good luck!

  4. bakeman

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    i'm going to check this out. Thanks.