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    Changed the name a bit! Teehee. Hope you read the posts at the end. Our friend who morns not dancing on Halloween, asks that we share what we did for the event.

    Mine I would say was very anticlimatic. Where were those trick or treaters? The most different were two young males (high school) who evidently decided they wanted to some candy. So they came an pretended to be asleep on the doorstep (with blankets). And when you opened the door they hoped up and said that they were "sleep walkers". haha

    Personally, have never been much of a dancer but I would think that dancing in a costume could have been more fun. I am touched for you that your mourn being able to do this.

    I would like to say that for the first time in 41 years of marriage Hubster spent the afternoon with me instead of the tv! Good grief was there a total lack of any kind of sporting event on! I don't know, I didn't ask but we watched DIY, Clean House and some of those types of things.

    No one has asked why I refer to him as Hubster. Hub is for Hubby and ster is for the times that I want to throw the tv in the dumpster! :)

    Trying to think of something interesting that is happening this week and other than getting to eat a piece of cake for our anniversary celebration, I can't think of a darn thing.

    Hope you all can do better!

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    Linda,how many yrs.? Congratulations!My husband did the yard work this weekend while I watched from inside,I learned my lesson and am still nursing back and hip pain from Thurs.raking.So much stuff needs doing around here that all I can do is look around and ponder what I could possibly do that would cause the least harm.I hate dustbunnies and laundry the worst don't you?
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    Spacee, I love the new name....loungers sounds so much better!! Yes, congrats on the anniversary! We've been married about the same amount of years........more companions now. Although there are days we don't talk much, 'cause he still farms and I go nowhere, so we have nothing to talk

    JLH, I remember you! I've been on the boards since '03 so know a lot of the "oldies". I'm sorry you're struggling so much in the past few years. You really have a lot going on. It's good to hear from you again. Don't you love this thread? I wish someone would have thought of it sooner...sigh...

    It's good to see so many joining in. We make a good bunch, don't we? Lots of nothing in common...haha. Yes, remembering my past, the kids coming to visit, some scrapbooking, and nature from my porch or window is mostly my life now other than the computer.

    Living in the country, we of course had no trick or treaters. I would love to live in town for daughter said it was really slow this year also, so it must have been everywhere. And she said her little ones received mostly the Smarties, little lolipops, etc. No candy bars. Everyone was giving out the cheaper candy this year.

    She said she was in some stores yesterday and they were simply overflowing yet with halloween candy...people just weren't buying like in the past. The economy and people without jobs really hurts. Such sad times now.

    Does anyone else get really depressed watching the news? I watch a lot of tv also, and try to keep up on the news so I know what's going on outside my little world, but it really bothers me. I guess because there's nothing I can do about any of it, except worry about my grandkid's future. Think I need to cut back on my time spent on those channels.

    I too enjoy the home decorating shows. Not that I could do any of I can still dream! And I think we all need to still have those, no matter what. I dream of one day living in town so I could sit outdoors and see people....and many people dream of living in the country so they could sit outdoors and see nature. Guess no one is satisfied. I would really miss the animals and seeing forever, though. Just lonely for people sometimes.

    Will quit for now before I lose this. Wishing all a good day!...............Jole

    PS> Oh, I forgot to say my one daughterhubby went to a halloween party...their costumes are always very CHEAP. She couldn't decide whether to use the idea someone came up with here on the board as wearing a stuffed garbage bag and going as white trash, or wearing a white t-shirt with a "P" on it and blackening one eye...and being a black-eyed pea....hahaha. Know the garbage bag one might not be appropriate everywhere, but okay for here. I haven't heard which she was.
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    Hello Everybody! Loungers is a good name for us. Yes, we do have alot of nothing in common. haha. I love it that many are joining this thread. It's a good thing to come here and see everyone's daily activities or lack thereof. There is strength in numbers, and there are many of us.

    I did absolutely nothing for Halloween. Oh, I did wash my windows. Does that count? haha. Now my shoulders and neck are aching badly, but my windows are sparkling! It was worth it. Tee, your doing your bookshelf was an inspiration to me:)

    Happy Anniversary, Spacee and Hubster! Did he watch the World Series game? I tried to watch, but since we turned the clocks back I just cannot stay awake for night games. I know what you mean about sometimes wanting to throw the TV in the dumpster. There isn't much on there worth watching. I have the basic cable package and that's the best I can do. Alot of unfunny sitcoms, etc. I do like to watch Dancing With the Stars. Also like American Idol.

    Yes, I agree with whoever said the TV news is sooo depressing. And stress-inducing. And you just cannot get away from it except to turn it off. I like to listen to music on the radio or CD's.

    Talk to you all later! Hope you have a nice Monday.

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    It's a lovely day here where I live; sunny, blue skies, very quiet. Like Jole I live in the country. And just like you, Jole, I go through the same cycles of wishing I lived in the small town near me, just to be around people. And then, when I consider it, I realize that I would miss the country SO MUCH. And my infrequent trips to town make me think that I don't want to be exposed to boom-boxes, loud car music, and rude people talking on cell phones as they walk along like zombies in the grocery store! Phew!!!

    Jole, as for the news on tv, I too find it depressing; I limit myself to one hour of BBC America for my news, and scan a few papers on the net.

    These nice autumn days have brought a large number of robins in, migrating south. They seem to be everywhere this year. I saw a red-headeded sapsucker woodpecker yesterday. My little corgi dog barked and barked at it, being silly. Later she found a goldern delicious windfall apple, and settled down to eat that, All of my dogs have always loved apples!

    No trick-or-treaters here.

    Haven't locked my door in 30 yrs. Don't know where the keys are anymore. I kid you not! I live remote. Slow speed internet -- no you-tube, etc., etc.----but am thinking of getting satellite (already have sat. tv.) if they can reach me.....

    Well, that's all for now as I am so tired and sleepy, and my neuropathy meds. are kicking in and I need lunch (fruit salad with fresh grapes, pineapple, oranges and yoghurt.

    Blessings to all of you,
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    Thanks for the well wishes. We were married 41 years ago tomorrow at my parents house while they were at church...:)
    My grandfather was out in the back yard. It was a marriage of opposites. He was the star athelete at his high school and my high school didn't have a baseball team and won no football games. We met on a blind date and were far too young to know what we were doing. We are quickly becoming more and more dependent on each other for survival at this age!

    Your weather sounds wonderful (even the 80 where the irises are blooming!). It is in the 80's here but humidity is so high it feels like 95. The evenings do cool off a tad quicker, I have noticed.

    Arthritis can be so disabling. Your friend has the worst kind, I guess. Very miserable condition she is in.

    I managed to get to the Post Office and get the Thanksgiving food off to the Netherlands. I hope it will be my last. Home Land Security has implemented new forms. You have to list everything in the package and how much it weighs (?) and if you are sending more than 4 items, you need additonal forms.
    Then the post office has to put in their computer everything on the form including individual contents.

    What the post office is hoping is that everyone will go to their computers and do all this on line from ordering the boxes, the forms, the clear envelope the form goes in and get it together
    and give it to the postman cause they do not have the staff to fool with this. I don't want to go near the post office over the holidays and I am hoping my dil's parents will take care of anything that needs to be shipped next time!!

    Well, I feel like I have had a nice visit with my friends. I think we have more rural than city people. Barry, you are considerably out in the sticks (as they put it). Sounds lovely.

    Talk to you in the AM!

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    spacee - happy anniversary and thanx for sharing, the sleepwalkers thing is hilarious!

    i'm trying to keep in good spirits and not let my illness get me down but it can be hard. happy to say i got out today with friend and ate sushi. we went to a bike shop because he wants to get a bike which was awkward for me knowing i can no longer ride =(. it was still nice to get out and people watch even though i can't do all the things they can do. people seem to move extra fast when you have CFS or at least it feels that way. gonna start a thread about tv now...
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    Wonder if they still make Barcaloungers. Be perfect for us. OK, I just looked.
    Their home site shows an L-shaped sofa. Seems to be made up of 7 or 8
    barcaloungers. Probably cost more than a car did when I was a kid.

    Halloween was just ignored here. I did buy a package of Hershey Kisses
    for just in case. No kids showed up. I now feel it is my duty to eat
    them up.

    When I was a kid many decades ago, one couldn't go to the store and
    buy a costume. You made one. The most popular consisted of a sheet
    or a paper bag. We did have a skeleton mask made of rubber. One of us
    would wear it every Halloween. I guess the thing was pretty sturdy. Seems
    to me we had it for ten years or so. Four kids in the family so everyone got
    a turn or two.

    You're right, Jole. We have a lot in common and it's largely nothingness.
    When my partner comes home he tells me what happened at the office.
    I tell him what people said on the message board.

    The big event today was we went to a new chiropractor.

    Wugs and haves to all

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    It's cold outside,Fall has arrived in Ohio.I don't think I will be sticking even my big toe out the door today.We used to have a Barcalounger Rock.Hubby never got out of it so it must have been comfortable.Pops,FIL,has a smaller version now.He sits in there all day except for meals come to think about it.Pup Lily cried to get in bed with us this a m she was cold and shivering poor thing.I've been trying to go outdoors everyday for 10min. of fresh air.Helps to clear the head and fight off the black clouds.
    I'll probably curl up with a book today I'm down to two and ordered two more with a gift card my thoughtful son had given me.It's like Christmas when books arrive for me.I watch for the postman and scurry out to get them in my hands.I've been reading non-fiction mostly.
  10. spacee

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    I hope I can remember all the stuff I wanted to comment on.

    Start with: Jole, my fave song is "You say it Best when you say Nothing at all". It is really a very sweet song. (Downloaded on itunes). Hubster has a stressful job, so he "vents" most of the time at lunch time or if we go for a walk. So that is why it is my "fave" song. I just got him to watch "What not to Wear" at lunch so it distracts him. I like shows that involves fairly real people.

    Rock, yes, no store bought costumes for us growing up. I think we were mostly "hobos". The Barcolounger! I agree with the person who said "when you have one, someone rarely gets out of it!"

    There sure are a lot of Ohio folks that come to our area in the Winter. It must be cold there. My 2nd son just got turned down for a job in Cinn. A job is a job but I think his wife would have been miserable in the cold.

    I loved nonfiction, well actually Historical Fiction. Maybe that isn't the same thing. It is where they go back and reconstruct the time with newspaper articles, maps. There were some good ones about the WWII era. But now I cannot read anymore. I don't know what happened...but something cognitive and very sensitive to light and sound. And concentration is hard.

    That is why I wear sunglasses even in the house. And in desperation nailed some black towels (who has black towels??) over a long narrow window in the room I nap in. Well, they sure came in handy that day! I already had room darkening shades. That Fla sun is too bright.

    The aviator style sunglasses are great for dry eyes since they wrap around more. FYI.

  11. jole

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    Sat outdoors for a bit last night and listened to the geese fly south. Love watching their ">" formation and listen to the honking sounds. Seems like we can hear them forever! Although for the past few weeks they've been confused...go south...then a few days later we watch them go north...then back Poor things are going to be worn totally out before they decide what the weather's really doing.

    Spacee, I use moisturizing eye drops 4x a day, and they're still dry. Thanks for the aviator sunglasses tip...aren't they the ones that can be worn over glasses? I have to have my prescriptions on..they're tinted, but still not enough sometimes for outside.

    Rock, Georgia..good to see you here. Wonderful group gathering in!

    Did dishes, washed kitchen counters off good today. Probably be about it...and watered plants. Now decide what to fix for our evening meal.

    Forgot to pull up another window, so can't remember who washed windows...what an achievement! Mine are NOT maybe I'll do one a day...good idea, thanks! (Or I could just keep the excuse that I don't do well with the bright light...haha)........Jole

  12. spacee

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    I didn't even wash windows when I was well. And I considered myself somewhat of a neat freak! I guess I loved the scrubbing of floors and counters, etc.

    Jole, these aviators are rx. I got them at Lenscrafters. They really do something for driving/riding the car at night. It is like the lights are like before I needed glasses. I love these things!

    I have been to 4 eye docs and only the last one told me about Bausch & Lomb "Soothe XP" Extra Eye Protection. It is by far my fave right now. It is for Persistent Dry Eye. It is pricey, of course. Maybe $12...maybe. And you can't find it everywhere. I try to have two on hand. It doesn't run out of the lid like some of them.

    Kids, you are not going to believe this cause I couldn't either. I washed sheets and cleaned Hubster's bathroom (not the shower). Where did that level of energy come from???

    I deserve that piece of cake tonite (for the anniversary)! snicker.

    Ok, just got back from the Lenscrafter's site and they don't sell this exact style any longer. I have had them a while. I am going to have to take really good care of these!! Yikes!
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    Hello Everyone! I'd completely forgotten about barcaloungers! I remember those. I was thinking just the other day I would like to buy a new recliner. I want one of those you can put right up to the wall and can still completely recline without bumping into the wall.

    It's b een sunny and chilly here today. A really beautiful Fall day! Most of the leaves are now down from the trees. The air is so clear. Barry, we had lots of robins pass through here just a couple of weeks ago. I wondered why they were flying south so late in the season. Thought maybe they were going to stay for the winter.

    Jole, that was me--the crazy window washer! I am so sore! My neck and shoulders. Aarrrgghh! What was I thinking???

    Linda, I like those wraparound sunglasses too. They fit right over my prescription lenses, and they are relatively inexpensive. A wonderful invention.

    I got my hair cut today. A much needed and enjoyed outing. Then stopped at the used book store and purchased 2 novels to put on my bookshelf for this winter's reading. In the used bookstore I met a native American woman and we got to talking about her heritage. It was a wonderful encounter. I learned alot about her heritage.

    Tomorrow is cleaning day and my daughter and granddaughter are coming to help me. I feel so blessed to have their help. I just cannot do it all myself anymore.

    I will watch Dancing With the Stars tonight if I can stay awake.

    Best wishes to all.

  14. Ranigar

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    I'm very light sensitive.When I read the light triggers an asthma attack.I refuse to give it up.I use Restasis and several drops and gels for the dryness.I need to look into those glasses t6he sunglasses aren't dark enough.No windows for me hubby does them and I wash the curtains.My poor daughter is in the process of buying her first house.She was approved but now is submitting all her financial papers for bank approval.I remember how stressful that can be.She has been calling two or three times a day up and down.Her and husband love the house and it's their dream to own a home.I hope she gets it the waiting is just torture and I am running out of pep talks.
  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    I sure hope your daughter gets the house! Watching HGTV, they don't show what the parents go through with their child waiting!!

    Are those robins confused about the weather? Our weatherman sure seems to be!

    We watched Mad Money (the movie with Diane Keaton) on tv last nite. That movies can still make me laugh out loud. About the husband losing his job and she gets a job where they destroy old money. And cooks up a plan to take some of old money home! Some of the dialogue I think people in the recession would really relate to!

    Hubster and I do the grocery shopping together on a week night. It doesn't take long and each one remember what they want. Well, we have had to change the night this week and the Tues. nite shoppers were so different than the Wed nite shoppers that we decided to change nites every few months...just for entertainment! haha. That's pathetic isn't it?

    To Fay ( I think) who had the interesting talk with the native American woman. I have found in this time of life since I don't really have friend, that conversations happen when I am out that I really enjoy. It is neat to have that happen.

    I'm lounging today for sure! Hope your day is going well.

  16. jole

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    This will be short for now. I see Fay lost slipped and fell half-way down the page, so I'll pull us back up to the top for a bit. Yep, our thread is at a slower speed than some, but that doesn't mean we aren't interesting or important :)

    My day is going pretty (okay, really, really) well for me. I actually fixed a meal for lunch and made hubby happy. I don't have the energy to cook much anymore. We eat pretty simple these days. I also did a couple loads of laundry. But the dishes are still sitting :(.

    Will be back tomorrow, I promise..................Jole
  17. victoria

    victoria New Member

    but my ISP service has been off/on all day and yesterday, often literally minute to minute-- try to do ANYthing with that going on, ha!

    ... and now I'm exhausted and going to bed as I have to get up early tomorrow to do a bunch of errands, sigh. Right now I'm wishing I could stay home as I'm exhausted from tomorrow already!

    ROFL about the sleepwalkers, also about the 'white trash' costume -- very clever!

    And I empathize, Barry, I go thru the same quandaries as you... sometimes I'd like to be able to just not have a car or at least be able to walk to most things... but talk about noise, Mexican pueblos (cities) as a rule are very noisy. forget about boomboxes, lol, cohettes are set off any time for any reason - they sound like cherry bombs tho they'r actually sort ofa rocket. There's one town in Mexico renowned for making them, apparently it's basically a prime to blow up at any time if someone isn't careful, tho it apparently hasnt -yet. Sure glad I don't live near that!

    We just got an get an instant willow tree, LOL... our worker says they'll grow roots quickly. So, he chopped a young 20' tree off at the base, dug a hole about 3-4' deep, stuck it in, watered it, and swears it will grow! Amazing to me, I thought we'd have to start with something smaller even tho I did know they root easily.

    Re light sensitivity, I use the NoIR sunglasses as I'm on the MP, but, I was light sensitive before doing the marshall protocol-- I love my sunglasses, best I've ever had and would use them anyway! I don't have the fit-over type (I wear glasses), I had to have some rX made that cost a lot as they used Zeiss lenses - the fit-overs combined with my glasses were just too much weight on my nose along with sinus headaches ;(

    Naturally, they were not the curved kind as you can't make them RX lenses. So now I have a new model the NoIR people are making, they're curved sunglasses with a special holders inset to hold RX'd lenses. I have to get some lenses to mount, can't wait tho as I've always preferred those type of sunglasses anyway!

    Linda, congrats on your anniversary! In some gatherings, you would get standing applause for announcing that, I kid you not! LOL! rather sad, when you think about it. We've been married for almost 32 years... but I was the one who wanted the 4 year courtship LOL. Whya re you sending food to Norway for Thanksgiving, who is there?

    Well I am hoping to see some of the robins migrating thru... soon! I don't think the geese or ducks come this far south, or at least to this area, I haven't noticed them in the past year at all.

    gotta go to bed! TTYL later... when I recover!

    all the best,

  18. rockgor

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    The library used-book sale was yesterday, but I didn't make it. It's only 3 blocks
    away, but I was too exhaustenized to go. When I woke up from my nap,
    the sale was over. Had accomplished a big nothing all day.

    So I rushed around for about an hour. Watered the plants, did the dishes,
    warmed up leftovers for a meal, wrote 2 postcards and paid a bill.

    I used to do that much between working full time and going to night
    school. It's been 29 years of energy ebbing away. If this keeps
    up for another decade or two, I am going to be seriously annoyed.

    Hope your daughter finds a house, Pam. I used to want one, but now
    I'm content to rent. Here in Los Angeles, before the big crash, the average
    house cost $500,000. And the maintenance costs more than a whole
    house used to.

    I get the hometown paper from the Minnesota village where my brother
    lives. Can still buy a house there for under $100,000. My brother
    was in the paper. He was the judge for the pumpkin pie contest. No
    word on what qualifications he had to get that job. I know he couldn't
    bake a pumpkin pie.

    Jole, I never heard of Smarties before your post. Last night I was reading
    a detective story by a Scottish author. Inspector somebody was snacking
    on Smarties.

    I put out some kibble for the feral cats. 3 or 4 raccoons were here a bit
    ago to help themselves. Two nights ago I didn't dare go out to water
    the plants. There were three skunks nibbling away by the front door.

    All this a mile from downtown LA, surrounded by roughly 12,000,000

    Never heard of cochettes, Victoria, but I probably have heard some w/o knowing
    the name. Looks like a word you might find on a menu. I'll have dos tacos,
    cochettes w/ green salsa and a margarita, por favor.

    All for now

  19. spacee

    spacee Member

    over Rock's comment that he was going to be seriously annoyed if his condition went on another couple decades. Whew! I need a good dose of a sense of humor after reading this stuff about the CDC and CFS and the new virus.

    Told my sis about the White Trash costume for next year. She thought it a hoot but they are prone to will probably have to opt for something cooler.

    I'm telling you, Vic, those Mexican's know their gardening. We have an illegal. He LOVES yard work and in Florida, things get really out of hand without someone who knows how to handle a machete. He is a really good person and all his family in Mexico have died except for a sister. He was framed for assault and was arrested, but he got out and is back now. This small town life does have it quirkiness.

    Vic, you must have been speed reading. I did mention my son who couldn't find a job in the US and took my grandbabies to the Netherlands for three years. Sigh. The 2 year old was just to the point where she would crawl up in my lap.

    Some of his colleges/co workers were very eager to experience an American Thanksgiving and invited themselves over. Well, you can't have an American Thanksgiving without American food! Collards, sweet potatoes and cornbread dressing. Ok, the first Thanksgiving didn't have that stuff but you gotta serve something!

    Rock, I am sorry you missed your book sale. A 3 block walk can be the same as 3 miles.

    Rise and Shine!!

  20. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I've seen what houses cost in LA on HTV and no way is it worth that.DD lives in Fla. and add the high taxes to the cost and it's beyond my imagination.My 1st home cost $40,000.Now that will get you a car!Showing my age I know.
    I need to check out book sales but they always fall on days I can't get out.I cannot sell my books.I give them away to friends and family who are avid readers.This is only after they answer lots of my questions to make sure they are worthy.
    Pops asked for grits yesterday so I made them but not being a southern gal I was reluctant.Well,he said they weren't cooked enough and complained all day how they stuck to the roof of his mouth lol.