Housecall MD's for Bedridden patients?(AZ)

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    I'm wondering if anyone knows how I can find a doctor to come to the house for routine exams. I am severely afflicted with ME/CFS and am bedridden, unable to speak, etc. Doctor appointments set me back permanently, and I can no longer make the outings even with a wheelchair and assistance without serious setbacks to my health. I really feel an outing right now would land me in the hospital and requiring 24 hour care.

    I have gone to the AAHS website (or whatever it is called -- the organization for house call md's) and there are no doctors listed for my zip code.

    My family doesn't understand why I can't make it out to the doctor, so they will not make calls for me, and I'm on my own in trying to find someone online.

    I really need to see an internist, an ob/gyn and a dermatologist (not to mention the dentist). Sometimes I wish we lived in the olden days, where it was routine for a doctor to make house calls. :)

    Any assistance would be most appreciated.


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    Since your family will not make phone calls for you, that means you will need help from someone else. Start searching on your computer for the area/City where you live and for the City's social workers and send an e-mail to them for help and stating you cannot speak. That should get them out to see you and they should get the ball rolling to get you assistance for medical, to get you a device to type to speak, etc.

    Understand that if the medical plan that you are on does not agree that you need home visits or other equipment, feels you need physical therapy, and feels you do not need extraordinary home care and you can come into the doctor's office, (and home visits are very expensive than regular visits and lack equipment such as MRIs, x-rays, etc.), then the insurance carrier can deny payment for the visit or only pay the usual and customary amount for an in-office doctor's visit and you can be left paying a hefty amount of doctor's bill.

    Sometimes the insurance carriers can be extremely difficult if it causes them to pay more. So work with the City Social Workers as a start to get as much help as possible and I believe they can also get you an advocate if the insurance carrier gives you trouble.

    Good luck.

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