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    I was thinking this could be a nice topic to share our thoughts on. I'm sure we all found ways to adjust to the things we no longer can do like we would love to do them and it can help others to share.

    I'll think up a way to make it easy to read back on the go. I'll probably just keep editing the first post and maybe make an alphabetic list or something of all the tips people post on here.

    Bathing: If you can't shower or bath anymore as often as you normally did, keep baby wipes in the toilet so that you can at least keep yourself clean after a big one. Just use it to fresh up the armpits then the rest and then after washing your hands take your wet hands through your face and you'll be somewhat 'fresh' for the day. I picked baby wipes because the skin is very sensitive to all kinds of chemicals and products being used to look after babies are usually very thoroughly tested on being safe and nurturing. Also they are usually slightly bigger then moist toitlet paper which is more convenient.

    There are easy wipes on the market that are convenient if you aren't able to get an actual bucket with soapwater out or aren't able to squeeze the water out of a cleaning rag. Just take one easywipe to clean whatever is bugging you and toss it on the floor to shove it around a bit to do some floor cleaning on the go before you throw it away. It's a nice alternative to fit in with limited energy. One easy wipe dirty, done with cleaning for that day.

    Floor: For smooth surface floors a swiffer is ideal. It takes very little energy and you don't have to drag a hover/vacume cleaner around. Just swif it all to one place where you keep the vacume cleaner and clean of the swiffer for the next round.

    Shower: To keep the shower clean just have a spray bottle with vinegar water ready and according to the available energy spray around a bit before drying yourself.
    They say hosing down with cold water also helps prevend chalk onset.
    No energy left to dry yourself? No worries, just put on a bathrobe and lie down untill dry, you did a great job already at simply getting a shower.

    Stove: Nasty stains on it that are hard to get of? Don't lose your energy over them. Just toss a hot cleaning towel on it and leave it there for a while. Chances are that by the time it is cooled down it will be easier to wipe it away.

    Toilet: To keep the toilet clean drop in a piece of toiletpaper before a 'big message'. That way the toilet bowl will stay clean and you don't have to brush it afterwards.

    Windows: If they aren't all to dirty yet usually crumbling up an old newspaper and wiping it with that will do wonders.
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    This is a very good idea Soul. We might also include cleaning products that we have found safe for those who have multiple chemical sensitivities.

    I can't use anything with bleach anymore.
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    Leah yes I agree on the prioritizing, it definitely has helped me in energy management to prioritize in the order what bugs me the most or what makes my heart most happy, instead of going by what 'should'.

    Gb good idea but I don't know if that would be considered advertising on here... ? Maybe ask them first if that is ok or limit it to home recipies for cleaning. Or even make a seperate thread on here since that is a different topic then energy saving which would be a great topic on it's own so it will be easier for people to find.
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    I've read and posted different products since joining about 8 years ago. I think it's only advertising if you are profiting by selling something. We could as the administrators if recommending products that we've found helpful is okay. That is if everyone on here would like to do this.

    We could start another thread for it.

    Would we consider the use of products like canes, walkers, wheel chairs and such to be energy savers as well?
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    Everything that helps anyone is helpful gb, we just have to think of a best way to present it so that people can easily find what they are looking for and not to many topics get mixed into one. In that sense I feel it is better to have more threads on specific items then one with everything mixed in.

    The use of canes etc to simplify household chores are definitely fitting here or things like a stool to cook from and such.

    If it saves you energy in specifically running your household I'm sure it will help others too so please do share. We can always copy things to new threads int he future too if we feel that it is more fitting somewhere else.
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    Thank you Soul. One of the changes I had to make a few years back was in the way I bathe. I couldn't get into the bathtub anymore or sit down in it. I had to move to another bathroom with only a standup shower. Thankfully, I had that option.

    We did purchase a plastic step stool and plastic stick-on hand rails for the tub but I've not had to use them yet. Then I had a problem trying to figure out how to shave my legs in the shower.

    I don't think that can be done without a chair to sit on and my shower is too small. So I bought a small plastic dishpan to use just for this purpose. My husband fills it with warm water and I sit in my recliner and shave my legs. :)

    I just put a towel on the floor, get a bar of soap and washcloth, razor and a small towel, and off I go. It works really well with minimal bending. Then, he empties the water and I'm ready for the shower.

    There are some other thinks I've had to change. I can't get in and out of a car so we had to get a van with a step. It's easier to pull up than it was to try to sit down in a low car. GB
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    Diane personally I think chemical sensitivities would make a great seperate thread of valuable information that people should be able to find under that name. Well worth to take a good look at all the forum topics to see where it would fit best.
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    Keep a list of all the reocurring tasks you would like to see done in the house and write the date behind it when they where last done. That way it is easier to remember what was done when and what would be nicest to do next. Even things like changing towels and such. I constantly forget if I did or didn't do that yet so if I don't write it down I either might be washing clean towels again or forget to wash them and I certainly don't want to wait untill they smell so bad that it is clear they need washing :p
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    I keep a "To Do" list in a tablet next to the phone on my kitchen counter. The first page of the tablet is my daily medicines. I write down all the important ones and the time I took them.

    I used to forget if I'd taken some of them or not. Now I just check the chart on page 1.

    I make a list of things I need to get done in the next few days/weeks and mark stuff off as I do it. I don't always stick to the list because other things come up, but it's a good guideline to follow.

    My husband made a couple of medical charts for me on one of his computer programs. The Lab chart keeps track of all my lab reports, blood work, etc. and the dates I had them done. I only have it back as far as 2009. That's when I started having lots of lab work done.

    The other chart is a schedule for future medical appointments and a record of all past appnt's going back to 2011. We both put our appnt's on the chart and use different color codes to keep track. As we finish an appnt. we color it one color and future ones are in another.

    That way we can look back to see when we went last and to put a reminder on a certain month when we need to call and schedule our next one. It works great. I don't know how I'd keep up with all this as we have so many as we get older.

    This is all done on the computer program. I don't know how to make these charts or what program he uses but if anyone would like more info, I'll find out from him.
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    That's great gb, it's so good to be able to take your mind of things that don't have to be on your mind when a system is in place to regulate them.

    Another thing I also have found helpfull to save energy is using a sheet between the comforter and fitted sheet, it gives you two in one bedmakings by just when it's time to change the sheets pulling the sheet over your fitted sheet and that way sleeping on the clean side of your sheet and directly under the clean side of your comforter/bedcover.
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    This is a good thread. I thought maybe we could revive it and add more helpful hints. GB