Housework Blues.....What to do

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    I need some input on what to do with the dreadful housework blues. I hate having a dirty and cluttered home. Although I am not a meticulous person, I just like some order to it. I hate it looking like a tornado hit the inside of my house. I get no help, I have a 3 yr old (grandbaby I am raising), I am exhausted 95% of the time. I get depressed looking at it and I have the motivation to get up and just knock it out, but my body doesn't cooperate with my mind. I do just a little and feel like collapsing. I live in a small apt and it seems like it wouldn't be too much to keep up with, but it is. This baby is like a tasmanian devil at taking things out to play with. I am trying to teach her to put things back, but she cries and says she wants to play with it. Any ideas on how to manage household chores better when you feel worn out and depressed? It has to be something I can do myself, not ask of others. I have tried the asking for help route. People say they will, but don't come through.
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    I know exactly how you feel when it comes to getting the housework done. I have two kids ages 5 and 9 and while they do help out sometimes as far as picking up their toys, I live in a big two story house (with a big hairy pup!!) and it's never ending cleaning. When you are ill though it doesn't matter if you live in a shed or a mansion it's still not easy to keep up. The dizziness I have prevents me from doing anything for more than a few minutes at a time. My husband works a bazillion hours and does manage to do laundry or dishes every now and again but I'm left with the rest.

    The days I can get out of bed and downstairs to do things I keep them light. I sit every few minutes if I need to. Also it helps just to ignore the toys through out the day and then spend just a few minutes later in the evening picking them up only once, say right before your grandbaby goes to bed. It's not a great solution as I hate things laying around my house too but if you have no help at all and can't do these things through out the day, like me, then that's what I'd suggest. If you can't wait until later in the evening then try making a game of it with your grandbaby. My son loves it if I say, "Let's see if you can get the toys picked up before I count to 20." (or whatever number depending on the amount of toys. lol.) Boy, he'll race round giggling picking them all up faster than you can imagine!! I found being creative with the kids and making fun games out of it accomplishes the most.

    Above all, remember, don't fret too much over the mess. Do what you can and then ignore the rest. Tomorrow is another day. As long as the house looks tidy enough for you all the big things such as vacuuming and laundry, etc can wait. Most of us don't have the money for this but another option is to call in a cleaning service twice a month to do all the hard things that alot of us can't do. Even with a husband most things around here don't get done. I've learned to turn the other cheek for a while and then just do what I can. If it's not perfect, oh well. I don't know how much this helps you, it's just some of the things that I do that have helped. Big hugssss.

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    I have three kids,,12,9,and jsut turned one....also two large shedding dogs and two cats....and to make it more fun i am a neat freak....i ahve learned to tolerate more than i used to , but i cannot relax if it is all a mess....i have to learned to do everything as i go....i have more energy in the a.m. so i vacuum then (every day with a shop vac due to the dogs) and do dishes as i cook and eat...if i use something i immediately wash it so there is never an overwhelming sink full...same with the toys...i have a playpen in the living room and several bins for the every hour or so the toys get tossed in a bin, or box they came in..or if really bad day....into the sometimes can feel overwhelmed if given too many to play with at a time anyway so i limit her to just a few at a time...and rotate them makes it much easier....and if your having a bad day, count tossing toys in a bin as your daily workout! lol as for laundry...still working on that one....ours is in the basement and i always forget about it once it is in the washer...usually hubby has to put in dryer or wait till i run out of undies...then i dust when i have to...and always put things back as soon as done...clean as you go....way easier...LOri
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    Thanks ladies. I will try your suggestions. One new one I heard that I am going to try is, work for just 15 minutes at a time. Rest in between, then do 15 minutes again.
    Hopefully at days end, your spurts of work will add up to a few hours worth.
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    I'm a mother of a 2 year old boy. I also work from home!! It seems like there's never enough time or energy to keep up with my son, my work, my housekeeping/cooking and trying to be a good wife.

    I've learned not to sweat the small stuff. When my son is awake and playing with his toys, I just let him (unless I'm stepping on them!). I have a toy bin in the living room cuz that's where he spends most of his time. When it's time for lunch/nap, I get him in the highchair and let him start eating. Then I go and pick up all the toys in the living room. He doesn't have THAT many toys. He doesn't need them, he's only 2!! Then I go back and get his bed ready and take down baby gates.

    The thing that helps me most is I basically never stop cleaning. I don't mean that I go non-stop. But every time I leave a room, I look around first to see if there's anything in there that doesn't belong. And depending on where I'm going, I take something with me. If you're constantly doing that, the big messes will never build up (except the toys).

    At the end of the night, before I brush his teeth, I do one more toy cleaning. And yes, you do need to encourage her to help. You might try getting on the floor with her and making it fun to pick up. Babies this age like to imitate adults. Also, she's old enough to understand the concept of not being able to play with another toy until the first ones are picked up. It will be hard at first, with lots of tears and tantrums, but stick to your guns and she'll realize that it's non-negotiable. You need to train her now to be responsible or you'll have a hellion on your hands when she's older. You don't have to be a dictator, per se, but you should be firm with her.

    One more thing that helps me. In the morning before I get him out of bed, that's when I vacuum. I take him a couple books and a toy and he's happy to sit there reading while I sweep. That way, he's not under my feet while I'm working.

    Hope this helps a little... Good Luck!!
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    My kids are 16(son) and 8(daughter) the neat 22 y/o is out of the house, but......
    My daughter is such a slob, not only toys, barbies, polly pockets.....but CLOTHS, she will try on or change 5 times a day if I will let her, anyway......
    I finally started making her to this all in her room.
    Play or change cloths repeatidly.
    I cant do it all, even though my house is very small, that just makes it more cluttered sometimes.
    Anyway...Keep it all in her room, and then I shut the door. If I can get in there to clean it up then great. If I can't oh well- at least I dont have to look at it!!!!! And yes, I do have her clean it up(at that age they should) She just doesnt do a very great job.!!!!!
    Take Care- Thea