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    Hello Texans! I've been an active member of this forum for several years, I don't post much but I know I've seen people from Texas through the years and I'm hoping you can help me now.
    I'm hoping you can assist me in making a decision about moving to Houston. I'm currently living in the Los Angeles area, which is SO expensive and we are considering moving. I have a family of 5 (me, husband, 3 school age kids).

    One of my issues is healthcare. I currently have 2 great Drs who work with me. One is my PCP who I've been with for over 10 years and supports my SSDI completely and also a Pain Management Dr who supports my SSDI and pain medication. I want to find out if the Houston area Drs are willing to treat pain with pain meds or not and how they treat people with FM/CFS/severe migraines.

    Also wondering how you feel overall about Houston, the schools, job market, people, etc. We have been looking online at houses in the area and are looking for the best neighborhoods which are newer, large family homes with a big lot and good school district and clean area. Suggestions?

    Thanks to you all (or y'all) for help.

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    anyone please?
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  4. justlooking

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    shamelessly bumping again
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    Hi I do not live in Houston. I actually moved to the LA area 4 years ago. My husband had two job offers (1 in houston 1 in Glendale). We chose Glendale. From what I understand it is very humid there. We were going to move to Sugarland (outside Houston). It has repeatedly made Money Mag's list of best places to raise a family. I think the property tax is pretty high??I know what you mean about the so cal cost of living. I am constantly looking at other options. We are actually thinking of New Zealand.
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    I've actually lived here for over 25 years, since I was 13yo. My husband has been here since he was 20-21yo.

    We love CA in many ways but it just isn't the American dream here anymore. We have owned our house for 13 years and feel stuck because even with equity you can't really buy a nice house in a nice area anymore, unless you move so far out the commute would take up most of my hubbys evening.

    We are not stuck on Houston but it seemed to have a good job and housing market. Humid is ok as long as the summer is not too long . LA weather is great for the most part but the summers are long, winters short and it gets to be pretty hot out here in the SFV.

    Thanks for the info. Will look into the property tax thing!


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    Many people with CFIDS/FM see Dr. Patricia Salvato in Houston, just search for "Salvato" on this board.

    Also, there is a support group, but not as active now as it used to be. The website for the houston support group is www.cfidshouston.org That might help with some doctor listing for the area.

    The summers here are very long, and there's flooding in some areas when it rains a lot. But the cost of living is less than many other places. Property/school taxes are high compared to other areas, and sales tax is high, but the state of Texas doesn't have income tax. It's a trade-off.

    Hope this helps,

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    DON"T MOVE THERE!!!!!!
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    Kimweb- I forgot to tell you that we began looking at Houston because of Money Magazines list. Texas has so many cities on the list so we figured there has to be something to Texas. Houston seemed the best because it has the right combination of things we were looking for. I guess we have to weigh in the property tax issue.

    Elephantear- thanks for the input. I did notice Dr. Salvato on the Prohealth list of Drs. There was one other one too. But its nice to have some personal feedback from patients too, so thank you.
    Thanks also for the info on Houston. It sounds like you know your way around Houston, any advice on what areas are the best to buy houses in. We have kids to raise and want a spacious house with lots of outdoor room as well. Also need good school system. any more advice you have to offer would be welcome!

    webintrig- can you give me some details about why you think moving to Houston is a bad idea? We want to have as much information about the area before we make any decisions so advice on why not to move there is as important to us as the reason to move there.

    Thanks to everyone for replying.
  10. KimWeb

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    I am actually from Oregon. My husband is the one who really want s to go to New Zealand. If you can handle the cold ( I can't) Idaho is supposed to be great and the cost of living is 1/3 of what it is where we live. My friend just bought a huge house for under $200. Can you believe that!! Good Luck to you!
  11. Surgeon

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    Hi everyone,

    I just joined this forum and started reading . I live in houston, TX , particularly in the medical center. I walk to my doctors and physio sessions...there is " houston arthritis association" where there are 2 rheumatologists, claimed to be the top in houston, recommended to me by my physical medi. and rehab doctor. I was diagnosed with FM 5 years ago, not in the USA though. This doctor, Dr. Rubin, confirmed that. But he was not kind to me and I was mistreated so I stopped going to him.

    You will be able to find good doctors , although I lived right in the heart of medical center for 2 years now, since my symptoms worsened tremendously, I started seeking about this incapacitiating disease 3 months ago. We have baylor collage of medicine, hermann hospital, methodist hospital etc.....I also located a homeopathic doctor even. But none of the doctors that I have visited--family practice, rheumatologist, PT doctor,ever mentioned me about a pain management support group.ΓΌ
    Other than that, houston is exteremely hot in summer time and summer is very long. Flood is an issue , but only for several areas. There are decent neighborhoods to live. Rents are I guess much lower than other states.Housing is known to be affordable here.Houston is extremely flat. One can not ever see a drop of snow here. Plenty of rain that is it. Hope that helps.
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    I live in San Antonio, Texas but have family in Houston. I can tell you that the traffic is horrible, but compared to LA, not sure it might be better. Texas weather is crazy, hot summers, no real winters, some flooding.

    You can find information out about the what houses are valued at and possibly what people pay for property taxes by visiting the Harris County Appraisal District website. I believe it's www.hcad.org.

    As for doctors, since they are such a large city, you will be able to find lots of great doctors and medical care, fairly easily in my opinion. My cousin has Lupus, IBS, and migraines if I am not mistaken. She has a great rheumatologist and internal med. doctor in Houston. I will see if I can find the name of the practice.

    My family actually lives a bit north of houston and they love it. Something around the Spring, Texas or Woodlands, Texas area would be nice. Lots of pine trees, beautiful houses.

    Houston has a toll road system. So I guess there's that expense to consider depending on where you live, toll roads may be easier and faster than finding alternate routes.

    I have visited there several times and have really enjoyed it. I guess, like any place, you have to find a neighborhood or area that you like.

    Let me know if you have any specific questions and I can run them by my family living there. Hope this was of some help.

    Barbara :)

  13. TXFMmom

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    I would not move here. The hot weather and the pollution are really tough on people with FM.

    Sugarland is nice, but dealing with the crime, the weather, and other things here is not worth it.

    Austin, TX is an area where the weather is better, the schools great, it is vibrant, no pollution, has great outdoor activities and has the nicest enviroment, the economy is good, as Dell Computers and all kinds of wonderful businesses are there, and it is a much better place to raise children.

    The crime there and drugs are not nearly as bad as Houston, and since it is a University Town (University of Texas), it is more open and moderate politically.

    The music and entertainment stuff there is so much fun, even for married folk. We were there and went to a small club there and Lyle Lovett and Willie Nelson showed up and just got up on the stage and played.

    We would love to be able to move to Austin. It is in the hill country, has four seasons, although winter is mild, and has GREEN, GREEN, GREEN, as well as beautiful water and lakes, schools, economy, and everything going for it. additionally, it has zoning. If you can believe it, Houston has no zoning laws - the only large city in the country without it, and all the problems one can imagine that come with that. One can have a nice home and then they build a smokey, dirty, polluting and dangerous industrial site right next to the subdivision. UGH!!!!!! Houston is actually PROUD OF THEIR NO ZONING, AS THEY ARE OWNED LOCK, STOCK AND BARREL BY THE DEVELOPERS AND THOSE WHO BENEFIT FROM IT AND IT LOWERS THE QUALITY OF LIVING IMMENSELY.

    Austin is beautiful, and one can buy a nice home there for under $200,000 and the public schools are very good.

    Believe me, HOUSTON IS THE PITS, compared to Austin.
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    I actually live north of Houston, so I can't help with physician's names. However I was thinking that given the profound nature of our illness, a choice of physicians should be paramount.

    If I were to relocate, I think I would try to interview some physicians before I moved. Something I've incountered, has been that some of the doctors that treat our problem refuse to take insurance.

    That becomes a costly situation. So think about getting a list of prospective health care providers, making a trip to Houston, and make sure the doctors you choose will take care of you well, before you make that move.

    Just a thought, but when things get tough it's nice to be able to count on your physician!

    Yours, Lil
  15. justlooking

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    Definitely will have my Drs contact potential Drs in another area. I feel like I finally have a regimen that works fairly well for me and I don't want to have interuptions or have to start over trying things I already have that didn't work.

    Thanks for the info.

    Hoping for more info on Zoning and best areas to live in from Houstonians!!

  16. justlooking

    justlooking New Member

    Hoping for additional information and advice!!

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