Houston,Texas FM Conference Scheduled for September

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    Texas FM Conference Scheduled for September

    On Sept. 30, 2006, the Fibromyalgia Association of Houston will host a conference that will address topics such as research, support, and alternative ways to treat pain.

    Speakers include Dr. Patrick Wood, NFA president Lynne Matallana, Dr. Daniel Kirsch, and FMAH president Mary Harper.

    The conference will run 8 am – 5 pm at the Hornberger Conference Center, located at 2151 Holcomb Blvd. in Houston.

    Cost is $25 per person, and tickets must be purchased by Sept. 15.

    NO tickets will be sold at the door.

    Free snacks and drinks are included in the admission fee.

    Information: www.fmah.org; P.O Box 2174, Bellaire, TX 77402; 713-664-0180.

    Source: NFA newsletter
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