How AF Betafood can help save your gallbladder

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    Here is something I downloaded earlier today about AF Betafood by Standard Process. My chiropractor gave this to me several years ago and it worked fabulously when my gallbladder was inflamed. I had to take about 15 tablets a day (they're small) for about a week, then around 9 a day for another week and then maybe 6 a day for another week. It may seem like a lot, but it was well worth it, it works so well.

    I also discovered that to prevent future gallbladder problems, I needed to take digestive enzymes with hydrochloric acid, and since that time, my digestive has been very much improved. I rarely have problems with my gallbladder now (less than once a year) and when I do, I take AF Betafood and everything clears up again. Many chiropractors carry Standard Process products and also a website sells them. And here's the info:

    AF Betafood

    If you have gall bladder problems then AF Betafood may be your one way trip to health, vitality and keeping your gall bladder. If, after consuming consuming a meal heavy in fats, you begin to burp almost immediately, this means you have gall bladder malfunction and your metabolism is more than likely deficient.

    Today, doctors are recommending people have their gall bladders removed when the people who signs of gall bladder stress or disease. Here is what really happens. People have metabolism problems. As a result the bodily functions begin to mis-function. When certain foods are consumed that require adequate gall bladder function, we can have signs that the gall bladder is not in a position to do its job accurately. Let us consider this mis-firing of the gall bladder function. Do we destroy the symptom of the metabolism or do we correct the metabolism problem that caused the gall bladder to mis-fire in the first place. Do you think removal of the gall bladder corrects the metabolism problem? Of course not! but correcting the metabolism problem provides us with sick gall bladder relief.

    Let us observe the function of bile. Bile has a number of functions. Bile breaks down the fat in food. Bile emulsifies the fat in the digestive system. Bile works to help eliminate toxins from the body. Here is an example of how bile helps: Say you are painting and breath the fumes and the chemicals associated with paint and fumes. The fumes and associated chemicals are drawn into your lungs as you breath. From the lungs, the chemicals are picked up by the blood and carried to the liver. As we all know, the liver works as a filter just like the filter used in keep oil clean in the automobile. The liver proceeds to dump the chemicals from the paint into the bile from the gall bladder. The gall bladder then dumps the bile containing the chemicals into the intestines for elimination.

    The most important thing to understand is that the bile is your aid in removal of toxins from the body. But when the bile gets thick like cream this means the fat metabolism is malfunctioning. Bile must be thin to do it's job correctly. Cataplex F and Cataplex A thin the bile and Betafood flushes the bile route.

    Standard Process puts together the three complexes to make AF Betafood. Therefore, you need one instead of three bottles of product to help keep your bile flowing properly and possibly forego the serious problems related to malfunctioning fat metabolism.

    As you may have already guessed, AF Betafood also takes a serious stress from the liver as well as the gall bladder. The gall bladder functions properly and the liver is able to continue doing its job in relation to it's relationship to the gall bladder correctly as well .

    Indredients: Carrot powder, vacuum dried beet leaf juice, beet powder, honey, oat flour, calcium lactate, defatted wheat germ, magnesium citrate, vacuum dried bovine prostate, nutritional yeast, bovine liver powder, vacuum dried bovine kidney, alfalfa meal, vitamin A esters, arabic and cellulose gum, bovine orchic glandular extract, calcium stearate, bovine liver fat extract, flaxseed oil extract, prolamine iodine, ascorbic acid, pyridoxal 5-phosphate, mixed tocopherols, and soy bean lecithin.

    Two tablets supply 170 mg Vacuum Dried Beet Leaf Juice and Beet Powder and 130 mg Carrot Powder.

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    What symptoms did you experience to conclude you had gallbladder problems??

    I ask because I have been searching the web today (and several other times recently) for stomach pain that radiates into your back. I have had these strange attacks for about a year where the pain feels like I have spine pain but my stomach also feels irritated. Often I will take an OTC stomach acid reducer (like Tagament) and it will decrease the back and stomach pain. All my research sends me to two potential conclusions 1) pancreatitis
    2)gallbladder problems.

    I have mentioned this to my Dr before and he tested me for Pancreatitis-came back negative and another time went to the hospital because the pain also radiated into my heart(thought it was a heart attack) and my gallbladder tested fine also.

    I'm still experiencing this problem, right now as a matter of fact, and I'm not any closer to an answer. If anyone can tell me there experiences I would greatly appreciate it.

    I've also heard that cold sores can form inside your gallbladder and right now I am healing one on my lip(coincidently these stomach/back attacks usually come on the heals of a cold sore for me) and wondering if a gallbladder flush helps that, if you know?

    Sorry for all of the questions!!
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    My symptoms were different, and it is my chiropractor who does muscle testing who diagnosed me. My symptoms were indigestion - feeling full after eating very little, burping, trouble digesting heavy meals, and moderate pain in my right abdomen. And just a general sick feeling too, tired, etc.

    My regular doctors were useless, could not diagnose the problem. I guess it wasn't severe enough for their tests to pick up. That's the unfortunate part of traditional medicine -- often you have to get very very sick before they can find out what's wrong.

    Muscle testing is very sensitive, and can pick up problems and imbalances in your system before anything will show up on blood tests or x-rays. I would suggest you find a competent chiropractor or other health care practitioner who does muscle testing. It's also called applied kinesiology. I've just had such good results with it. They may be able to help you, and in any event generally cost much less than a regular doctor so you won't be out too much money if they can't.

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    Thank you for responding and providing that information. I will look into it because I just can't take this back pain and stomachache any longer. Its just one more thing I have going on healthwise right now that is wearing me down.
    I have to admit in the past I had some bad experiences with Chiropractors and have been reluctant to try it again but earlier today my pain was so intense that I "almost" broke down and called one. So far no medications are helping with this pain.
    I have an appt on Monday with my Pain Dr. I'm going to consult with him on this and see what he says. He also has a Chiropractor working in his office so maybe I'll see if they can help.
    Thanks again for the info =)
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    Just a note - not all chiropractors are trained in muscle testing, so you need to find out if the one in your pain doctor's office is so trained.

    I found mine in the yellow pages - he advertised nutritional counseling. At the time, I thought perhaps food allergies were causing my problems because nothing ever showed up on tests so that's why I went to the chiropractor, to see about food allergies, and discovered that he did muscle testing, which was all new to me, but am so glad I discovered it.

    Good luck --

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    Thanks for the additional info. Unfortunately I didn't get to see your response until today and I went to my Pain Dr yesterday. Its the fibrofog!
    I did discuss my back/stomache pain and did ask about the Chiro. They first want me to go and get an X-ray and when I brought up the Chiro its funny they kind of talked me out of the Chiro visit. I have been in a fog for a few days and didn't even realize that they talked me out of it until I just read your post. Wow that is really weird that they did that, its like they steered me in a different direction and I didn't even notice. Anyway I guess I'll get the X-ray and take it from there to see if we can isolate the problem with the X-ray, if not then I'll look into a Chiro not associated with my Pain Clinic. I Guess they want all my money to themselves LOL

    Oh about that fog... I waited around, didn't shower, or get involved in anything today waiting for the cable guy, about 20 minutes after the time frame they gave me expired (8-12), I called the cable company to find out what was going on.....only to find out my appointment for installation IS TOMORROW!!!!!! What a foggy crackpot I am.

    What questions do I need to ask to find out if they do muscle testing? Or did you mention that already? I can't remember LOL. I did have allergy testing before, the old way where they take out different things in your diet to see if you have a reaction. They didn't find anything abnormal, well except I'm even more foggy without coffee!!

    Thanks again for following up with me, I really appreciate it. I know sometimes its hard to remember to go back to old posts and the fact you did and responded, I am very thankful!

    Have a great day!
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    All you have to do is ask if they do muscle testing. If they do it, they'll know what you're talking about. Many chiropractors don't do it, so that could be why your regular doctor talked you out of seeing the chiropractor. Maybe they just thought you wanted an adjustment.

    I'd suggest you look in the yellow pages - that's what I did - and check out all the ads. Some will say they do nutritional counseling - I would call an office if they advertise that, and ask if they do the muscle testing.

    Also look for the word kinesiology or applied kinesiology in an ad, that's another term for it. The type my chiropractor does is called Contact Reflex Analysis. It's a very good technique.

    When I moved to a new city, I tried to find a chiropractor who did the muscle testing, but couldn't find one. There was one I tried but he just was not very good. I just wanted to warn you, they're not all good. You may have to shop around.

    Good luck and best wishes --

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    Thank you so much mbofov! My appointment with my doctor is on November 10th, and soooo that is the soonest they can do. I just can't do the wait in the ER again. I also want to check that it is not something else, like something wrong my esophagus or something.

    So I am going to look in the chiropractor when I have some more money on hand, should be soon.

    I did order the AF Betafood from a site I visit often and I was surprised to see they had it. So I will give that a try, and then the last thing will be the doctor.
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    Keep us posted how you do and if the AF Betafood helps you. I also found when my gallbladder was acting up that I had to avoid fried foods, cheese, fat was just very hard to digest. Fruit was the easiest. Also, drinking water wtih lemon juice in it is very good for your gallbladder and your liver, and helps with digestion.

    Take care --

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    I don't know how much honey is in AF Betafood, but it never affected my blood sugar or promoted candida. I just looked it up on-line and this time honey was not listed as an ingredient, so the formula may have been changed since a few years ago. In any event, if honey is still included, it's not a significant amount.

    You may be right - people with celiac disease may have difficulty with this product, but it works so well for the gallbladder - do a google search - that I think it's worth a try for anyone with gallbladder issues. And again, I think the amounts of oat flour etc. are just very small and so it's quite possible that it would not adversely affect someone with celiac disease. but it is good to be aware of.

    Thanks for your input -

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    It sounds like you need to get a referral from your PCP. I am not sure what kind of specialist would be best but this is something you could talk about with your doctor

    Hope you are feeling better soon.