"How Are We Blessed?"

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    "How Are We Blessed?"

    We are blessed by a God who loves us.
    He will forever keep us close, safe, and free.

    We are blessed by a loving family and good friends.
    For, it is on Jesus that our life depends.

    He is our ray of sunshine, at the end of each day.
    He teaches to think with an open mind
    And to get down on our knees and pray.

    We are blessed by a forgiving heart,
    Where warmth and beauty will never depart.

    The greatest gifts, that were ever given and sent,
    Were from our Saviour and not a cent was ever spent.

    We don't need riches or a lot of fame.
    He teaches to be ourselves and to act the same.

    He gives us freedom to worship as we choose,
    And a lot of blessings; with a home, clothes,
    And brand new pair of shoes.

    Special blessings are given, all of our lives,
    When we chose to love the Master
    And end division and strife.

    He picks us up and forgives our sins,
    And wipes the slate clean.

    That's why our blessings have so much meaning
    And, on Him, we'll continue to lean.

    © 2002 by Nancy Hoback