How are you all affording TF?

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by dancingnut, Dec 24, 2003.

  1. dancingnut

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    I really want to add TF to my regimen, but am fearful of the money. Since I dont have much. Are you all just slapping it on a charge card and saying to heck with it all? I know health is priceless, but if its just another supplement that doesnt work, then Im still sick and in debt again. I did this before, thinking I could well on Blue Green Algae, and charged all of it. Of course, it didnt help, so I try to not charge. God, what a catch 22, to need these supplements (and even RX like Doxicyline is not covered by Medicare, and that costs about $1 per pill), so when I add that in with the TF, I will really be going under financially. How are you all doing this?

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    That is a very good question. CFS has broken us financially over the 18 years that I have had it. We pay for the meds but our house goes without some much needed repair. Our neighborhood is going downhill so fast that the repairs would put us in the hole even more.

    The question you have any evidence of infection, whether viral, bacteria, fungus or mycoplasma. If not, I doubt that TF would do you any good.

    I have read in Pro Health's Catalogue that Lactoferrin Plus promotes the body's antibacterial and anti-viral defenses. It has colostrum which is a weaker form of TF. You might consider trying that first. To take the full dose you would need to order two bottles which would be $28.90 a month. Something to consider....


    PS I live where there are alot of elderly people. Some are fine during the day but need someone to spend the nite. We call them "sundowners" because of the anxiety they feel at sundown. At some point, I will probably do this to supplement our income. I don't know if this type employment is available to you but thought I would mention it.
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    Well, the answer came to me---my step mother gifted us all $5000 for Xmas. (My dad has passed, and left her well off). So this will be my get well money.

    Yes, Ive got it all, eb, Cyto, Zoster, Hv6, genital, mycos, yeast, parasites, and im sure theres bacteria thrown in there too. Im starting out with cellfood and dioxyclor. Want to add the Bromelain and then the TF and then Doxy,---do it all, it just takes time for your body to adjust. But it is heartening to hear that people are getting well or at least better, I should say, and its all because of this board.

    Now I have the money to spend on these things, and I hope (can I even imagine) that I might get much much better and live a quality life? I am so depressed this Xmas cuz I have no one to share my life with, and nothing to look forward to. No reason to get out of bed in the morning (and yes Im on Paxil too, so I dont cry)--My angst is heavy this season. I am only existing, not living. I am envious of others that are healthy and can work and exercise and travel, etc, etc. I know it could be worse, I could be living in Iraq right now, but it is still hard to NOT compare myself to those around me who have so much more than I do. Merry Xmas?????? Sorry, about sharing my angst here on a day thats supposed to be the best in the whole year, for some reason. It was when I was a kid.

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    I am so happy to hear you have the money for the meds! And I hope that they do as much for you as they have done for me. One of the big things is that "feeling well" is just so different than "feeling sick"...even if you are just chillin. It is hard to be alone and it is hard to be alone in a family of well people.

    Hugs to you and may the next few months show great improvement!!!


  5. dancingnut

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    I will keep everyone posted. It is so important to share what works and what doesnt work---the networking process is a lifesaver. And yes, it is hard to feel sick amidst a family of well people, even my own children. I feell alone and separate from them all, cuz they dont really understand. Everyone said I look great, which I do on the outside, but inside I feel sometimes like Im on another planet---that sleepy, spacey, twilight zone place of CFIDS.
    I am glad you are feeling better and are here to share with us all. What else have you done besides TF? Are you doing Doxycylcine?? Or the bromelain. What has your journey been?

  6. spacee

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    I have taken Bromelain for about 4 months. I want to take the Doxy but I am going to give TF's a full year. Dr. Ryser says that you seen improvement at 3, 6 and 12 months. So, I want to see how far I go with the TF's. They have been absolutely terrific BUT I still have terrible Brain Fog.

    At one point in my journey, I read on a 5th grade level. I was reading "The Little House on the Pairie" Books to my son and I discovered that I could understand them. I read all of them! Then I got some better, not sure why. But now I am probably back there. I think the exercising is making the fog worse for me. I am hoping that the doxy will help it.

    I also take the probiotics, magnesium, klonopin (for skin pain) isoptin (for racing heart) and 1/2 ultram in the am.

    Then there are the other usual assortment of vitamins.

    I took Alpha Lipoic Acid and Fish Oil and LOVED them. They help give a better mood. But ran out and don't seem to need them...yet.

    Enough about me.....


  7. dancingnut

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    Hope you check here again. I found that the brain fog, for me, was all about yeast. I havent had it in years. Yeast puts off alcohol. So, I have followed a strict anti-yeast diet for years (I cheat now and then), no white flour, no white sugar, no cheese. And I use Caprylic Acid or Pau D-Arco to keep the yeast at bay. I believe the yeast was responsible for the lightheadedness and spaciness and the disconnected feeling I had. I feel grounded now and clear headed, most the time. My main problem is fatigue, fatigue, fatigue. Oh, the Doxy wouldnt help with yeast, anti-biotics could make it worse. So just wanted to share my story for you, if it might help you get to the next level of getting rid of fibro fog.

  8. spacee

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    Darn, I just knew it! I read two different posts on the CFS/FM board about getting off sugar cleared up the fog.
    So, I quit sugar this past week. So maybe I should be glad that no sugar helped you. I have discovered that I snack on a little sugar all throughout the day because of BOREDOM.
    It's just a little "treat". Well, I will get over it. Thanks for letting me know.

    I just remembered that Pro Health has a Yeast RX that promotes healthy yeast levels and it only costs $49.95..isn't that ducky! Maybe I'll try it. (I'll try anything once...I think).


  9. dancingnut

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    It's not easy to say no to sugar (white flour and cheese too--no pizza!), but these are the things yeast feeds off of. Its so much nicer than being a space cadet though. It is worth the battle. Expect die off and feeling more spacee as the yeast dies off. It was a tough battle, but the only thing that really made a difference for me. Now Im going after the mycos.

    I treat myself to other things I love, like almond butter, or anything else thats in the good food group for me that I like. Amazing, now when I eat sugar, I cant stand it---way too sweet, and sickening and this is a girl who grew up on Capn Crunch and Hostess pies. We had sugar galore growing up.

    Its good to know Im not the only one that discovered sugar gave them fibro fog. I think it was the alcohol put off by the yeast---I really did feel drunk. I used to explain it to people that way.

    Good luck,

  10. spacee

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    Thanks for your info and encouragement. I really do think that this is a problem for me. I guess peanut butter is ok. I love that on celery. I am sure that "natural" is the best. Other probably has sugar in it. I think I can do this. Especially since we are empty nesters. I love pizza more than sugar and we won't order it any more. It was the pepperoni and pineaple on a thin crust....I know those yesties were having a field day! I have never heard of it being described as being drunk but that is what it feels like. Amazing.

    Thanks and Hugs...

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    Someone mentioned that they had expensive meds and couldn't afford them. Do a search for the med and include the words "patient assistance program". Very often pharmaceutical companies offer their meds free or for very little money to those who qualify. Or you can do a search for "the medicine program" which will help you locate a program for your meds. The cost for this service is $5.00 per med. IF the pharmaceutical company doesn't offer a patient assistance program, email them about it. I did this for my mother and the company offered to send her physician samples. We don't have to go broke for our medicines.
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    There's a Poverty line one has to meet, depending on 'household' income. I've found many of us stuck between a wall and hard place...not 'poor' enough to qualify for assistance, not 'rich' enough to be able to afford forever rising meds. (presciption or natural supplements).

    Anyone know if there's a reserch report done on T.F. from ProHealth? I understand, each manufacturer could use different resources, thus, results may vary.

    I hope to create a web site to generate some monies to help those of us, PWC who are stuck in the system.

    With hope,and friendhship.

  13. James

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    Pro Health's view on Transfer Factor is that is has the most potential to help a lot of people over any other supplement that has come out. We recommend working with your doctor to choose the right transfer factor. Thus far we are working on several TF studies and the results so far are incredible.