How Are you All doing?

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    Hi everyone, Rainbow, Springwater, Jamin, Beadlady, Cynthia. Thinking of you all! I've been using all my energy and focus to help me through a time of grieving.

    Been reaching out to friends, reading nurturing, wonderful books, being helped by inspiring night-dreams, keeping open to what The Source of Love has for me to survive and heal each day.

    What's going on in your lives?

    Love, Judy

  2. windblade

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    12/2/11 12:29 PM Hi Judy/i'm doing OK

    maintaining my back issues with various stuff each week and all my stretching, exercising and ice and heat, and some walking.

    Everything else is OK, one day at a time as it goes.

    I can only control so much and so I don't let myself get too upset at everything out there that is NOT in good I feel it needs to be anyway.

    My sis is declining with the MS battle, but I can't control that so so...

    Something new you are dealing with? Want to share?
    Good that you dropped in. I was off the boards for a while, but I'm back... jam

  3. windblade

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    So good to see you back. I've just been reading posts this past month - not posting. Yes, the grieving I mentioned is about my father's death in early November. It has brought up many layers of the past - not good, that I had thought were behind me.

    So, I'm needing all my resources that I mentioned to get through. Also one day at a time - or hour.

    Are all the things you're doing for your back to get inflammation down - the icing and heat? That kind of pain is so grueling.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your sister - I remember you speaking about her. She lives in NJ I remember - I do too. Has she been sick for a lot of years?
  4. springwater

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    ive been visiting and felt everyone must hv their things going on
    when i didnt see any posts

    Judy - hope you are slowly but surely healing from the recent bereavement

    Jamin - sorry to hear about your sister with MS, what a difficult situation
    but i admire your grit and stoicism

    the power cuts have returned in full force now so i prob wont be able to log
    in as and when i want to

    this morn ran out of water, because the power had gone out and the tank was empty couldnt pump water up

    so all the washing dishes and clothes and all kept on hold

    will tackle now after this

    have been runining aorund to some weddings and stuff

    not at my best bu getting by

    love you all and so happy to see your posts

    God Bless
  5. Doznclan3

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    Wind..I didn't know you lot your father. I'm so sorry. That's the best thing I can say for you right now. No words of wisdom. Everyone grieves in their own way, and you know what's best for you. Keeping you in my prayers for sure
    My surgery is coming along slowly. Still have to wear my collar and bone stimulator. Next month will get another x-ray to see if it is fusing. At least this is all happening during the winter. Hopefully, I can be out in the spring and be planting away.
    Hope everyone else is doing ok.
    It's Christmas time! A very happy time if we let it be. There is always something good to see in our lives.
    Love you all..Merry Christmas!
  6. windblade

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    Rainbow - how wonderful that you made it to another Star Knowledge Conference. And with Grandmother Aggie! I don't know how this came about, but I had thought that she had died a while back, and had felt so sad about it. When we were reading together the Grandmother Elders book, she was the one that I loved the most, and bonded with the most.

    So, I'm so very happy to hear that she's still alive, how thrilling for you to see her in person, and to be part of a Water Blessing. One of my favorite videos of her was her meeting the Dalai Lama. How utterly beautiful they were together. I hope that it was a greatly encouraging and healing experience for you. Strengthening, and renewing.

    I'm so proud of you doing the fracking protests! I've sent you so many prayers and healing thoughts to keep your strength and heart renewed in this major battle. Will keep doing that. I've gotten knocked off focus - didn't expect such huge bouts of depression, and nightmares, and flooding of memories from the past ,after my father died.

    Doing some research, found it's called Complicated Grieving. At least there is now guidance, and advice, and what to expect available now. I managed to make it to the Dr. last week, first time since we were flooded in late August. I was so pleased that I had the clarity of mind, and enough strength to make it to the appt. that day.

    How is your husband doing? The fighting roosters remind me of the time we had a whole flock of wild turkeys on our side yard jumping and kicking each other - a scary battle.

    Spring - I hope you're still being able to put energy into your pranic healing. There is so much more talk and writing on energy healing here. And nurses and others using this healing method in hospitals. It's very exciting to learn about.

    Jam - I have experienced something of the sorrow you are going through as your sister's MS increases. My close friend of 40 years is in the end stage of cancer and emphysema - the great sorrow came for me when he could no longer talk on the phone. We used to help each other all through the years - both of us knowing from the inside the daily experiences of Complex PTSD - like having someone speaking the same language that no-one else knows. I could always call him during any crisis, or time of confusion and pain. He has been my PTSD warrior-buddy, and a protective loving brother to me. I still get an occasional precious email from him.

    Doz- wishing you a blessed Christmas too, and hoping that your neck bones will be healing now. Just feeling so stunned today by all the suffering we go through. Need to find some help just for today.

    Love to all,
  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    So lovely to get updated on everyone

    you have been in my thoughts and prayers

    Rain - rest up and get better soon, happy to hear you went to the teaching
    and also partipated in the anti fracking movement, yes i believe the universe
    wants you to stay put for a while. Hope your dear hsuband is doing better in health.

    Judy - too many activities and unforeseen events derailed the healing thing
    a bit. but i am slowly getting back to it. trying to heal myself first. in starts and fits.

    i think this patch of timeline was where the stars aligned to make lifes road
    a bit bumpy but tryng to stay on course.

    But ive been sending you your dear husband and all the others healing thoughts.

    Cynthia - glad that the surgery is finally over with and wishing you good luck and prayers for a complete healing of your neck and other issues. so also for your dear husband.

    Im plodding along. as i said, trying to stay on track. the fatigue gets bad sometimes. i use the healing as a pick me up and it is a precious tool which has been given to me, probably due to me whining and wailing at the universe. I do that when i am in bed before falling asleep, asking for answers, pleading for them.

    I honestly think i have accumulated so much i have to atone for, that i have to go thru what is given me, but i have been handed a few tools along the way to help me as a crutch and help me pass my life exams.

    A picture of Aggie and HH Dalai Lama together? that must make such a lovely photo. two wonderful energies coming together.

    Judy , I am so glad energy healing is being given more notice now. it is so important to heal the whole person.

    God Bless

  8. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Spring - even if you receive a small amount of healing, which gives some energy, some focus, any lessening of pain, I think it's majorly important. Use 'beginner's mind', and gently start again, with hope and great love for yourself.

    I know that Thich Nhat Hahn would say that - to give yourself great love and gentleness and compassion. Especially to those who have had hurtful childhoods. He said in his own life he had a healthy family life, yet still needed healing on his inner child self, which still lives in our psyches.

    He says a little bit of attention daily (or as much as we can manage) does bring healing. I love his gentleness - he's like a loving father!

    I've been going through such brutal bouts of depression - haven't experienced so much in a long time. It's horrible. We have to give ourselves a lot of credit just for surviving all we have. And then seek out many gentle, comforting gifts for ourselves afterward.

    Time out also just to rest and replenish energies. Without criticizing ourselves, but being the loving parents we didn't have, in gentle, encouraging thoughts It's never too late to do that, and it does make a difference.

    I get so angry with God - just yesterday was in such anguish. And was very angry, for myself and all others who suffer - being pushed to the edge.

    I'm hopelessly in love with Jesus though, the suffering servant, believing that he came to give us every good thing for eternity, even Divinity. But ohhhh - the present!

    Then there are the everyday good things to seek out and savor.

    My husband has been learning to play the flute - a lovely bamboo one from India. It fills the house with such a warm presence.

    Today is our wedding anniversary, and I'm drinking in right now the beauty of a vasefull of milky-white roses tinged with the lightest of greens on the outer petals. A lovely gift from my dh. I'm going to need to wait to recuperate though and gather myself together for a full celebration.

    That's okay though - we're used to it. I am getting curious about a present waiting for me - wrapped up in an intricate way of pleated papers in fan shapes on top. The woman said it was a Chinese way of decorating.

    Soooo - take good care of yourself - you deserve it! You've done so much good in your life with so many painful situations to endure!

    I know in TNH's Buddhism there is so much self-love, and no emphasis on recrimination.

    Praying for zest for you, renewal, a budding of hope, and gentle encouraging self-talk.

    Love, Judy
  9. Doznclan3

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    I broke my little toe! My left one. I broke my right one years ago.
    I did it yesterday just before going to church. I was hurrying to give my grand daughter something, and rammed it into my fish's stand is made of steel, really...and it's black, like my toe is now. :0
    Crazy, can't walk with shoes on. Went to church with a pair of slippers on, and was hanging on my son's arm going in. So, I think I will be wearing slippers when I go out for a while.
    Need to get my sister back to her place. I have a mentally handicapped sis that comes for the holidays, or just comes once in a while to stay. We have a room for her.
    Hope all had a great Christmas! I can't complain really, so many good things happened the last few days. Seeing family that you don't see often is great!
  10. windblade

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    Major Ouch! Your poor toe. So very sorry that you had the accident, because i know you are still trying to heal with your neck. I'm glad that you had the enjoyment of family for the holidays!

    I'm missing Jamin very, very much!

    Love, Wind
  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Cynthia - sorry to hear you hurt yourself, but you seem in good spirits,
    and have enjoyed your holidays and met your loved ones. I hope this
    new year will bring to us more of light than shadow.

    Judy - thank you for your sweet loving words. I just saw them now.

    belated warm wishes for a happy Anniversary! how lovely the white
    delicate roses sounded and how exciting the mysterious present.
    Your dh is so loving and kind as are you. I love thinking of how the
    universe put you two together. aah, there go my eyes, filling up
    at the thought.

    I pray daily for complete healing for all of our health problems and
    the different challenges we are going through, all of us here on the

    I am so happy at the gift of energy healing. it helped me tremendously
    today to get thru a rather hectic day. we just heard an uncle passed
    away and me and my brothers rushed around to his house, (he used
    to reside in america and passed there) to put scarves on his photograph
    and pray and then we went to our grandfathers monastery where
    special prayers were going on for him; stayed there awhile, and
    then rushed back home to get my dh and son to the house, where another
    prayer ceremony was going on but we had been given wrong timing
    and the ceremony had already started three hours before hand. didnt
    want to disturb especially as it was pitch black with power cuts and dark
    outside. so we returned home.

    then son asked his father to take him to buy shoes so we went to this
    mall and came back a while later.

    this would have wiped me out ordinarily, but after collapsing for a bit
    after arriving back home, i am curiously not all that tired! hence i was
    able to get up, log on and see whats going on. i am also able to face
    the thought of tomorrow and visiting yet another relative of dhs and
    going and lighting lamps for my deceased uncle in other monasteries.

    i was at the receiving end of yet another gift from the universe today.
    i had been worrying about lack of money due to so many functions these
    past few weeks, had also raised my helps salary because the inflation is
    so horrendous with result it cut into my own expense money. i was
    worryng about the visits i have to make and the expenses the trips would
    incur, and viola, out of the blue my dhs staff member comes with a
    bonus cheque out of a savings a/c no one had been expecting and hands
    the money to me! i was so flabbergasted! i have received many such
    miracles in the past few years. the money covered nicely all the expenses
    i had to incur visiting today even though i was also havng to spend for
    my two brothers and my SIL we have to make monetary offerings to monks
    and in the condolence visit). all that is done and enough left over for tomorrows
    monastery rounds too and such a feeling of being 'looked after'.

    Take care, i too am wondering about Jamin, havent heard from her
    for a while. Also thinking about dear Rain and her dear dh.

    God Bless