How are you doing Nancez??

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    Hi Nancez- Just wanted to how you're doing w/Dr DenBoer's treatments??

    Last we'd heard you were doing detoxing and you had said brain fog was lifting. Curious if your head is still clearing and what your energy level is like now.

    I'm still considering a couple of docs in the Detroit area to replace Dr Conley.

    Hope things are going well for you...

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    Thanks for asking. My brain fog is 90% better since having began treatment with Dr DenBoer. My energy is a LOT better but frustrating in not being ALL better :)

    I believe I am on the right track and as long as I keep it calm and slow I will continue to get better. I also found out yesterday that Dr DenBoer had CFS right after college for two years and as I see every time I visit him he is living a VERY vibrant and active and healthy life now.

    I beleive my keys to being as much better as I am are:

    Diet of fruit, veggies and organic meat and eggs only

    LOTS of water (drink nothing else except a smoothie made with fruit and protein powder...just started this so hope it helps the energy but at least I'll know I'm getting enough protein now)

    Pacing myself to move calmly and match rest time with active time (well I dont match it exacltly but believe the more I do so the stronger i will get)

    Supplements of:
    St Johns Wort

    Thyrosol for low thyroid function

    Advaclear for advanced liver detoxing
    Endefen...a prdouct meant to heal intestinal issues (I was off this for ten days due to me being a dope and by the 9th day the fog returned BIG is obvious tha tLeaky Gut and an unhealthy liver feed brain fog)

    A probiotic...also for intestinal stuff

    and a magnesium, zinc thing for sleep which seems to be helping a lot.

    Pacing pacing and more pacing is my big struggle now. I am back to work at ten hours a week for now and taking care of home as a single parent with three teens (egads!) and so much better than pre Doc DenBoer.

    Your are you??
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    Nancez- I'm glad to hear you're doing so much better,,,sounds like you're on a good plan.

    As i had mentioned, i'm looking for a good doc in the Detroit area to try to get myself back on track. I think i've found the right one so i'm going to get an appointment set up for next month and go from there.

    I'm still struggling w/the brain fog, the disequilibrium and the fatigue,,,,but i've been dealing w/it for years, and can honestly say that it's better this year than it was last i guess that's something.I've been doing adrenal glandulars, B vits, and some homeopathics to try to get improvements,but i seem to be stuck at a certain level that i can not move past!! I've also been drinking exclusively distilled water, staying on a primarily yeast free diet, and taking a good probiotic to help w/the gut situation, and i'm feeling pretty good in that area.I'm also taking lorazepam and klonopin,,lorazepam during the day and klonopin at bedtime, as those really help relieve the stress level, and help calm the brain enough to concentrate at work, and then to sleep at night.

    I'm hoping that the new doc can check my thyroid,adrenals,etc... and the candida status to see if i'm missing something that may help. I'd also be curious about the metal load in my body,specifically mercury from my old amalgams, to see how i'm progressing there too.

    I'm curious about how your doc checked your thyroid status to determine that you should be on the med you're taking? It's great that you've gotten as much improvement in such a short time...keep up the good work!!

    Hope to hear from you again....

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    Hi again :)

    We did my thyroid check the basal temp way. My temps were way low and that clued him in to add this supplement to aid in the thyroid. I'm going back next week and he will check my adrenals (don't know how but I'll try to remember to let you know).

    I have a couple more weeks before we recheck the basal temps to see if the supp is helping. I'm not so sure it is but on some days I have a clear feeling it who knows!!

    I'm curious about the things you are taking for a calm brain. I'll try to keep those in mind if I am willing to go to meds.....which might make a lot of sense. I can tell my brain and sensibilities are gettig calmer all the time but it takes steadiness and a very limited less surprises are possible.

    I will be interested in how it goes with your new doc. My family all lives over there and I might need a doc on that side of the state one day.