How are YOU doing?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibrohugslife, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. fibrohugslife

    fibrohugslife New Member

    Hi there,

    How are you doing? I know many of you hate that question but I am curious about you though.

    Anyway I am just a little lonely, and I guess I just need to hear from someone. I am doing okay but frustrated with my pain levels, and IBS flare ups. I appealed my SSDI case and so waiting on court date. Other than that I am just trying to stay positive as much as I can.

    So how are you doing?

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  2. fibrohugslife

    fibrohugslife New Member

    I will be in the chat room. I was in there earlier and I could not get anyone to respond to me at all. I asked questions, asked about them, nada LOL

    and I never have trouble in chat rooms just this one here.

    But yeah I was in the chit chat section earlier posting here and there.

    I am just looking for somewhere to belong to at least.
  3. fibrohugslife

    fibrohugslife New Member

    I had a computer thing to work out, and reboot and then next thing I knew you were G-O-N-E lol.

    So next time we will get to chat a little bit longer.

    Anyway thank you so much for taking the time and heart to chat with me when no one else would. You have an incredible and giving heart and do not ever lose that.

    You really made my afternoon and inspired me.

    Thank you so much!

    Fibrohugs and all.
  4. fibrohugslife

    fibrohugslife New Member

    I have been in there when it was fast and slow and still no response, just hi and that's it. I ask questions about them and everything too, and no response. So I rarely visit there just for that reason. It actually kind of hurt and I felt worse being in there.

    Anyway I hope we can catch up some day in chat too. That would be wonderful. :)
  5. sascha

    sascha Member

    i really want someone caling me up and asking that very question How are YOU doing? or How are you DOING? like- i'm worried about you.'
    because i've had a hard week with my back out. i've spent most of the week in bed. everytime i'm up and trying to do something, it hurts too much and i must lie down again.
    so i really wanted someone to know this and care and get in touch with me. yes i'm feeling very sorry for myself.
    my CFIDS is not so bad lately since i've put myself onto a very good food regimen. CFIDS symptoms are much lessened.
    it's my back that's getting me down. it is very lonely when i can't get out there to see people, do things.
    so that's how I am at the moment. thanks for asking- Sascha

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