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    How Are you coping on the TF? Are you getting used to it? I have been on it a few weeks ( Immune care 64) and still can not not raise the dose up to 2 capsules . The thought of a higher dose would be torture as I feel so fluish and weak at the present time. I feel like I am having a stronger reaction to the TF now - more than when I started ( possibly because of other supplements and low dose naltrexone which boost immune system).
    I would like to hear how you are adjusting . Annxyz
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    Well, it is difficult to say what is happening. It was so clearcut when I was adjusting to OLE (had clear positives and I was not as many different supplements)..but this is a more complicated story..and I am going slower, too, because I am on SO MUCH...else. Are you past your herxing period on the Doxy?..cause getting used to that, as well as, the TF would be problematic at best. I would not want to be herxing on both at the same time.

    I agree with you that TF is seemingly taking much longer to get used to than previous anti-pathogenic agents..and thus, much longer to see the possible positive change in symptoms, but hang in there, we will get there one of these days.

    I have started getting colds and sinus symptoms (which had virtually been stopped by OLE), frequently, now, and Celticladee indicated that had occurred, I believe, to her and she had connected it to the TF..

    I think it is wise to go as slow as you feel you need to and not push the herxing...FATIGUE AND ALL THE FLUISH SYMPTOMS ARE THERE TO TELL US TO SLOW DOWN...possibly using more detox methods would help you..beta glucan and olive oil/whole lemon drink, and big doses of Vitamin C can help detox, as well as, large quantities of water.

    Hope we will see the POSITIVE GAINS, SOON,

    P.S. Is Low Dose Naltrexone sufficient for insomnia? Sounds very good with having a natural killer boost as well.
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