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    hello I am new and in much need of the talk that is going on -- with the "how are you" question - like you all when the day is bad you don't want to explain all so like you I have the same answers. at church alady asked me how are your legs as when they are sore I put them up on another chair and wrap them up - mostly after I have danced- my delight. I put imformation on the notice board that I look after perks of the job lol.
    I don't know if anyone has read them yet I am hoping for understanding wonder if I will get it . houmor a must. blessings all
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    Welcome to our board!

    When I run into someone I know when I am out and about, and they ask me "How are you?", I know they are just being polite and really don't care!!!!! LOL

    So, I just politely say, "I have good days and bad days, and this happens to be a good one (or bad one--whichever applies)." If I answer a bad day, and they ask why, I figure that they are just being nosey, and I just reply that I don't have an hour to get into that, and then I change the subject!!

    I just remember my late father being so ill during the last couple years of his life and everyone would ask him how he was feeling when we took him out in public (to eat, to the doc, etc). He gave me this little speech telling me that nobody ever wants to listen about somebody elses aches and pains .... and that they knew that he was very ill, so it was just their way of being polite. He would ALWAYS answer that he was doing fine, even though he had a terminal illness and was in tremendous pain each and every day.

    I just admired him, so I decided to do the same. I also found that I don't end up with a ton of questions that way!

    P.S. People in my town, and my family, all know that I am sick, so telling them it's a good or bad day is enough!! LOL

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    Hi out there, great to have replies and to finally have people who understand I think I am starved for this I have had fibro for 5 years ( but a lot long if the truth were known) I had seizures at the begining and still have to breath them away at times.
    It has been along road and part of the family my younger two daughters dont what to know I am unwell at all which is hard.( I was a super fit mom ) aerobics instuctor body builder all that I am lucky to walk down the street. but hay I am aqua jogging3 times a week and have a massage once a week also on a weight lose programme so I am trying.. YEA!!
    Ms runs in our family and I was wondering if anyone has sore numby tiggling feet and legs???? I also have a sore throat on and off some times I find it hard to swollow??
    I am very soilt as my husband Alan is the most loveing and help ful person he is here for me and we do have fun along with frustations etc etc....
    Any way I hope this makes sense as I do ramble a bit and then forget what I say oh! dear blessings to you all - be happy bless Lynne