How Bad Does your Muscle Pain get?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tandy, Jun 20, 2003.

  1. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Hello to everyone tonight!! You'd think by now after 11 yrs with this FM.....I'd spot a flare coming on!!
    Well I woke up yesterday and every(I repeat,every)muscle in my body hurts soooo bad!!Even today I'm a lil puzzled because my muscle pain is close to a 10 for me -and I really have'nt had it that high in quite awhile~ I have'nt done anything more activity wise to bring this on!
    Just to put pressure on musles in my legs,hips,outter thigh,it feels as if I'm all bruised inside!!(I'm not)
    I guess with me recently also having a possitive ANA and needing further mind might be playing games with me tonight.(i'm worried:() I think i'm just looking for reassurance that THIS is common in FM.? I feel like a shot of demerol would'nt touch this pain.(I'd be willing to try tho!!lol) I bought a box of those Salonspas OTC pain patches today.....You'd laugh YAO cause I have about 8 of em on me right now!! no they're not helping much for the pain but my nose is nice and clear!! from the smell of the vapors. Oh well....sorry for babbling,its usually not me to do this~ Glad this board is here. Hope everyone is doing well~
  2. KayL

    KayL New Member

    to that feeling-like-you're-bruised feeling! My hips and back feel like that most of the time, although fortunately, it's not a 10!

    A friend at work tried the Salonpas a while back and gave me one to try. He claims it helped his particular ache (DUH - he doesn't have FM!), but it did nothing for me. Maybe if it were a Salonpas body suit.............LOL

    Sorry you're feeling so awful today, but just wanted to let you know, you're not alone with that major muscle pain! Hope you feel better tomorrow.

  3. horsegal

    horsegal New Member

    an 11! I competed tonite and every muscle in my back and arms and legs whole body is killing me. I had a good day, lucky cause I had to enter the rodeo on Monday and I just have to take whatever comes. It's expensive to run and expensive to draw out. BUT the pleasure of being able to do it after not doing it for 3 years is worth some painful days. Hope you get to feeling better.!! This too, shall pass. (My mantra)

    Thinking of you,
  4. catgal

    catgal New Member

    Hi Tracey~~I am 54, have had FM/CFS since my teens, and now have degenerative disc disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and other ailments that also get set off in an FM flare--but on a daily basis it all hurts so badly I wouldn't be able to function at all without the pain meds.

    However, when a flare hits--not even the strong paid meds I take can do away with that kind of debilitating pain. I become miserably bedridden, usual sleep meds don't work, muscle relaxers have no effect, and I would rate the pain at a 9.9. The reason I don't rate it a full 10 is because when my gall bladder burst, I was in the ER rolling & wreathing "uncontrollably" on the exam bed. I was literallly out of head with the pain and had no control over my spastic body. I couldn't straighten out for the docs to examine me. The pain was so immensely intense I would pass in and out of consciousness. So this is what I rate a 10. They gave me a huge shot of demerol, but didn't phase it. They finally shot me full of morphine ontop of the demerol before the pain subsided enough for me to straighten out so the docs could examine me and send me to ultrasound.

    So now even on my worst pain days, at least I am not rolling & wreathing on the foor uncontrollably or passing in and out of consciousness--so I rate these bad days a 9.9.

    For me, the TheraCare Heatwraps work better than the Salonnspas, and I've found Tiger Balm helps me tremendously. Of course, oxycontin and 10mg percocet work well on me also!

    You may be tensing & tighting up from the stress, worry, and anxiety over the possitive ANA. Try and relax, let go, let God, and cross that bridge when you come to it. Be kind to yourself, take a soothing soak in essential oils/epson salts or sea salt, or peroxide & epsom salts, and reframe your thinking by reading something inspirational or watching a good movie--anything that will redirect your mind from this additional stress & worry before the verdict is in. I know it's difficult to do this.

    But you need to pamper & nurture yourself right now rather than tie your muscles in knots over something you have no control over at this time.

    I hope you get to feeling better my dear, and that all turns out well. Be good to yourself, and we all love you. Blessings and Best Wishes for a good night's sleep. Carol...

  5. Dara

    Dara New Member

    weather change? I know that really affects me. Doesn't matter if it's from dry to damp or damp to dry, I can tell if it's rained during the night before I even open my eyes, just by the pain. Every morning is painful, but when there's been a pressure change it completely consumes my entire body. I have pain & burning in places you wouldn't even think could hurt. The only thing that gets me throug it is the pain medication and Advil. Then, later after it has started working, never completely, I try and stand under a hot shower, or take a really hot bath.

    Then there are other times that what works are the ice packs. Strange disease, what works one day doesn't always work the next. I hope by now that you have had some relief from the pain and are doing better.

  6. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I really feel like a whiner after reading some of the other threads where people have a hell of alot more to gripe about than I do!! I am still very sore today~ Maybe it is weather related because we've had nice weather all this week.....but during the night lastnight we got thunderstorms,and right now its pouring!!suppose to rain till tomorrow~
    Packman....I fully agree that people need to find their dose on meds,and it could be different for everyone.
    So far the best(for me)was the Soma. I've gotten a couple scripts over the years and I found alot of relief with that!! The thing my Dr.does'nt like to "use" that one.She gives me flexeril which helps me somewhat but no where near as good~ The few times I did get the soma was thru urgent care.(a place like the ER,open only after 5pm and weekends)It ticks me off that when we find something that works for us,we have to beg,borrow and steal to get it!! I might go out today and get some tiger balm rub for my upper back and shoulders.(I've heard this mentioned a few times as being pretty good)
    So THANK-YOU everyone for making me feel alot better mentally!! I think its just a mega flare that needs time~
    I have started some anti-inflammatorys today.
    Wishing you all good days!
  7. Wingingit

    Wingingit New Member

    I'm so sorry you are suffering with this.
    I went for months with the stiffness and muscle pain in my legs soooo bad I would beg my husband to shoot me.
    None of my pain meds even touched this pain, so I would just rub them until I thought they would bleed and writhe in pain.
    My mother told me a niece of hers took MSM for FMS and it helped her. I began taking MSM and multivitamins with extra B vitamins and in a matter of days, this pain was dramatically reduced. I still take these daily and have not had a severe flare of this type since.
    Have you tried MSM?
    I know we are all different in what helps with this and it could be a coincidence, but I am now a firm believer in MSM.
  8. tandy

    tandy New Member

    No I have'nt tried the MSM....I've heard others talk about it here but never asked about it or looked it up~
    What is it exactly??I know its a supplement because I've seen it quite alot in stores~ At this level of pain i'm willing and able to try anything!!!I hope i'm better by july family has hotel reservations for a small vacation!!A day at Great Escape for the kids,a 4hr cruise around lake george,and a few days of Dining and browsing!!
    I'm exhausted just thinking about it!!LOL I am looking forward to it:)
    Thanks for the suggestion~
    Warm ((hugs)),
  9. overwhelmed2

    overwhelmed2 New Member

    Ok I sure am not up on all this stuff especially meds for fibro but it sounds like tigerbalm isn't a med, is that right? If so, where can I get some? I'd love to try something other than heavy doses of meds at least maybe I could take less of them. I'm thinking if it's something to put on I could take a nice bath and rub it on if that's what your suppose to do with. Geez, I'm such a hick sometimes and not rolling with the times so don't laugh if I got the wrong idea ok? Overwhelmed2
  10. KayL

    KayL New Member

    I've taken more muscle relaxers than I can name over the years. Somas works the best, hands down. Fortunately my doc hasn't had a problem prescribing it - in fact, he suggested it when I was still resisting the idea. I take it 3 times a day and it makes all the difference in the world for me.

    My friend, who is a home health hospice RN was surprised that I was getting monthly Rx for Soma - she told me that most of the docs she deals with will not even prescribe it for their patients because of *the abuse factor*. GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! That's probably the mindset your doc has about it. The endocrinologist I saw this year said to me *don't you know how abused this drug is on the street?* Well DUH, I didn't get it on the street, I'm not using it on the street, I am certainly not selling it on the street, and I am not abusing it, so what's your point???

    I hope you get some relief.

  11. tandy

    tandy New Member

    yes,tigersbalm is a rub ointment.All I know is its sold right along with the ben-gay and other muscle creams.I've seen it at walmart,and at health stores.I've heard its a good one for relieving some muscle aches~Hope I hear right!!!I'm gonna try to get out and get some......have
    nt had much luck getting out of my Jammies!!(thats right!!!how many of you's have days when you don't even get dressed??)
    Thanks for all the replys so far,ya'll are great!!
    Warm regards,
  12. RLCarter03

    RLCarter03 New Member

    Tandy, know all about this kind of muscle pain. I hurt so bad after working yesterday, that every muscle in my body felt like it was on fire. I also think I have been going through a flare. Just got the best of me yesterday. I do know of one "rub" medication that works pretty well if you can find it. Amazingly enough it is epsom salt gel. I found mine at a Rite Aid drugstore, don't know if they have those where you are or not, but someone may carry it. It works pretty good, gets me through some days at work when I don't think I can possibly "do this". And also I read someone else mention the therma-care wraps, those are pretty good too, mostly the back and neck ones. Just some suggestions. Hope you feel better soon. God Bless
  13. catgal

    catgal New Member

    I mentioned the Tiger Balm because besides having FM/CFS, I have DDD, osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis and have tried every cream OTC and prescription that I am aware of without success except for the Tiger Balm. My hands, neck & shoulder area turn beet red, become hot & inflammed, and swell up like puff pastries. Some days the back of my neck/shoulder area swell so much I look like The Hulk. And the Tiger Balm has worked the best for me. It is a salve that in a round red can that comes in 3 basic types: dark brown medicated scented, clear without scent, and ultra-strength Sports Balm. You can generally get at least one type at Wal-Mart, health stores, or drug stores. I use the Ultra-Strength Sports Balm. But all are good.

    Though I can use it anytime, it seems to work especially well right after a hot soak. Rub it in well--don't be stingy. Then, I lay on the lowest setting of a heating pad and relax, watch a movie, or close my eyes and listen to mystical music or an inspirational tape. On the days that I work, I take the "unscented Tiger Balm" with me. You apply the Tiger Balm 3 to 4 times a day.

    Soma is also the best muscle relaxer I have ever used. My physician prescribed it, and I've been taking it for 3 years now 3x's a day for my DDD. It also contains a pain reliever which separates it from most other straight muscle relaxers.

    AND, unfortunately, many doctors are hesitant to prescribe it on a chronic basis as the leaflet you get with it says it can become habit-forming PLUS I work at a chemical dependency treatment program, and I am constantly amazed that soma is the drug of choice of many "addicts". They say if you take 4 or 5 at a time--you get a major buzz for about 20 minutes. They prefer it over percocet, oxycontin, or other narcotics. They'll pay $20 a pill on the street to get it. What they don't understand is that Soma IS a high powered muscle relaxer--and the largest muscle in the body is the heart. It has the potential to stop the heart in high doses. I personally do not see what kind of high they get out of it. I was given two once while in the hospital due to radical spasms in my back, and all I got was a terrible headache. But then I also take oxycontin, percocet, klonopin, and bextra so maybe those meds overrode any possible high.

    I hope you are feeling better. It is cold, windy, and chilly here in the Mountains today, and my whole body is aching and stiff, and I feel headachy and lethargic.

    Best Wishes to All, Carol...
  14. tandy

    tandy New Member

    You guys are a godsend!! Just having peace of mind,and all these great helpful suggestions...I feel better already!! sorta..LOL I will try to get some of the tigers balm(thanks Carol!) As for the Soma being reguarded as a steetdrug...I have heard that before,that some addicts take a few and get a buzz!!Wow!thats pretty expensive too. I'd seriously be to afraid to take more than one. One helps great with muscle spasms. I wish I had some...I guess the flexeril will have to do~ The big muscles that support your head running up the sides of my neck....They feel so tight and hard!!and into my shoulder area!!OMG!! I feel a lil stiff necked!! I will take a hot bath later on this eve,then apply some rub,and take what meds I do have....hopefully this will help~ My heating pad kicked the bucket!! Its my 4th one since having FM!! So,on to number 5! I gotta laugh,otherwise I'd be blatting~ Thanks! take care......